How to design an attractive and functional living room

The living room is the area of ​​the house that receives the most activity. This is where the family most often hangs out, watches TV or talks about their day. This space is also where you receive your guests when they come. Since you spend most of your time there, it should be functional and suitable for your lifestyle. It should also have the style and look that you want. Here’s a guide to designing a living room that meets your needs and tastes.

Measure your space

First and foremost, the first step in designing your living room is to measure space. If you get too excited to shop regardless of measurement, you may end up with items that don’t fit. It’s a waste of time and energy to return or replace them. Measure twice to make sure you get the correct numbers. Prevention is better than cure.

Have a clear idea of ​​what you want

It will be easier to choose the elements you need if you clearly understand what you want to achieve. If you’re having trouble coming up with a plan, take inspiration from living room designs you can see in magazines, on TV, or online. Take a photo or screenshot to determine what features you want for your space.

Get chic decorative pieces

These small decorations that you add can complete the overall look of your living room. So, don’t choose just any decor, but select it carefully to enhance the aesthetics and ambiance of the space. For example, add patterned lampshadein silk fabric is a great way to make the living room more elegant. They are also functional, as they are a light source during the night if you don’t want the whole room to be too bright.

See if the pieces work together

Sometimes the result is not what you imagined. So, to get a better idea if the elements you have in mind would work together, get their photos and arrange them with the layout you are looking for. It’s better to make changes while it’s still on the drawing board than when you already have the actual parts.

Use your walls

Don’t leave your walls empty. There are many wall decors to spruce up your space, such as wall frames, artwork, mirrors, and macrame decor. You can also mount your TV on the wall for a sleeker look and to save space.

Add indoor plants

Bring the greens indoors and make your living room more relaxing. It is also good for the health of the family as the plants are known to improve air quality.

Don’t forget the function

As mentioned, it shouldn’t just be about style, it should also be about function. Even though it looks great, it still wouldn’t be enough if it didn’t fulfill its purpose according to your needs. For example, if you often use the living room to hang out and talk, the layout should allow you to do that easily.

With these tips in mind, it will be easier to purchase the items you need and know will work well for your living room.

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