Joe Elliott says playing “All the Young Guys” at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert was “the best four minutes of my life on stage”

During an appearance on the latest installment of 95.5 KLOS‘s “New & Approved” musical series, DEF LEPPARD singer and founding member Joe elliot asked what it was like to join the surviving members of QUEEN, in the same way Ian Hunter, David Bowie and Mick ronson, for a performance of “All the young guys” at Freddie mercury tribute concert in April 1992 at Wembley Stadium in London, England. Joe said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “With the utmost respect for everything this band did, it must be one of the best three or four minutes of my life on stage – I was getting up to do this number, for various reasons. We were celebrating. life and times of Freddie mercury, by making the world aware of AIDS. We were number 1 in the world with ‘Adrenalize’ and “Let us rock” during this concert. And so many of our musical heroes were there. Obviously, the remaining members of QUEEN. Tony Iommi played rhythm guitar with Brian [May, QUEEN guitarist] almost the whole set – Tony of BLACK SABBATH. And you look at all the different singers that were there – Roger daltrey, Robert Plant. And the bands that played – like GN’R [GUNS N’ ROSES] [and] ourselves – it was an amazing time. But seeing everyone who meant something to us as a collective band or to us as individuals, being on stage singing our generation’s anthem, as far as I was concerned, was just amazing. You watch, like I said, the other members of QUEEN, with Mick ronson on guitar, David Bowie play the sax and Ian Hunter singing. It was one of those times when Brian Said, ‘Are you going to get up and do the backing vocals?’ And I said, ‘You’re trying to stop me.’ And I remember that I caught Phil [Collen, DEF LEPPARD guitarist]. Phil was a little reluctant at first. I said, ‘If you don’t do that, you’re going to regret it for the rest of your life.’ And I almost kidnapped him, I took him with me. So the two of us followed on either side of Brian may and sing with this guy who had become a lifelong friend a decade earlier anyway. And it was just a magical moment; it cannot be replicated. I can do amazing things from now until the day we don’t, and we did amazing things from 1979. But those four minutes were the icing on the cake. It was just phenomenal. Even now come to think of it, the hairs on my arms are all getting weird. It’s just fantastic that we’re in the right place at the right time. It has nothing to do with us. This song was, of course, chosen by, I imagine, Brian and Roger [Taylor, QUEEN drummer], who would have been the two who had more to say than anyone else. “

He continued: “The only group QUEEN never opened for was MOTT [THE HOOPLE]. So there is a link with MOTT. They said they learned a lot of their craft from watching MOTT every night. So there is a love and a respect between QUEEN and MOTT THE HOOPLE. So when they were doing their thing, break ranks and say noQUEEN song, the only two people they did this with, I think, were Bowie and Ian. It was a magnificent thing. And when we got wind that they were going to do that, it was like, ‘Wow! Bowie, hunter, Ronson and QUEEN Make ‘Guys’ for a billion and a half people on television and 90 thousand people in the stadium. I have to be a part of this. This is history on the move. It was the ride to the greatest extent. But I’m glad I did. “

Elliott added, “This song has always been in our periphery. Everyone knows it’s my favorite song. We made it with Ian, and it is on this [latest DEF LEPPARD] box. We did it at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with Ian and a plethora of special guests – Suzanne [Hoffs] of THE BRACELETS, Little Etienne [Van Zandt] of Bruce springsteenthe group, Colin blunstone and Silver stick of THE ZOMBIES and Phil manzanera of ROXY MUSIC all wanted to get up and do it. This song also resonated with them. They weren’t necessarily [up there] because they were fat DEF LEPPARD Fans; they were big fans of the song. And it was like, ‘Yeah, we will. That would be great.’ What an honor to share the stage with them too all these years later. “

Last month, DEF LEPPARD published “Def Leppard – Tome Trois”, a new limited edition box set, via UMe/Virgin. This set marks the third of four volumes of the band’s full recorded release in 180 gram vinyl and limited edition CD cases. They contain all of the band’s recordings from the 2000s and feature the original packaging on both formats.

The albums were mastered by Ronan McHugh and Joe elliot at Joe’s garage with the help of Andy Pearce and cut by Greg moore. Housed in rigid boxes, the sets also contain a hardback book with rare photos of Ross halfin and notes from Classic rock magazines Paul Elliott. Group members Joe elliot, Rick wild, Rick allen and Phil collen also contributed to the set.

“Def Leppard – Tome Trois” includes the years 2002 “X”, which was the band’s sixth consecutive record in the Top 20 of the Billboard 200 charts and includes songs such as “Now”, “Four letter word” and “Long long way to go”, 2006 “Yes!”, the band’s debut cover album featuring a collection of the band’s favorite tracks re-recorded with the iconic LEPPARD sound, this is the first time that this album will be available on vinyl. Also DEF LEPPARDthe tenth studio album by “Songs from the Sparkle Room, released in 2008, the record marked the band’s return to their signature sound and reached the Top 10 on both sides of the Atlantic, the album included the hit single “Nine lives” who presented Grammy Award-Winning country legend Tim mcgraw.

Also included “Sides B”, “Yeah! Studio covers’ and “Yeah! Live ”. These albums have been specially compiled by Joe elliot for this limited edition. “Sides B” contains a rare compilation of B-sides that have never appeared on vinyl before. “Yeah! Studio covers’ includes never-before-seen vinyl covers, “Yes!” Exclusive bonus discs and a compilation of the various covers recorded by the group during their career. “Yeah! Live ” is a compilation of live recordings of the band’s covers that include both tracks from the years 2006 “Yes!” , as well as unreleased live tracks from the past 30 years.

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