LG to showcase LG Objet and LG StanbyMe TVs at CES 2022

South Korean electronics giant LG has officially announced the launch of the new Lifestyle TV line at the upcoming CES 2022. The launch is slated for January 4, and the company will showcase two LG Objet TV models (model 65Art90) there. and LG StanbyME (model 27Art10).

LG Lifestyle TVs will be showcased at CES 2022 on January 22. Although this time the Consumer Electronics Show will be held in person, the LG Lifestyle TV launch will be broadcast live at www.LG.com/CES2022 and will begin at 8:00 PM PST.

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While announcing its participation in the upcoming Tech event, LG said, “At CES 2022, LG Electronics (LG) will unveil its original line of Lifestyle TVs, designed and developed for today’s home-centered lifestyle. Offering maximum versatility, sleek spatial integration, and more convenient ways to get things done, LG Lifestyle TVs can help transform a home into an office, gym, gallery, workshop or entertainment center. , while enhancing the decor and making everyday life more pleasant. pleasant.”

The LG Objet TV (Model 65Art90) and LG StanbyME (Model 27Art10) will showcase conventional screen design to deliver new value and user experiences. These are for today’s multifunctional homes, where working, learning, entertaining and relaxing are all part of the daily mix.

LG Objet TV

With its minimalist style and subtle use of neutral colors, the LG Objet TV fits perfectly into any room, instantly adding sophistication and visual harmony to any interior space. With the push of a button on the included LG remote, the LG Objet TV adapts to the viewer’s changing needs by lifting or lowering a fabric cover as needed. Lower the cover to reveal the entire screen for the best viewing experience, or partially cover it to see only an organized selection of lifestyle features.

The 65 inch OLED Evo panel and advanced processor of LG Objet TV provide an impressive viewing experience in Full Screen mode offering natural and precise color expression with good contrast. Apart from that, the televisions will feature an 80W 4.2 channel audio system that will deliver movie theater-like sound for complete viewer immersion. When the TV is set to Line View, it can help users stay on track throughout the week with Date & Clock, turn into a convenient audio player in Music mode, or view a collection of exclusive images on the theme of space and nature in Gallery mode.

Kvadrat, a Danish textile innovator, created the interchangeable fabric cover that sets the LG Objet TV apart from all other TVs on the market today. The company will offer it in three color options – Kvadrat Beige, Kvadrat Redwood, and Kvadrat Green.

In terms of installation, the LG Object TV is designed to be placed against a wall at a gentle angle of up to 5 degrees, similar to how art is displayed in a modern gallery. For maximum integration into its living space, the television can even be installed flush with the wall.

LG StanbyME
LG StanbyME

LG StanbyME TV will be another offering in LG’s new Lifestyle TV line. It is a private wireless TV screen with a built-in battery attached to a mobile stand with concealed wheels that allows three hours of viewing before recharging. This television will be offered in a 27-inch format suitable for videoconferencing with family and colleagues as well as viewing online conferences, and it can be easily moved from room to room for viewing freedom. ultimate.

LG StanbyME TV

In addition, in landscape and portrait orientations, the screen can be rotated, tilted and rotated. The height can be adjusted, allowing the viewer to tailor the position to their needs when lying in bed, cooking in the kitchen or lounging on the living room sofa. Mobile Screen Mirroring, which works seamlessly with the latest Android and iOS smartphones and NFC. The viewer can use a removable cradle to place a phone on the LG StanbyME to create a fast and secure solution for video calls, online lessons and streaming content. StanbyME can be connected to a laptop or PC via a wired (USB, HDMI) or wireless connection.

The user interface is similar to other TVs and in terms of design it can adapt to a variety of decors. The TV, which has a textured fabric back cover and is finished in an exclusive pure beige color

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