Meow Wolf Denver to open in fall 2021 and some readers can’t wait


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For over a year, drivers have been looking at the future home of Meow Wolf Denver climb at the junction of the I-25 exit towards the Colfax viaduct. Some people think it looks like a piece of pizza, others think it looks like a boat. What’s going on inside the building is still top secret, but over 100 local artists are working on the content.

This week, however, Meow Wolf revealed a little more information about what’s going on in Meow Wolf Denver: a performance hall that will host over 450 people at night, and transform into another setup room by day. ; a café showcasing local cuisine; a store with over 1,500 items, many of them from Colorado designers.

And like any worthwhile creative endeavor, Meow Wolf Denver is already generating discussion, as evidenced by comments on the Westword Facebook post new developments there. Said Joe:

I can’t wait for Meow Wolf to open up to see what’s inside. This building is already a landmark that adds to the Denver skyline. It’s perfect!

Sophie counters:

Go home, gentrifying scum! Chain art galleries are antithetical to DIY, and these entrepreneurial brothers in Santa Fe don’t care about our town or the Sun Valley neighborhood.

Matthew answers:

Talk for you. I am an artist from Denver and I am very happy that Meow Wolf opens. More art is more art, and that’s a good thing.

Jake admits:

I still don’t know what the shit is about that Meow Wolf shit.

Christy answers:

It’s interactive art. House of Eternal Return in Santa Fe is a mazelike space where the visual and audio themes change as you cycle through it. Lots to watch and sometimes to play, very entertaining and stimulating. No medication is really needed!

Ask Cameron:

So it’s like a hippie IKEA?

Definitely not … but you really have to experience it House of Eternal Return, Meow Wolf’s flagship installation in Santa Fe, to accurately describe the place. same for me Omega Mart, which just opened in February in Las Vegas. Meow Wolf Denver promises to be taller than the two.

And he needs a name that will capture that. While the exact date of the opening is still unknown, so is the name of the facility inside the building. What would you suggest naming the Meow Wolf Denver installation? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]

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