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Along with the massive free 2.0 update Animal crossing: new horizons, Nintendo released the first paid DLC for the game. In this DLC, titled Happy house paradise, gamers are hired to design clients’ dream vacation homes along an archipelago of islands. With a price tag of $ 25, does Happy house paradise bring enough to the table to be worth the entrance fee? We certainly think so, but if you’re not sure let us walk you through how it works and what you can expect when purchasing the DLC.

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After purchasing and downloading the DLC, your character will be called out by Tom Nook, asking you to come to the airport to meet a new visitor. This visitor is a pink otter named Lottie, and she has a proposition for you: come work for her at her new business called Paradise Planning and design dream vacation homes for clients everywhere. By accepting this offer, you will be able to access DLC content by traveling to Orville at the airport and requesting to drive to work. After making this request the first time, you’ll see a small clip describing some of the many islands available to be decorated before landing on the main island. From there you will be introduced to Niko, a gray langur monkey with an energetic demeanor who will guide you to the office.

In addition to Lottie and Niko, there is a shy manatee named Wardell who is responsible for selling office furniture and memorabilia. These pieces of furniture change every day, so it is advisable to check them as part of your daily routine. In addition to furniture, you can also buy souvenir chocolates. These chocolates, while being able to be consumed for an energy point, are much better used as gifts for the villagers of your home island. If you offer chocolates to a villager, you will have the opportunity to invite him to the paradise islands and also design the house of his dreams! Another thing to note is that you are not purchasing these items with bells, but rather with a new currency called Poki, which you will earn by completing your customers’ houses.


A photo of Animal Crossing New Horizons Happy Home Paradise

Image via Nintendo

Before you can start labor, you must first dress for the role! Although the options are somewhat limited, you will still have creative liberties when it comes to your appearance at work. After you’ve decided on the style that works best for you, it’s time to start making Poki! The first customer is predetermined, but thereafter, it is completely random which will present itself as a customer.

This first client serves as a tutorial for the DLC as it shows you the steps to a successful job. First, you will have a meeting with the client, where they will disclose an idea of ​​what they want. In addition to a title to tell you what to design, the client will also give you a list of items that must be placed at home. After the meeting you will go with Niko and the client to an island (the first one is chosen for you, but after that it is up to you to determine where to build the house on a 7×7 grid map) where the meat of the DLC appears. . From there, you are more or less free to design the house however you see fit. There are always certain options available to you that match the design style; However, previous items unlocked from other clients will also be available, so the more homes you design, the more customization options you will have!

To put even more emphasis on being able to customize to your liking, players have the option to access all variations of items in the furniture menu. Additionally, any bridges or slopes present on the island when you first start can be changed, although there appears to be no option to add or remove them. The ability to terraform is also not available, although paths can still be placed. The house itself can also be moved and personalized; besides making sure you place the furniture the customer requires, there really isn’t much to stop players from designing however they see fit! Once the house is complete, inside and out, just speak with the client and a short video will be shown where they will check out the finished product. It is also encouraged that players take a photo during the video to add it to their journals, so that they can remember how each house was designed. These logs are accessible through the Happy Home Network app, received through Lottie after your second successful job.

A photo of Animal Crossing New Horizons Happy Home Paradise

Image via Nintendo

While it may seem like this is the summary DLC, there is actually quite a bit more than you might expect. For example, in addition to customer homes, a variety of facilities will unlock after reaching a quota of satisfied customers. These facilities, including a school, restaurant, cafe, hospital, and clothing store, can all be designed and completed by residents of the Holiday Islands. They also each have their own purpose, being used not only as a way to introduce a variety of new features when designing, but also as a way to get new recipes or new items. The Restaurant offers players the chance to learn a new DIY cooking recipe once a day, while the Cafe gives players the option to spend Poki on foods and drinks they may not yet be in. able to manufacture themselves. The school will allow the player to learn various design skills as they become available, and the hospital will offer a special hospital-themed item once per day. Finally, the Clothing Store will serve as another place to shop for new, trendy clothes and accessories with Poki.

We mentioned earlier that there are new design techniques to learn throughout the DLC. These include ideas like the ability to change the size of rooms, the addition of wall partitions, counters and pillars, and even the ability to add ambient sounds to homes. The more houses you design, the more you will unlock! The final ability to unlock is awarded after 30 houses have been designed. At this point, players will unlock the ability to redesign houses on their home island. After that, you will have experienced all that the DLC has to offer. While this sounds like a task that can be completed fairly quickly, it’s easy to get invested in a client’s house making sure everything is only law. Do this 30 times (not counting the installs and all the customizations they offer as well) and you get a DLC that will last you for a while. It doesn’t even include all the other tasks that already fulfill a Animal crossing player’s daily schedule, so the only way to find this short DLC is if you’re intentionally trying to make your way through to the end. Otherwise, it’s a great addition that manages to separate itself from the base game while still providing a playstyle that fits well with the base game’s daily to-do list.

If your favorite part on Animal crossing: new horizons is the ability to personalize your home, then we just can’t recommend A paradise for happy homes quite! The ability to customize exactly the way you want while adding new design possibilities makes this DLC easily worth the asking price of $ 25.


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