High school students immerse themselves in media creation during a summer workshop

Over the summer, 30 high school students had the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with media equipment and spaces at Ohio University.

Held July 26-29, the High School Media Workshop was organized by the School of Media Arts and Studies at Ohio University’s Scripps College of Communication. This year marked the return of the four-day overnight format to campus, as last year’s was reduced to one day due to the pandemic.

Attendees included students in grades 9 through 12 as well as rising freshmen. While most were from Ohio, some students traveled from North Carolina, Illinois, and Indiana to attend the workshop.

“It was so good to be back in person and have the students really experience the campus,” said Andie Walla, associate professor of teaching and workshop director. “It was also beneficial for them to have more time to let creative ideas sink in, develop a concept and not be in such a rush.”

OHIO teachers and students help high school students create animations in a computer lab
Ohio University faculty and undergraduate students helped workshop participants produce content for short films, like this animation lab. Photo Credit: Dylan Benedict/Ohio University

Students were able to choose from four session topics to focus on: Video Production, Music Production and Technology, Animation and Audio for Film. OHIO faculty members and undergraduate student leaders helped students learn about each of the media elements and programs.

Divided into two groups, the students used each of the media elements to produce two short films, “Oodles of Noodles” and “Office Voodoo”.

“The projects created by these high school kids were top notch,” Walla said.

While the films were released before they left to go home, Walla shared the files with the students so they could continue to develop their editing skills after the workshop ended. Fostering creativity and allowing students to produce their own content is a goal of the workshop.

The workshop also provided an opportunity for OHIO undergraduate students to mentor and share their advice with attendees.

Crewe Edens, a junior Games and Animation student, assisted Associate Professor Tyler Ayers in helping the students produce animation content for each of the shorts. Edens was impressed with the experience the students already had with animation programs.

Students in a recording lab with guitars and drums.
The workshop students produced original music for each of the short films. Photo Credit: Dylan Benedict/Ohio University

“It was cool to hear how proactive they are in pursuing this passion for art and animation and it was also reassuring to see that more K-12 schools are introducing kids to these areas. career,” Edens said. “I just hope these kids keep creating.”

Akira Jakkson, an integrated media production major and film minor, served as a student leader in the video production section for a second year.

“I came back because I had a lot of fun the first time and was happy to come back for another round,” Jakkson said. “The kids coming in blow me away with their skills and are always receptive to instruction, and they’re so ambitious and creative. Watching them take a basic idea and make it their own is fun to watch, and it’s nice to be able to give advice from what I’ve learned here in OHIO.

Walla was proud of all of the OHIO student leaders who took the time to share their time with the workshop participants.

“It’s a great experience for undergraduates to be able to share their knowledge of production in each of the different disciplines with high school students, but they can also have candid conversations with them about what college is all about. “, Walla said. . “Hopefully they’ll be their own Bobcats then.”

High school students participating in the High School Media Workshop on Ohio University campus
Attendees had the chance to experience campus life and learn more about the School of Media Arts and Studies. Photo Credit: Dylan Benedict/Ohio University

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