Here are which TikTok air travel hacks actually work

Vacationers are always looking for a stress-free itinerary when packing for a trip. And they’ll stop at nothing to make sure their vacation goes smoothly.

TikTok has become a hub for finding so-called “travel tips” with users sharing tips and advice for flying with extra baggage, traveling lighter and more.

However, according to several travel experts, some of these tricks — like stuffing clothes into pillowcases and hiding extra shirts in an overcoat — might not be so practical.

User Anya Yakovlieva posted a clip last September in which she stuffed his pillow with extra clothes and put it on his luggage.

Naveen Dittakavi, founder of the cheap flight site Next vacation, told Insider that this trick is “worth a try.” But he also warned that it might not work every time.

“Most airlines will allow you to bring a travel pillow as part of your attire, but each airline will determine whether you can board a standard size bed pillow, based on their baggage regulations” , did he declare.

He also noted that travelers should ask their airline which size pillow would be good to take on board. Some airlines may consider large pillows to be the only personal item passengers are allowed to take with them. The additional item may incur additional charges for travelers.

In another creative compromise, TikTok user Kristen Black tried her hand at roll her sweaters into a DIY neck pillow. “Save space, save money,” she captioned her November 2021 video in which she demonstrated the hack while waiting at the airport.

“How to pack when you have zero baggage allowance,” she wrote on the video. She also suggested passengers put souvenirs of their trip in their hats.

However, Dittakavi told the outlet that while the idea sounds like a “brilliant packaging hack,” it won’t work on all planes.

Bianca Montalvo, who works in United Airlines’ marketing department, also agreed that the hack was risky, as the neck pillow obviously appears to have been made from clothing. She added that airport gate agents use their own judgment and “may or may not request that all items be properly wrapped”, rather than tied around the neck.

Another hack was to hide clothes inside your coat when traveling. Imogen Blow, the self-nicknamed “Queen of budget travel” on TikTok, shared a video last year in which she “shaved off 5.5kg of excess baggage”. On her doorstep, she unzipped the puffy black winter coat she was wearing to reveal nine other smaller jackets hidden inside.

“It kinda looked like a body,” she joked in her clip.

Tom Church, co-founder of the budget travel site Insider that the large bundle of coats might be too big to fit on the plane.

He said one had to be confident enough to tuck the coat under a seat or store it in the overhead bin. “Carrying objects of this size on an airplane doesn’t seem very practical,” he said. “You better ask yourself if you really need so many clothes when you have to lug them around like this.”

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