John Mayer makes a subtle appearance on Harry Styles’ song “Daydreaming”

In May 2022, Harry Styles released his most anticipated album to date, Harry’s house, featuring 13 songs that capture distinct moments in his life. “Daydreaming” is an exceptional track on this disc. With energetic drums and a horn section, the song also features John Mayer on guitar, making it an emotional track you need to hear.

Harry Styles’ Release of ‘Harry’s House’ and Its Reception So Far

Harry’s house is Style’s third solo album and managed to move over 500,000 units after the first week of its release. The album is a pleasure by its aesthetic proposal. He exudes charisma and his sounds are friendly. The album strikes a perfect balance between seriousness and distance.

The album is a bubbly jam pack that can celebrate the emotional and bodily pleasures of a new romance. The main focus of the album is drinks, food, travel, companionship, sex and drugs. It is an authentic experience of this decade, and the main objective is to improve relations.

John Mayer makes a subtle appearance on Harry Styles’ song “Daydreaming”

Guitarist and musical artist John Mayer performs in Nashville | Mickey Bernal/Getty Images

“Daydreaming” is the ninth track from Harry’s house, as E online details. It is classified as a sunny and upbeat song that talks about such a great relationship. Styles compares a good relationship to living a daydream. The song is created to dance to the horns blaring in the background. The song also compromises a snippet of The Brothers Johnson’s “Ain’t We Funkin’ Now”.

Mayer is an artist who was featured in this hit song, and his fans went wild after finding out he was on the song. Styles has been a follower of Mayer since his early years. The “Room for Squares” singer is credited for his stellar performance when playing electric guitar in the song. India Shawn and Alayna Rodgers were also credited for producing fantastic background vocals.

“Daydreaming” is a golden track, and the lyrics are melodically pleasing. Styles sings about the envy and love of a partner. The song is among the highest profile songs and is among the top four hit songs on the album. It’s also steeped in 80s inspiration.

Mayer isn’t the only outstanding musician to feature on the album. Others, like Devonté Hynes, a Canadian musician, also made incredible contributions to the album. Kid Harpoon, American producer and singer, also participated in the writing and production of the tracks on the album.

Some of the most notable Harry’s house the songs include “Music For A Sushi Restaurant”, the album’s first song and is an electric yet imaginative take on a date. It’s about food and love and is one of the best songs.

“Late Night Talking” is another scintillating song that talks about the feeling of being in love with someone. It’s also about wanting to spend every moment with just one person, as Coup De Main reports.

“Grape Juice” is another song that talks about an emotional and physical hangover. It’s about a love lost through wine drinking.

“As It Was” is another incredible hit song from the album and brings out smooth vocals and upbeat synths. It’s about a devastating shift in perspective that you don’t realize until it’s too late.

“Daylight” is defined as a stream of consciousness and is about being in love with someone. This brings out a phenomenon where a person has a crush on another person who has no time for them.

“Little Freak” is a melodic track that focuses on a relationship that slipped through Styles’ hands before it could begin.

“Matilda” is another hit song from the album, an intimate yet courageous guitar song. It is one of the most watched songs from this album. It’s about a daughter, Matilda, who grew up in a troubled home and signified a coming of age in Styles’ craft.

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