Inside Angel’s Envy Meta Distillery Experience

Virtual visitors could embark on a mixology quest to gather ingredients and customize a cocktail, as well as sample a virtual menu of signature cocktails served by a non-gaming bartender (NPC).Screenshot: Courtesy of Angel’s EnvyLOUISVILLE, KY.Craft distiller Angel’s Envy recently unveiled their $8.2 million branded home expansion in Louisville, Ky.

The expansion, which adds 13,000 square feet to the facility, will allow the brand to welcome an additional 64,000 visitors each year, doubling its annual visitor capacity – in real life.

The Bacardi Limited-owned whiskey brand also unveiled Angel’s Envy Meta Distillery, the first distillery experience in Decentraland and the first brand in the Bacardi portfolio to create a home in the Metaverse. Open from June 14 (National Bourbon Day) to June 20, the virtual space offered a fun and educational tour of distillery production and bourbon-making experience, an interactive cocktail challenge, portable NFT giveaways, and more. Again.

Angel's Envy Meta Distillery is the first distillery experience in Decentraland and the first brand in the Bacardi portfolio to create a home in the Metaverse.Angel’s Envy Meta Distillery is the first distillery experience in Decentraland and the first brand in the Bacardi portfolio to create a home in the Metaverse.Screenshot: Courtesy of Angel’s EnvyIn addition to the more than 100,000 visitors a year the brand anticipates, “we also wanted to create a way to welcome those who couldn’t celebrate with us in person as we unveiled our expansion,” explained Gigi DaDan, Angel’s Director. General d’Envy, about the decision to build the Metaverse Distillery Experience. “Angel’s Envy has always been a forward-thinking bourbon brand, and we wanted to create an experience that was representative of that philosophy and also integrated into the digital journey of our progressive consumers.”

So how do you taste bourbon in the Metaverse?

Users participated in a series of experiences such as a mash bill challenge that kicks off the distillation process and a chance to customize a keg in the keg room, as well as an ingredient quest to create cocktails. Plus, they could sample a metaverse menu of signature cocktails served by a non-gaming bartender (NPC). For an IRL taste, people can also order a cocktail kit through Cocktail Courier.

Additionally, home visitors had the opportunity to plant virtual white oak trees around the distillery, which matched the trees planted in real life through the brand’s “Toast the Trees” initiative. Throughout the experience, visitors could earn virtual badges by completing tasks such as the mash bill challenge, which involved combining the correct amounts of corn, rye and barley. Custom NFT apparel included a free barrel backpack and an Angel’s Envy bar apron. Users could also retrieve their POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol) token, which will grant them future benefits with Angel’s Envy.

Angel’s Envy has partnered with Terrazero Technologies Inc., a metaverse products and services technology company and experience development studio, to create the Virtual Distillery.

“As Angel’s Envy continues to grow, we are always looking to find exciting ways to introduce our whiskeys to new audiences.” DaDan said. “We aspire to drive innovation in our category, so we thought it only natural to tap into the exciting new frontier that the metaverse, namely Decentraland, has to offer.”

As for the updated physical brand house, which was initially over 90,000 square feet, it now includes a larger retail area; five new tasting rooms; an event space with a full catering kitchen and new bar area, which will allow the distillery to be used for paired dinners, private gatherings, cocktail classes, meetings and corporate events; and a designated room for the brand’s “Bottle Your Own” experience.

Although the physical expansion has ended, fans of the brand can expect continued growth when it comes to metaverse-like experiences.

DaDan said the brand has received “an overwhelmingly positive response from both users and the Decentraland Foundation,” adding that users spent “an average of about 80 minutes exploring the virtual distillery and engaging in every part of the experience. We also saw people connecting with each other in the space, with groups coming together to take screenshots in front of our virtual photo booth stop. It was wonderful to watch them interact in virtual space and come together as a community, a community that we want to continue to engage with and create valuable experiences with.

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