Jamie Lee Curtis would ‘of course’ star in a Marvel movie

While discussing the third and final season of his Audible Letters from Camp with PEOPLE podcast, Jamie Lee Curtis said she would be open to joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). It comes after how, last May, Curtis started making fun of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

“I have nothing against Marvel as an entity. I’ve seen a lot of Marvel movies.”

In a series of Instagram posts, Curtis drew many similarities between Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and his latest film, Everything everywhere all at once. Both films were multi-universe tales that dealt with existential themes rather than being dissatisfied with how your life turned out. However, while one was this big tentpole studio film, the other was a much smaller independent film.


“What I was talking about is that Everything everywhere all at once was a little film that could… and [we] were able to tell a multiverse story that really touched people. What I was trying to talk about is that it doesn’t have to be a Marvel movie to be a spectacle and really move you.”

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raise the dust

Scrolling through the actress’ social media, Curtis clarified that between the two movies, one was definitely superior. Everything everywhere all at once, unlike “other budding multiverse movies”, had old-school special effects with real people/real places, would kill in a family feud contest, and cost less to make than the entire survival budget of the machine Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

“Maybe I wanted to stir up a little friendly competition. And you can’t have a company called Marvel without somebody laughing at it and calling it without Marvel. I mean, I think we have surpassed Marvel.”

In her own words, Curtis is “a collaborative artist” who works with many people on many different things. So if a role was interesting enough and she could bring what she does to it, she would work with Marvel. Of course, Curtis doesn’t expect the studio to come and call her after she “raises dust.” She would also have a hard time imagining that Marvel is going to have a role requiring a 64-year-old woman.

“I’m afraid that if I do a Marvel movie, they’re going to stick dots all over me and have me play myself in a warehouse somewhere. Everything everywhere all at once was perhaps the most unexpected and delightful experience of my career, simply because the expectations were so low and I was so free in the work and had a blast doing it. And there was no green screen!”

Bruce Campbell, who like Curtis has a fairly extensive horror movie resume, also expressed reluctance to be in a superhero movie for similar reasons, citing having to wear superhero costumes. uncomfortable heroes for several hours a day and working with things that aren’t really there. Of course, Campbell’s been pretty good at making cameos in superhero movies, so maybe that’s how Marvel can get Curtis on board as well.

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