How to make baby’s first special Christmas in the midst of COVID-19

My husband and I welcomed our first child the week before Thanksgiving. When I first found out I was pregnant 10 months ago, COVID-19 was just starting to make its rounds in the United States. We never imagined that the pandemic would manifest itself the way it did and affect life as we know it during this extended time. We hoped that by the time our son was born during the holidays, life would be a little more normal.

Well, normalcy isn’t the reality we’ve all been faced with, unfortunately, and many of us experience a very different holiday season than in our past. Growing up and into adulthood, Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. Every year, I look forward to many festive traditions, including days spent making and baking cookies with family and friends, singing at holiday concerts, participating in plays of holiday theater and, of course, to be celebrated largely with the family on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. .

When I imagined my son’s first Christmas, I saw all of these traditions playing out in my mind. Bake cookie platters with family members between feedings, watch the little guy be held by his grandparents in front of the Christmas tree, bring him to his first Christmas Eve Mass, and more. Sure, he’s a newborn and wouldn’t remember any of it, but my husband and I were so excited to share the magic of the holidays with our little one.

As easy as it is to feel down and disappointed knowing that our son’s first Christmas will be so different from what we’ve always envisioned, my husband and I are doing our best to stay positive and create memories despite COVID- 19 and life in isolation. This is how we do it.

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