How to support San Diego’s queer community during Pride Month

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from 2020, it’s that pride cannot and never will be undone. June is Pride Month, but here in San Diego we celebrate Pride twice: this month with the rest of the world, and again in July when we have another week of festivities hosted by The pride of San Diego. This year’s event, appropriately themed “Resilient”, will take place July 10-18 and feature a virtual parade, as well as live events.

The San Diego pride movement began in 1970, just months after the historic Stonewall Uprising, when LGBTQ + students at San Diego State College organized to form the Gay Liberation Front, which later that year hosted a “Gay-In” at Presido Park, possibly the first Pride event in San Diego history. And while last year COVID-19 forced the cancellation of Live Pride events around the world, it’s a new year and we’re ready for Pride 2021! Here are some of our favorite ways to celebrate and support San Diego’s queer community this month and throughout the year:

Shop till you drop

After a year in sweatpants and baggy tees, it’s time for some retail therapy and a new wardrobe for all those in-person events you’ll finally be attending. Dapper Boi, based in Chula Vista, is an online site, non-sexist clothing line that offers a unique fit and a wide range of sizes. Take care of yourself with luxury, respectful of nature clean soaps and perfumes, skin care options, lotions and candles Creams, available online or to stores Across the country. And before you get out of your bad mood in town, dress up in eye-catching denim, beachwear and Ruferized.MT rubberized sportswear Rufskin.

Be an ally

As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “No one is free until we are all free. It is not enough to salute Pride, or Black History Month, or Hispanic Heritage Month, or any of the other months dedicated to recognizing the history and ongoing struggles of our fellow human beings. Combating hatred and prejudice is a task that lasts all year round, day in and day out, and requires the participation of all. If you have witnessed or experienced hate-motivated harassment or violence, here is what you can do:

Report hate crimes

All hate-motivated harassment and other incidents, no matter how serious, should be reported. If you or someone else is in immediate danger, call local authorities and San Diego County Attorney’s Office to document it as soon as possible.

Learn how to intervene safely

We’ve all seen videos of LGBTQ + people and other minorities being publicly harassed in shops, on public transport, and on the streets, with passers-by casually watching him. You might want to offer help, but you are understandably afraid. Do you know who else is afraid? The person being bullied, bullied and humiliated. But how to intervene safely? Hollaback! is a grassroots initiative to raise awareness and combat street harassment while avoiding directly confronting the aggressor. They set up a free guide for the intervention of spectators and interactive, free virtual witness intervention and de-escalation training, including youth training, online, electoral, sexual, police sponsored and other harassment situations.

Check your friends

Don’t assume that your friends are doing well just because they don’t tell you about hate-motivated harassment or violence. Contact him with a call, text or visit and let him know that you care about his well-being and safety. Let him know you’re available if he feels unsafe or needs to talk. Be the ally they need right now.

More important again, Register now and vote! Change doesn’t happen without action, and your voice is needed more than ever.

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