Her Calculated Vision: Award-Winning Screenwriter Ann Peacock Signs With OneDoor Studios to Script Next ‘Calculated’ Movie

Ann Peacock, the award-winning screenwriter best known among her 11 writing credits for her films ‘The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ and ‘A Lesson Before Dying’, has signed with OneDoor Studios , (https://www.onedoorstudios.com), to write the screenplay for the major film adaptation of “Calculated,” the first book in first author Nova McBee’s series of young adult novels.

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The Santa Barbara-based company recently raised the full development costs of “Calculated” by $2 million, with its $45 million production budget to be provided by bank financing. Producing for a studio release, joining a studio-level screenwriter was the first major creative achievement of this picture.

Respected worldwide for her film adaptations, Peacock won a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Miniseries or a Movie with her screenplay for “A Lesson Before Dying” in 1999. Peacock, who was born in South Africa and now resides in Los Angeles, also caught the industry’s attention for his screenplay adaptation of “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”. His recent screenwriting credits include adaptations of “Cinderella,” a Universal Studios feature film in development, and “Fall of Giants,” a Sony Pictures Television miniseries also in development. Peacock also recently completed an adaptation of “The Choice” based on Edith Eger’s bestselling novel, and is currently in development with a TV series for Ebony Life and Sony Pictures, and another for BBC TV. Peacock is represented by CAA, Artists First and attorney Don Steele.

Calculated” is the first book in a series of best-selling young adult action-adventure thrillers published by leading independent publisher Wolfpack. finalist for the International Thriller Writers (ITW) Award for Best Young Adult Novel 2022, “Calculated centers on the harrowing yet inspiring journey of Josephine Rivers, a teenage prodigy with an almost supernatural ability to see the world through a purely mathematical lens, sometimes even predicting the future. Recognizing the profit potential of this gift, a notorious underground smuggler kidnaps Jo and uses her gift to expand their empire. Josephine must escape before a great economic collapse – which only she can stop – that would send catastrophic shockwaves around the world.

One Door Studios

(Photo: Conservaco/The Ignite Agency)

OneDoor Studios CEO Jay Brents said it was Peacock’s writing on the first film in the Narnia series, and his deep connection to the story and characters of “Calculated” that convinced their team that she was the ideal writer for the project.

“I have tremendous respect for the skill that Ann Peacock has shown in bringing CS Lewis’ first Narnia novel to the big screen. Adapting a novel for the cinema takes not only talent, but also a kind of particular intuition, and I believe Ann is among the best in the industry to deliver that for ‘Calculated.’ We couldn’t be happier,” Brents said.

John Lee, Executive Chairman of One Door Studios, said, “Our first meeting with Ann was a powerful experience. It was obvious to us after listening to her describe the heart of the story, characters and world of” Calculated” that she had the same vision as the fans of the readers of this series. We were electrified.

Stephen Wollwerth, president of OneDoor Studios, said he was also impressed with Peacock’s vision and passion for “calculated” storytelling and his experience in the industry.

“Ann’s writing on ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,’ which is one of my favorite movies, is impeccable. To have such a quality writer adapt ‘Calculated’ is beyond from what I can express,” Wollwerth said. “When Ann told us about her vision for ‘Calculated,’ it was clear that she should be the screenwriter to adapt this extraordinary series. She carries a passion for this project to be what she has called a landmark film. His perspective for this story really merges with ours as producers, and we couldn’t be more confident that we have the person who will bring this project to perfection.

Peacock said it was the uniqueness of the book’s protagonist, Josephine Rivers, and the Shanghai setting that drew her to the project.

“I love the concept of the novel – a young girl torn from her family and trafficked for her superpowers who must use her ingenuity to escape and return home,” Peacock said. “I love the overall message – use your gift for good. I love that our daughter is up against a delicious arch-villain, the head of a global trafficking empire – who is also a woman. I love that it’s set in the most exotic – architecturally and culturally – of places, Shanghai. And I love that it’s all wrapped up in one thrilling, action-packed thriller. Oh, and let’s not forget the beautiful love story…”

Peacock also received praise from the novel’s author.

“I was thrilled to meet Ann Peacock because I really admire her work on ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’, but her understanding of ‘Calculated and the character of Jo Rivers got me out of the water. Ann understood exactly what I was trying to do with this book. She expressed her commitment to translating the tension and thrill of Jo’s story (kidnapped, imprisoned, rescued, and empowered to stop bad guys), without losing any of the book’s deepest messages about identity, hope, redemption and the power of love. . She embraced this story on every level, and I can’t wait to see how she adapts it to the big screen,” McBee said.

OneDoor Studios’ estimated timeline for completion of the film’s shooting script is September 2023. Production on the film is expected to begin in January 2024, with the first release of “Calculated” slated for April 2025.

Lee added, “Of course, every production company wants to attract writers with major credits, but finding one who is captivated by the story and committed to translating it into a studio-caliber script is the ultimate match. Ann understands ‘Calculated’ from the inside, talks about it in the most respectful and majestic way, saying that it has to be a great studio movie, and that she wanted to write it to be one, and now she does. Ann Peacock’s marriage to ‘Calculated’ and its searing sequels is history in the making.”

Paul Scanlan, CEO of Calculated franchise co-production partner Legion M, said: “We were inspired by Ann Peacock’s stellar adaptation of the true story, ‘The First Grader’, for which Ann visited its remote location in South Africa, went to school, and walked the streets of this film’s protagonist.As the writer of “Calculated”, Nova McBee, and two of the film’s three producers lived in China and spoke Chinese, the producers included in Ann’s writing relationship, her full accommodation to visit Shanghai’s “Calculated’s” Places of History, to tap into her personal impressions, as well as those of the author and producers , in writing his screenplay.”

On the heels of its recent pre-production funding success, OneDoor Studios is weeks away from launching a $7 million Reg A offering to fund the film development of the remaining novels in the “Calculated” series. The second book in the series, “Simulated”, was published in 2021, and the third novel, “Activated”, will be released in April.

The talented team at OneDoor Studios has extensive experience in the film industry, having worked on 23 studio-released films and series released by entities including Sony, Universal, Warner Media, Disney, Viacom/CBS/Paramount and Lionsgate, earning over $4 billion. In income.

OneDoor Studios seeks to transform film financing by creating a unique film investment opportunity and business model, where investors provide crucial development capital for screenwriting, engaging North American distribution, and engaging director and actors. main; so that its investors can recoup their entire investment on production bank financing for their projects before the cameras roll, and share in all global profits after their films are released. OneDoor Studios’ investment process is unique in that the investor invests in the development of the film, not the production.

For more information and to sign up to receive updates on the company’s Reg A launch, visit https://www.onedoorstudios.com/waitlist.

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