manufacturer of the port of Catoosa expects up to 160 new jobs and a $ 6 million investment in the plant | News from local businesses

CATOOSA – A heat exchanger company in the Port of Tulsa de Catoosa plans to invest $ 6 million to refurbish its plant and plans to add up to 160 jobs by 2024.

Christina O’Connor, general manager and vice president of operations for Kelvion, made the announcement Thursday at a meeting of the Tulsa-Rogers County Port Authority board of directors.

The refurbishment of the factory is a response to a new, unnamed product that Kelvion will manufacture for a customer. The company has placed an order for robotic welding equipment and plans to begin production on the new inventory as of the first of the year, O’Connor said.

“Another of our factories is doing business with this customer and they got a new idea and a new need, and they put us in touch with them,” she said.

The new product will require the addition of 60 jobs (welders, quality, assembly) over the next 14 months and another 60 by 2024. The existing factory, which has four sites on the port, will be renovated and new equipment purchased.

To process existing product orders, Kelvion plans to hire an additional 30-40 people over the next three months (welders, assembly, fintube). O’Connor said the company has more than doubled its order intake in the past two months.

“We are still very invested in the oil and gas sector,” she said. “It will remain our bread and butter. But these new developments and markets with customers have been very exciting, and we are growing at an exponential rate at this point.”

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