LG SP11RA soundbar review: Supreme cinema sound at home

The LG SP11RA soundbar system comes at an extortionate price but offers a great home theater experience. Here’s our full sonar system review.

When you spend a premium on your soundbar system, you expect the product to offer certain things – a 7.1-channel multi-speaker system, support for Dolby Atmos, and wireless speakers. as well as a wireless subwoofer. LG tries to meet most of these demands with its LG SP11RA soundbar home theater system. At the moment, you can get the whole system for the price of Rs. 89,990 which is quite expensive for a 7.1 channel audio system. However, the experience offered by this home theater system is top-notch.

Since this is LG’s flagship home theater system, you get all the best things LG has to offer. Audio output is rated at 770W and supports 7.1.4 channel speakers. Along with support for Dolby Vision, Atmos and DTS:X surround sound, the system also benefits from Meridian tuning. There are plenty of clever features built into the system as well, although they don’t necessarily work so smoothly all the time (more on that later).

To find out if the LG SP11RA home theater is worth its asking price, we’ve been using it for two weeks and here is our written experience.

Design and manufacture of the LG SP11RA

Unlike most high-end sound systems, LG opted for a simplistic design and a careful choice of materials. The soundbar unit is a chunky slab with two speaker vents on top to deliver that premium experience. It’s as wide as a 65-inch flat-screen TV; therefore, make sure your wall or table has enough space for the soundbar. The unit also gets a touch control panel for basic functions, although you get a full-fledged remote control system. I’m not so sure about the choice of materials given that the device easily picks up household dust. The ports are positioned behind and as I had it wall mounted it was difficult to reach. The soundbar unit also has a small display unit with a monochrome LCD that doesn’t look out of place on a high-end soundbar system — LG could have opted for a color display, or better implementation — it doesn’t look good in dark conditions.

Along with the soundbar, you get a wireless subwoofer and two wireless rear speakers. All of these units require their own power outlets, but they connect wirelessly to the main siren unit. It’s a mega convenience, considering you don’t have to worry about cable management, even for the subwoofer. As a result, the area around my TV system was relatively cleaner than most other sound systems I’ve experienced.

LG provides all the basic wires and cables needed for connectivity except for the HDMI cable. You’d expect it to be part of the standard package in a high-end audio system. Since I had an HDMI 2.1 cable, I connected the system to my TV to get the HDMI ARC functions.

Note that the soundbar system is huge and heavy, and therefore you have to wait for LG staff to install the system in your home.

LG SP11RA audio performance

For a loaded soundbar system like the LG SP11RA, I expected nothing less than stunning audio performance. And of course, it satisfies on those fronts. When installed directly in a compact bedroom, the LG SP11RA produces a magical audio experience that I’ve only experienced in theaters before.

The soundstage is simply mega – whether its extreme low end sound of rustling leaves or the sound of wind, or the eerie mids of musical instruments, or the highs of a speech, the LG SP11RA system blew me away with its supreme ability to handle all of these frequencies with ease. And at no time did he chew any of them up, or mix them up – the audio output is just amazing; truly a theatrical experience.

The sonar itself doesn’t sound meaty but it’s good at throwing audio in all directions. Once the subwoofer kicks in with the rear speakers, the sonar becomes almost “invisible to the ears” – everything acts as a single creative unit. Best sound quality 3D space around you. Whether I’m watching movies or listening to music, the audio experience is simply superb.

And when watching Dolby Atmos-supported content, you can really appreciate the 7.1.4 channel system and all the engineering that went with it. In fact, as long as I had the soundbar system with me, I made it a ritual to watch/re-watch Dolby Atmos movies or shows daily. Sometimes I felt like the rear speakers could have been louder, but my room isn’t ideal for acoustic ergonomics. If you put it in a well-fitting living room, you’ll probably get a much more pleasant experience.

LG lets you choose from several audio modes to get the most out of the system. AI mode is fine but tends to suppress audio, while Theme mode boosts low-end beats for a punchy listening experience. However, I stuck to Standard mode for the best overall experience. Even in standard mode, you’ll get that punchy bass effect from the subwoofer (I could feel the vibrations on the bed).

LG SP11RA Smart Features

This is where I went looking for more, especially considering the price. Let’s start with the basics – the LG SP11RA is compatible with the LG Soundbar app on iOS and Android devices. With the connected app, you can adjust the acoustics to suit your room layout and even configure it to enable its Apple AirPlay support, thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, in my two weeks of use, I was unable to pair the system to the app on Android and iOS – the app simply refused to connect to the system. I’ve contacted LG and they haven’t come back to the issue yet. If there’s any feedback, we’ll update it here; keep an eye out for updates.

However, without the app, the LG SP11RA continues to function as a conventional soundbar system. I was able to pair my iPhone and iPad via Bluetooth connectivity, while the TV controlled the system via HDMI ARC functionality. You can also connect it through an optical port and a standard HDMI port, but I recommend using the ARC port for a more convenient experience.

Due to the lack of the app, I had largely relied on the remote control offered by LG. It is a minimalist controller with only the buttons needed to control the system. Note that the controller relies on an infrared sensor to send signals and therefore you will need to point it at the system to issue commands; LG could have given away a Bluetooth remote here.


At Rs. 89,990, the LG SP11RA soundbar home theater system is among the most expensive you can buy today. However, if you’re crazy about the best audio experience in your home theater system and are willing to go the distance, I think it’s worth it. The audio output is certainly on par with what you get in cinemas, and with Dolby Atmos support, you might want to devour as many supported movies as possible. The smart features are there too, although they aren’t very reliable, especially the app. Plus, the soundbar’s design blends easily with most home decors, but considering this is LG’s flagship model, it won’t be too hard to expect aesthetics. more sophisticated.

Still, if you’re looking for a supreme home theater system with uncompromising audio performance, wireless connections, and plenty of smart features to integrate with your smart devices, the LG SP11RA soundbar home theater system is definitely worth a look.

Product Name

LG SP11RA soundbar


  • Incredible audio performance
  • Wireless connections for submarines

The inconvenients

  • Uncertain smart features
  • Sober design


  • Audio output


  • sound formats

    Dolby Atmos, DTS:X

  • App support

    iOS and Android

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