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The idea of home took on a whole new meaning upon taking shelter and lockdowns became a common thing in 2020. And it wasn’t that bad. We came back to cook at home, bond with our partners / families / roommates and pets, and we redecorated a bit. In fact, home decor and furniture websites have seen tremendous growth (over a billion visits worldwide in March 2020 alone) due to the pandemic.

The houses were modernized in a major way, from the entrances to the home offices, and we were all there, because the house became our sanctuary. So, what lies ahead for 2021? Much the same with new trends emerging from a sense of renewed hope. We chatted with design and trends experts about 2021 home decor trends that are sure to turn into home decor classics.

The New Hygge

“2021 will be about connecting with each other, with ourselves, with nature,” says Dayna Isom Johnson, trends expert at Etsy. “We kiss friluftsliv, the Norwegian concept of the outdoors – think of it as the new hygge. “It means turning your home into a haven of nature, with Indoor plants that purify the air, provide peace of mind and suggest the great outdoors, especially to give us a boost on gray winter days.

Redesigned spaces

“We’ve added workspaces to our living rooms, classrooms to our kitchens, and gymnasiums to our bedrooms,” says Isom Johnson. This year, she says we are reinventing our homes and incorporating pieces that help restore balance in our multi-functional spaces. (On Etsy, there was a 399% increase in searches for wall-mounted or foldable desks, a 159% increase in searches for Murphy beds, and a 134% increase in searches for partitions.)

“Lobbies and entryways now have a new function: to disinfect us before entering the rest of the house, as well as a place to store loose items that we don’t want to bring into our clean areas,” says Alexa Backal, design manager for Casai, a boutique travel rental company, which brings us to a new era of Covid design.


Great millennium

From cottage to crochet to neoclassical design, millennials feel nostalgia (and covet) their grandmother’s decor in what some call Great millennium style. “I think the great millennia and sustainability go hand in hand. This trend is for the younger generations who love design and decor that we might culturally think of as an ‘old lady’ or a grandmother,” says Alessandra Wood, vice -President of style at online interior design service Modsy. That means ruffles, Victorian wallpaper like prints and antiques by William Morris, anything you’ll find at a flea market or your grandma’s garage!

Art Deco

Photo: Marius Chira

“Art Deco is here to last in 2021”, declares Alexander doherty, interior designer based in New York and Paris. “Art Deco design works very well in contemporary settings because of its clean minimalism and the quality that comes from the purity of lines. It’s the mix of old and new that gives character to the space. . ” After all, these are the Roaring Twenties!

Joyful botany

Prepare to kiss the flowers in the winter and beyond. Botanical walls, bedding, upholstery and more are making a big comeback. Barbara Karpf, Founder and President of DecoratorsBest, says wallpaper like this York Garden Party Mural ($ 128) are an affordable way to add theater to your home. “Murals are art in their own right. They cover the wall and provide unique art at the same time, ”she says.

Flexible design

Photo: George Ross

“I see a lot of closed kitchen spaces as opposed to large family rooms / kitchens open to the rest of the house,” says the CEO and cabinet designer. Christopher peacock. But in closed kitchens there are more open planes and less built-in cupboards. “An eclectic organic feel of textures and mixed materials is very welcoming and bistro-like, and it’s definitely popular,” Peacock says.


Complex neutrals

“The owners do not hesitate to present the complexity or the drama,” says Nancy Epstein, founder and president of Artistic tile. “Stone slabs dominate the counter-to-ceiling backsplashes, cascade to the floor at the edges of the waterfalls, and wrap around the islands.” Epstein also notes that the colorful mosaics and textured stone tiles with mixed finishes, like AT’s gold leaf embossed Textura D’Oro, have a moment in kitchens and baths.

Classic fabrics

“Rattan, wicker and lawn furniture will always remain classic,” says Roxy Te Owens, Founder and Creative Director of Social society. “Woven furniture is stylistically versatile and full of texture and warmth, making it an easy to use design.” Look for it in shelves, chairs, headboards and more.

Bold minimalism

“We are now focusing on the essentials that make our life better and lighter, and we feel freer,” says Backal de Casai. “On the other hand, there is a need for boldness, color and expression, and color has the power to change emotions, especially as we continue to lock in.” So go wild and paint a wall or room in a rich shade, like emerald green or Pantone Illuminating Yellow, while you continue or prefer to shelter in 2021.

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