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We all know someone who is in touch with their magical side. Maybe this person is counting the days until the next equinox and spending the weekends looking for mushrooms – or maybe they’ve seen Hocus pocus (1993) 50 times and always find something new to love about it. No matter how your loved one embraces magic in their day to day life, they will love these evil witch gifts.

1. The Witch’s Book of Self-Care; $ 12

Meditating, lighting candles, mixing soothing concoctions – many typical self-care activities are a lot like witchcraft. In this book, Wiccan High Priestess Arin Murphy-Hiscock offers readers tips for taking care of their well-being using everyday magic. The guide offers chapters on mental, spiritual and physical self-care, with the mental and spiritual sections featuring affirmations and rituals and the physical part listing recipes for soups and bath scrubs.

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2. Zodiac incense holder; $ 12

Whether your favorite witch is an Aries, a Pisces, or something in between, they’ll love this astrological incense holder. The white ceramic dish features the 12 zodiac symbols around the edge. The hole in the center of the sun design is perfect for holding incense sticks as well as incense cones.

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3. Fortune Teller Bath Crystals; $ 26

If the witch in your life already has every crystal type imaginable, get her these Sparkling Bath Crystals. Each jar is infused with corn blossoms and Indigo Gabbro stone, which, according to makers Luna + Quartz, “are linked to wealth, good fortune, unity and enlightenment across cultures.” Even if the product does not bring good luck, the scents of fig and amber will put bathers in the right space to shape their own destiny.

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4. Kiki’s delivery service collar; $ 24

This necklace allows the wearer to carry an adorable, familiar cartoon with them wherever they go. The accessory represents the black cat Jiji from the 1998 Studio Ghibli movie Kiki’s delivery service clinging to a gold broomstick. It’s perfect for the witch in your life or anyone who loves cats and wants to work in a bakery.

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5. Modern Witch Tarot; $ 20

Classic tarot cards used by past generations have received an update for this game. The modern witch tarot deck features traditional tarot archetypes like the Empress and the Magician reimagined as characters to which readers of the 21st century can relate. Artist Lisa Sterle depicts a diverse group of witches wearing contemporary clothing and using technologies such as smartphones. Each deck is accompanied by an educational guide.

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6. Love spell kit; $ 42

Do you know someone who is unlucky in love? This love spell kit may be just what they need. Each box includes four different crystals, Japanese rose incense with a brass backing, and a pack of cards explaining the meaning of each item. Just make sure you won’t be the object of any spell before gifting it to your lonely friend.

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7. Nature’s magic shirt; 16 $

Witches know magic is everywhere if you know where to look. This Hot Topic “Nature’s Magic” Cropped Tee features some of the most enchanting elements of the natural world, including crystals, mushrooms and the phases of the moon.

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8. Calendar of the witch; $ 14

For a witch, the phase of the moon or the position of the sun can be just as important as the date on the calendar. For more than two decades, Llewellyn’s Witch Calendar has helped people keep track of astrological data, equinoxes, and pagan holidays. Each month features original artwork by illustrator Jennifer Hewitson and instructions for a spell or ritual.

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9. Witch Infusion Candle; $ 22

Every witch needs a scary scented candle for their home. With an 80 hour burn time, this “Witch Infusion” Paraffin Wax Candle will provide enough light and magic for a season of rituals.

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10. Night lights with precious stones; $ 38

These crystals have been fitted with LED lights to function as fancy night lights. Built-in sensors trigger the bulbs when it gets dark and turn them off during the day, almost like magic. Buyers have a choice of amethyst, rose quartz, or white quartz crystals.

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11. Leather journal; $ 10

When struck by an idea for a potion or a ritual, many witches write it down in their grimoire, that is, their spellbook. This journal is waiting to be filled with incantations, recipes or simple observations on the natural world. The leather cover is stamped with a Celtic tree of life and fitted with a brass latch.

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12. Moon phase throw; $ 75

This blanket is perfect for snuggling up on a cold night, no matter what the moon looks like outside. The phases of the moon burst on this blue cotton blanket embellished with white and gold stars.

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13. Hocus pocus Book exchange; 40 $

If you know someone who aspires to be a Sanderson sister, get them this handbag from Hot Topic. The shoulder bag recalls the grimoire of Hocus pocus– but instead of a living eye, illustrations of Sarah, Mary and Winifred are on the cover.

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14. Flower press kit; $ 24

Whether she collects plants to display in her home or use in spells, the witch in your life will love this flower press. The kit includes six cardboard press plates, 12 paper press sheets and two outer boards and black straps to hold everything together. If homeowners feel like getting savvy with their preserved flowers, they can use the tweezers and glue brush included in the set.

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