Miranda Lambert reveals ‘how you keep going’ after decades of making music

Country music star Miranda Lambert made her major label debut in 2005, but was active in the music scene before that. After several years in the industry, Lambert has released nine studio albums with his latest album palomino falling on April 29. In an interview on the Best of US99 podcast, Lambert opened up about how she continues to enrich her career after decades of making music.

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How Miranda Lambert keeps her career ‘interesting’

When looking at Lambert’s career, she has found many facets of the country genre through her music. Each album brings out a new facet of Lambert and explores new stories and new sounds.

While on the Best of US99 podcast, Lambert shared that it’s “how you keep going” in the music industry.

“That’s how you keep going. I can’t keep doing the same thing over and over and over again. I mean, I’ve been making music for a living since I was 17, and you have to not only stay on your toes and keep it interesting for you artistically, but for the fans who’ve been with me all this time. , I want to keep reinventing,” Lambert said.

She continued, “I want to keep getting better at my craft and not get too comfortable. I feel like that’s what artists should do, which is to step out of their comfort zone a bit and find something else that feeds them.

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Miranda Lambert likes to “collaborate” with other songwriters

Speaking on the Best of US99 podcast, Lambert shared that always being open-minded about working with others has also helped her career.

“Writing with the amazing writers I write with takes me out of what I could do on my own versus, you know, I only know four chords. Four agreements and the truth. One more,” she said.

Lambert added, “I love collaborating, especially with people who have such great imaginations. You have to stay on your toes and bring your A game.”

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What the singer thinks of her career

In the interview on the Best of US99 podcast, Lambert was asked to choose three songs that best represent her entire discography. The singer-songwriter went on to name “In His Arms”, “Kerosene” and “That’s What Makes the Jukebox Play”.

Explaining his choices, Lambert said:

“I would say ‘in his arms’ of Marfa strips. ‘Kerosene’ because it’s the OG. And, you know, right now I’m thinking ‘Jukebox’ of palomino. It’s not a single or anything, but it has that nostalgic dive bar feel. And I feel like that’s the epitome of the kind of song I wanted to write when I started out and the one I want to sing so badly. So that’s my three today, it might change tomorrow.

“Kerosene” was released in 2005 as the title track of Lambert’s album Kerosene. The singer did “In His Arms” for the 2021 collaboration album Marfa bands with Jack Ingram and Jon Randall.

Of the three songs, “That’s What Makes the Jukebox Play” is the most recent and was released in 2022 on palomino.

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