Grant Denyer reveals his child’s school got involved in New Idea’s ‘cheating’ saga

Grant Denyer opened up about the infamous photos last year with his hand on a woman’s leg that sparked unfounded romance rumors in New Idea.

Grant Denyer has revealed the impact last year’s explosive fake story had on his children, saying he and his wife Chezzi approached the issue as a family for fear the girls would be “ridiculed in the court of the ‘school”.

Speaking on Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa, he also said his children’s school had been forced to step in and explain to other children that ‘not everything you read is true’.

It comes after Denyer, who is the father of Sailor, Scout and Sunday, admitted to feeling like all the mothers at his children’s school thought he was ‘the worst human in the world’ after New Idea falsely suggested he cheated on his wife with his 23-year-old Dancing with the stars partner Lily Cornish.

The 44-year-old Gold Logie winner was splashed on the front page of an October issue with photos where he had his hand on Cornish’s leg while comforting her about her own relationship issues.

In December, he won a significant victory in his war on the tabloid after he publicly apologized for the “fake” story. He also revealed that he received a “confidential settlement” from Are Media.

Speaking on Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa This Morning, Denyer explained: ‘I kicked her on the leg, I wasn’t even looking at her face, I was looking the other way down the street. I said “everything will be fine” and that’s the picture.

“It’s not like everyone doesn’t buy these magazines, but these magazines are still at the checkout in your supermarket, you see the covers you walk past and I still have to go to school and pick up my kids, you know, I wonder if all the other mothers out there think I’m the worst human in the world.

He continued, “We talked to our kids about it because they can get ridiculed in the schoolyard too, so the school had to kind of sit them down and have and tell the kids that whatever you read is not true. ”

Chezzi has been supportive of her husband throughout the saga, with Grant explaining that Cornish is the Denyer family’s “best friend”.

He went on to think that seeing your partner on the dance floor with someone else on Dancing with the stars can be “harsh”, but explained that there was “no emotion in it”.

“I knew I did this the second time around to bring them closer together,” he said of his goal of making Cornish “part of the family.”

The Denyers wasted no time in disproving the story, with Chezzi writing on social media that the photos were taken out of context.

“Right before that little ‘she’ll be right’ slap in the leg…I was on the phone with them consoling Lilz as well,” she wrote.

“Lilz is like our adopted daughter. We became extremely close during his month-long stay with us here in Bathurst. We absolutely adore it!

In a radio interview that week, Grant called it “a horrible made-up story that is embarrassing for everyone.”

Grant and Chezzi are launching a new podcast titled It’s all true which will allow them to “say the things they can’t say on TV”, with Grant describing it as a “naughty little corner”.

He clarified: “(I’m) the guy who spent my life trying to pass as a perfect operator… (The) happy, smiling guy who gives away money and cars on game shows. But then I realized it was full of trauma and mistakes and embarrassing and hurtful things, so we kind of covered it all on this podcast. To make it normal. It’s normal to fight.

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