Landscape photography tips for beginners

You can take landscape photos with any lens, be it wide angle, standard or telephoto.

While an ultra-wide lens can help you capture the image better, it can make composition difficult and there’s a risk that everything will look too small in the frame. The trick with an ultra-wide-angle lens is to get closer to foreground detail, although there’s a risk that those details will start to look distorted if you get too close.

Standard lenses give a distortion-free image, although you have to work harder to make the image more exciting. Why not try to photograph a panorama? While specialized tripod heads can make this easier, software solutions like Photoshop’s Photomerge feature can produce fantastic panoramas from photos taken with everyday camera equipment.

The key is to make sure you provide enough overlap when taking each frame. Position the camera vertically as well, as this will give you a much larger panoramic shot and more freedom to crop the image if needed.

Telephoto lenses allow you to see details in the landscape. The compression effect offered by these types of lenses is also a useful trick for adding drama to panoramic photos. Making the foreground, midground, and background appear closer than they actually are is a technique landscape photographers use to make hills, mountains, and forests look like they are falling apart. stretch almost endlessly into the distance.

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