I’m a home expert – 3 easy hacks that will improve your home at no cost

REVAMPING your home on a budget can be tricky, but with a little professional knowledge, it’s entirely possible.

And with enough expertise, you can even upgrade your home for free with clever hacks that use things you already own.


There are completely free ways to revamp and refresh your home decor.Credit: Getty

Interior design professionals at BobVila.com shared their strategies for redecorating your spaces on an extremely tight budget.

Before heading to the hardware store, try these three tactics to improve your home.


If there are areas in your home that could use a refresh, remember that a little accent can make a big difference.

With that in mind, head to the garage, shed, or junk closet and search for leftover materials from previous projects.

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“If you have leftover paint from your last DIY project, consider using it to spruce up a generic or antique piece of furniture,” the pros Bob Vila wrote.

If you have a bright color or a pastel, you can even add a statement border to a more understated room.

Dig some fabric paint and you can even add stencil designs to table runners, lampshades, rugs and pillowcases.

Speaking of pillows, apply a similar tip to update your throw pillows for any season.

Repurpose fabric into new pillowcases: you can tie a scarf around the throw on your favorite chair, sew old t-shirts together, or stick with scraps of fabric from an old sewing project.

Using fabrics from all over your home will have the added benefit of creating a look that already matches your personal style.

“You’ll end up with bright pops of color and unique patterns that you won’t find at your standard home store,” the experts said.


If you have a gallery wall in your home, the easiest way to refresh your space is to change the artwork.

Of course, there are ways to go beyond that. Repaint your frames, or even change the mats behind the photos, replacing the plain white with a refined and discreet tone.

Try making collages with family photos to showcase different life events, adding event tickets and keepsakes.

And if you saved small, flat objects for “scrapbooks” that never came to fruition, consider putting them in frames instead.

“You can frame anything that speaks to you, whether it’s a calendar, a typographic print, or a quote,” the pros wrote.


Bring the outdoors in and add natural elements to your home for a modern refresh.

A house full of plants is particularly trendy right now, and if you add rustic “cottagecore” elements, you’ll get Instagram inspiration at no cost.

“Grasses, branches, seed pods and flowers can be made into wreaths, hooks or decorative fillers for centerpieces or vases,” the experts explain.

Fill a woven basket with dried flowers for a stunning arrangement with bohemian accents, or display a collection of seashells and stones on a mirrored tray.

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You can even combine all your knowledge to create a set of bud vases from bottles that would otherwise be sent to the recycling center.

“Unite a collection of mismatched bottles by adding paint to the interior – combined, they’ll make a colorful style statement in any room,” the experts wrote.

Add an accent color to old furniture by using leftover paint in a bright shade


Add an accent color to old furniture by using leftover paint in a bright shadeCredit: Getty

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