HVP Magazine – Mermaid Panels: Providing Installers with an Easy-to-Install Alternative to Bathroom Tiles



Although bathroom panels are by no means new to the market, technological advancements in recent years have made them increasingly in demand, thanks to the many benefits they offer to installers and consumers. . So could bathroom panels be the new coating solution of choice for installers?

From a completely waterproof core and quick installation that doesn’t require specialized tools, which means you can save time on projects, to grout-free panels that replicate the most beautiful designs inspired by the marble, stone and wood, bathroom panels are quickly becoming a fierce competitor to compete with the industry’s long-popular tiles and natural stones.

Mermaid Panels, Europe’s leading supplier of bathroom panels for 30 years, has set itself the goal of creating the next generation of bathroom surfaces with its premium Mermaid Elite range.

This winter, Mermaid will expand its Elite line with 28 new decors to deliver its most technically advanced and diverse range of bathroom panels to date. Enriched with patented technology, the Elite range can enable installers to create a completely seamless premium look and finish throughout the shower enclosure and throughout the bathroom in a quick-fit panel solution that exudes luxury. – without the price to pay.

With a completely 100% waterproof core and artistic post-formed edges that add unique design detail and eliminate the need for trim or grouting, the Elite range from Mermaid Panels is a perfect alternative to tiling. Attaching securely and directly to existing surfaces, including plasterboard and even existing tiling, the Mermaid’s Elite range guarantees no unsightly grouting, no mold and a much faster installation. By using a tongue-and-groove system to create a joint that will remain tight, fitters can create a smooth, seamless and even finish.

The new designs also include seven tile effect panels. Specifically engineered to line up like tiles when the panels are fastened together, the design continues seamlessly without interruption, which in turn ensures a seamless finish but also ease of installation.

Available in three sizes, Mermaid panels can be sold separately or as part of a two- or three-sided kit that includes adhesive and sealant for a simple, one-stop solution that contains everything an installer will need.

Not only can working with bathroom panels speed up a project’s installation time, but in today’s climate where installers are increasingly in demand to fill the backlog of projects, following COVID-19 blockages , bathroom panels can help diversify the skills of an installer, and increase their product offering to customers. Bathroom panels such as Mermaid’s Elite line do not require a specialist tiler or installer to install the panels – with just a drill, circular saw, and jigsaw any professional can easily get the job done.

Three creative ways to use bathroom panels in your upcoming projects:
While the most popular applications for bathroom panels are in the shower stall or wall-to-wall throughout the bathroom space, panels provide much more flexibility in their design. application and can enable installers to offer more creative and bespoke designs to their customers. projects if necessary.

  • Replace the bath panel
    The design of the modern bathroom is about creating harmony throughout the space. So why not coordinate the shower enclosure and tub surround with matching bathroom panels? Mermaid panels can be cut to size and affixed to the side of the tub, adding a unique focal piece to the overall bathroom aesthetic.
  • Half-wall panels
    Paneling throughout the home has taken the interior world by storm in recent years, and in the bathroom this trend is also very common. A half wall panel runs along the bottom half of the wall and is usually paired with painted walls on the top half. The postformed edges of the Elite panels create a polished finish perfect for this look. While the wellness trend continues to play an important role in the design of our bathrooms, this aesthetic can be more minimalist and subtle and create more warmth in the space.
  • Casing the piping for concealed cisterns
    Bathroom panels are often only considered for wet areas such as the tub and shower, and can be completely ignored for other applications in the bathroom, such as tubing boxing. . Nowadays, more and more customers prefer to conceal the pipes of their showers and toilets for easier cleaning, more space and a cleaner design.

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