How to Succeed in a Neutral Color Themed Nursery

White is a color that represents purity and innocence, according to Verywell Mind, making it a great color for your newborn’s nursery. You can either keep the space all white or incorporate subtle features like boho furniture, pops of color with wall hangings, or interesting decor and furniture and bedding that bring in other themes like animals, flowers or outer space (via Hucker).

One important thing to remember with going all-white, however, is to consider all the little baby products that will need to call the nursery home; they may not all match your color theme, so you’ll either need to come up with creative storage ideas that keep them out of sight or playfully incorporate them into your all-white room, according to Project Nursery.

You can take it up a notch and go two-toned with your neutral colors, by selecting classic black and white, by The Spruce. You can either add each color in large areas of the room like the walls, floors and ceiling (alternating between the two), or find fun ways to combine black and white in floral wallpapers or wallpapers. striped floors, ending with monotonous furniture. and other decorations. However, try not to paint the nursery walls while you are still pregnant.

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