Jing-ify Your Christmas: 15 Beijing Gift Ideas for Christmas Stockings

Merry Christmas, dirty beasts. Well almost. No matter how round the corner it is, it’s giveaway season. Your friends who are your chosen family, your real parents, your boo, your Secret Santa: what are you going to give them for Christmas?

Here is the perfect gift guide! Buy small and 100% made in Beijing, right here.

1. nugget

Beijing-based music label and creative DIY studio Nugget Records offer a unique and cool holiday gift box: the ultimate “Happy Meal” nugget! Priced at RMB 186, it contains two cassettes, a nugget cap, a nugget zine, a limited edition “Happy Meal” sticker pack, a nugget badge and a limited edition “Happy Meal” postcard. Hear it from Queen Baozi herself: “You can’t have that kind of happiness! “

2. Grateful vegetable

Robert and Haley launched Grateful Veg to green the world, one bite at a time. Their swoon-worthy menu includes hummus, pesto, salsa, hot sauce, chocolates, cookies, and brownie cookies (aka brookies). All of their products are 100% vegan and they strive to use recycled glass, paper and cardboard for all containers. Contact them on WeChat (rjfry1987 and HaleyCrane)!

3. Kiyani

Miranda Mullett is committed to preventing 100,000 plastic bottles from entering our landfills by moving away from single-use plastic and providing environmentally friendly, plant-based products that are also biodegradable. Her Kiyani brand is a must-have for items such as skin care, berry soap, candles, lip balms, natural deodorants, and shampoos. From flora to you, that’s what Kiyani is. (WeChat ID: Mirandamullett)

4. Feed her

Taz and Jamie are the delicious FeedHer duo! Their homemade meal kits will allow you to cook everything, practical curries, biryani rice, vegan macaroni and cheese, pakoras … Too lazy? Treat yourself to snacks like their pickled olives. They also have lovely scented candles and fridge magnets (customizable!). Add their WeChat ID (foodfromscratch) to get a Christmas gift box!

5. Kuang Pottery

Kuang, famous for Beijing Lights, is an experienced potter who operates from her quiet studio near the Lama Temple. You can buy his unique pieces or register for one of his workshops! Kuang’s passion for pottery stems from his college years in Jingdezhen, the porcelain capital of China. Join her to regain some appreciation for the aesthetics of everyday life. (WeChat ID: MelodyPan0316)


FEIsLINOCUT is a one-woman printing studio located in Dongcheng, Beijing, producing high quality small batch hand-printed cards and prints. FEI also offers a blockprint workshop on weekends! Space is limited, so why not book with friends and take advantage of the 10% discount? Enjoy tons of nifty fun that you can take home afterwards! (WeChat ID: israelipalmist)

7. INSIDEOUT workshops

Annette Golden artfully guides the INSIDEOUT monthly Sunday workshop series, which focuses on intuitive painting as a tool to discover your creative self through artistic exploration. Workshops avoid waste by recycling materials, preparing you for self-growth – find out more via WeChat (AfromtheW).

8. Cooking buttons

Katie Coy’s Button Bakes brand will seduce you with its range of traditional English pastries! Cakes, pies, quiches, brownies, cookies and scones, oh my god! Plus, just in time for Christmas, she’ll be baking fruit pies, shortbread cookies and chocolate tiffins. Contact her on WeChat: khcoy1

9. HuTong’er Pie

As easy as pie! HuTong’r Pie is a small team lovingly serving the city’s sweet and savory pies: pecans, turkey, lime … Their brand honors their location and the city’s history while keeping a laid back profile. Contact them by phone (13001198860) or via WeChat (Hutongerpie2017).

10. Postcards from Beijing

Beijing Postcards is a company specializing in historical memorabilia and weekly walking tours. All visuals on gift items are from Beijing Postcards’ own archival collection. Check out their WeChat (ID: beijingpostcards) for upcoming public walking tours and to purchase their online store.

11. Caicifang porcelain

Caicifang (采 瓷 坊) collects precious shards of historic porcelain for use in their tasteful contemporary jewelry and other pieces, with collaborations with museums since 2007. Meet at 35 Yangmeizhuxie Byway and take home a piece of ancient Chinese history that you can wear or display. Open every day from 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., tel. : 63135597

12. Velveteen’s Secret Potions (VSP)

Velveteen’s Secret Potions (aka VSP) offers personalized, hand-crafted potions to transform your daily body care into a velvety, multisensory experience. They have seasonal gift boxes and even gift certificates, perfect for any need. Visit them in their 143-1 Dongsishitiao showroom or via WeChat (13439735306).

13. Majiàng (麻酱 儿)

Májiàng is a knitwear brand that aspires to offer timeless heritage pieces that will brighten up your wardrobe and your life. They firmly believe in slow fashion, developing a unique brand identity with affordable, high-quality materials such as cashmere, silk, linen, cotton and yak, all loaded with exquisite details. Vibe with their fashion philosophy via WeChat: themajiang.

14. The Hutong

Nestled in the heart of the Dongcheng Hutongs near Beixinqiao, The Hutong offers a variety of spice sets, cooking classes, accessories, and tours designed to immerse guests in their time in China. While their classes cover all of Chinese cuisine, a few focus on Beijing, like Jianbing Making and an upcoming Tastes of Beijing class on December 17th. Follow The Hutong on WeChat for more (TheHutongBeijing).

15. Beijing Pug

Children’s gifts are covered by Scottish educator and author Janice Stewart-Yates and her adorable Peking Pugs, a tale inspired by her puppies Toby and Princess and the separation they experienced during the first coronavirus outbreak. This pug-tastic adventure was illustrated by mother-daughter artist duo Nataliya and Nina Vota with Chinese-style watercolors. Plush toys for companions are also available! You can reach Janice via WeChat: (janouski)!

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