JW Anderson Resort 2022 Collection


“It’s just for the kids to have fun,” said Jonathan Anderson. “Kind of about putting on clothes and singing in the mirror.” The photos, taken by Juergen Teller, say it all. They capture something of the frankness of the photos young people from shared student houses posted of themselves on social media throughout the pandemic: all the raw, soft, and playful poses in bright, colorful clothes. that have taken place all over the world.

Anderson has this audience with his own brand – the way the Harry Styles JW Anderson home knitting craze spontaneously took off on TikTok last year proved it. Their fall collection gave them all the attention, pairing colorful and quirky strawberry prints, hand knits, windbreakers, running shorts and diagonal striped dresses with the unaffected randomness that is , of course, the look that Generation Z invented for themselves.

Anderson said the reference in his mind was a return to his upbringing in Northern Ireland and the times he visited his grandfather at “a childhood home”. In the mood he created, he had no interest “in being conceptual for the sake of conceptualism.” It was kind of a throwback to the beginning of JW Anderson, ”he said.

Scroll down to what that meant in 2011 or 2012 on Vogue Runway, and although the entire format looked so different (when it was all a runway), Anderson still lived up to it with an original sweater. They still stand out now, as does JW Anderson’s initial logo which he designed while imagining himself in a future where his name would one day be a trademark. That childhood dream came true in what now seems to be a long time ago – and the JW Anderson logo, puffed up on sweaters, is here, artfully drawn, all over this collection.

When the photos Teller had taken reached critics’ doors, his images turned out to have been framed in the exact same mass-produced cardboard photo frames that commercial high school and college photographers use for end-of-class memorabilia. of the year: a nice alternative angle to mark the moments of the rites of passage among adolescents that have not happened, perhaps?


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