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The New Year brings with it some hope with positive news unfolding more than news of doom. We all sit in our homes wishing we could return to our vibrant social lives. We’ve been indoors for a long time and the interior has become our new normal. More of us are adjusting and moving objects around the house to make it functional. 2021 for interior design stands for comfort and functionality – these are the keywords of the new year.

We’ve gone from moving furniture to reimaging our rooms, completely extracting a room and transforming it into a multi-function space for online meetings, family hangouts, and quiet time alone, between other. Now that things are looking a little more promising, we believe the following trends can be used to spruce up your home and make the change we need.

New fresh paint
The best and fastest way to give your home a facelift is to give it a new paint job. Pantone 2021 Color of the Year – Ultimate Gray and Illuminating (Yellow) is great for any home and all kinds of decor changes. The colors can be used in any way you like. You can also use the colors to do pain work with patterns and textures. Yellow is a remarkable color that can be used intelligently to decorate a corner or to give your kitchen, for example, a bright exuberance. Bedrooms can have gray tones to provide a calm ambience and can be decorated with plush pillow covers that help get a good nights sleep. Living areas and children’s bedroom can also have grays and be decorated with bright colors and combinations that completely lift the room. It brings a living spirit into these rooms and automatically helps to keep the energies high.
GH recommends: Berger Silk Illusions Marble Finish

Berger Silk Illusions Marble Finish

Bring in the outdoors
The past year has made many of us realize that there is a lot of beauty inside. We have time to do things our own way, to explore our creative side and to enjoy more and more time for me. Fresh green plants on different levels, or on the windowsill of your bathrooms, kitchens, steps, walls and terraces, if you have them, can do wonders in the immediate environment and thus extend to you , your property and its value. Climbing plants, front hedges and backyard lawns, gardens are famous additions to any home and are considered when, based on the commercial value of it. They are, in particular, perfect for your office corner or room. Greenery adds character to the room and gives your space a calm and natural feel.

GH recommends: These elegant planters by Hèrmosa Design Studio.

Elegant planters by Hèrmosa Design StudioHèrmosa design studio

Inexpensive recycled products
While you’re at it, reduce waste in your home during renovations. All plastic things can be used to make artistic decorative items and display them on an empty space around the house. A personal touch of your own handmade art and your family’s craft skills is a great way to make the home more welcoming. Home is where the heart is after all. Use all the awesome things you did in quarantine, even if they’re half done. Experts say that the things you make with your hands have greater sentimental value than the store brought in goods. Your walls and surfaces will shine with family friendliness and give your stressful moments a hint of joy and remembrance.

Welcome winters with the Concrete Classic collection by EliteearthSustainable decoration lights for the home

Sustainable and local decor
In keeping with nations’ efforts to support the economy, buy from local artists and vendors. Many projects in your neighborhood are born out of passion and are largely sustainable projects. From your flat pole to the mat on the ground – anything that is durable is readily available. These durable items add character to your home that says you care about the environment and are a conscious soul. It’s also a great way to give back to the environment and support local businesses so that they can also develop economically. Sustainable choices make your living space and new offices unique and attractive.

GH recommends: Welcome winters with the Concrete Classic collection by Eliteearth. Concrete plays well with almost every other design element in the decor and is even considered environmentally safe.

Minimalism is the buzzword
In recent years, less has become more. So, all of the ideas we’ve discussed so far can be implemented depending on what tells you the most and your personal style. Minimalism has become the buzzword as we move through the years of pandemic and climate change. Having a spacious house even if it is small in square meters has become a need for all family members at home. Respecting and giving personal space is essential and a minimal lifestyle goes a long way towards its cause. So only invest and use the things that make you truly happy and give your decor more meaning.

Gifts for Life by ECO TASARGifts for Life by ECO TASAR

Colorful bedrooms and cushions
Create a restful bedroom with a neutral toned paint like “Ultimate Gray” with plenty of textured pillows, throws and bedding in sunny yellow tones and rich mustards. You can also decorate the bedroom walls and the bedside with “ smart lighting ” which is now available in decorative styles and fancy shades. Although you may be making small changes for a big impact or a complete overhaul of your home, you need to remember that this change is for you. The change and renovation of your home is for you to be happy and find a new atmosphere for your daily activities and comfort.

GH recommends: comfortable pillows from ECO TASAR

Traditional methods of interior decoration
There are many traditional ways to make your home more comfortable and give it a new look. Hang wall decorations such as paintings, family photos or cinematic photos from renowned photographers. You can also have murals, panels, wall coverings that are a hit like the walls speak. One connects to the house immediately when the walls are impeccably made and tastefully accessorized with panels in wood, glass, leather, metallic fabric, jaalis.

Text by Sushhmita Siingh, The principle Designuh at Sushmita Singh Design.


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