Iron Gate studio released the new Patch in Valheim

The Valheim developer today released a new patch for the popular Viking survival video game that could easily fix a particularly annoying bug. Of course there was a bug before that could cause the game to crash, and therefore the other world. Finally, the crash started with a global reset, resulting in a global reset for players. However, with the new patch, crashing and resetting have been fixed.

Hopefully there will be no more crashes and global resets on Day 1, but just in case, more manual saves will be made. The content of the new patch is explained in a spoiler.

Valheim is available in Early Access via Steam now for Rs.


Added an auto-save system that allows a once-and-a-time global save and can be changed in settings. On dedicated servers, the default is 4, which can be used for new operations (-backups -backupshort -backuplong). The game now saves after sleeping or at 30 minute intervals, and the timer resets when using the manual save console command. The backup period can be configured on dedicated servers using the new parameter set (-saveinterval). When you use the backup console, the symbol is saved and saved. The Dedicated Server Guide PDF has been updated to reflect the new options. World saving is disabled if the world file is corrupted or the game incompatible with the universe is replaced and the game is returned to the main menu. Decryption servers are disabled if the world is corrupted. To save the Steam Cloud, it is important that it avoids one or more bugs during the save that can corrupt and save the environment. The game reverts to paused state, if the host is left alone in the multiplayer session, or if all players leave the game (example: the game). Players cannot create a different world of the same name after enabling Steam Cloud. When you lose your copyname, you will wonder. A new name with two names exists and two will be displayed to distinguish between the two old names and the old name. Previously, these local and old characters will be removed correctly if Steam Cloud is enabled. Fixed VFX in Beehive VFX on hit. Removed ability to craft/create Solstice items?

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