Gatewalkers is a cooperative survival and action RPG coming to PC

The 5th annual Indie Live Expo took place this past weekend, featuring hundreds of games from developers around the world. We at RPG Site decided to quickly highlight some of the RPGs featured in the stream.

smugglers is a cooperative action RPG game with survival elements developed by Polish studio A2 Softworks, which is set to be released on PC (Steam). The game features 4-player co-op, procedurally generated worlds, and has been in development for several years, and A2 has been posting regular updates to the Steam page, including a recent look at the game’s progression tree. .

A pair of trailers, a description, and a set of screenshots are available below, via A2 Softworks.

Story Trailer

Gameplay trailer

Gatewalkers is a cooperative survival game with action RPG elements, where you travel through different worlds in order to save theirs. Explore procedurally generated worlds, face hostile inhabitants, face challenges such as extreme weather conditions, toxic atmosphere, lack of water and more.

Gatewalkers is developed by the Polish studio A2Softworks.


  • TEAM COOPERATION – You are a Gatewalker, the chosen one, who can walk through the gate and explore the other side. Team up with up to 4 players to tackle team survival. Fight terrifying monsters, survive extreme weather conditions, do the work ordered by the mysterious Guild, and what’s most important…stay alive!
  • WORLD EXPLORATION – Explore many procedurally generated worlds with unique terrain, plants and creatures. Discover new resources and crafting materials. Face various environmental dangers: toxic atmosphere, lack of oxygen, terrifying darkness, penetrating cold, and much more… Each type of world introduces a unique survival mechanism that forces players to adapt. Finding food, water or wood to start a fire may be impossible. Plan carefully what to take with you on the expedition, no one really knows what’s on the other side of the door.
  • TEAM SURVIVAL – Surviving alone in an unknown world is really difficult. But with teammates behind you, you at least have a chance. Share responsibilities: light a fire to let others warm up, build a tent to allow your comrades to rest, warn them of the dangers that await them at night… The key to survival is cooperation between you and your team .
  • SKILL-BASED COMBAT – Isometric skill-based combat with a non-targeted system. All skills can be missed! Proper positioning during combat, balanced use of skills, good timing, and team synergy are essential to victory.
  • CRAFT – First, choose an item to craft. Then find out the appropriate recipe. Raid different worlds to gather the necessary resources. Find or create a crafting station. Finally, build the item and use it!
  • YOU ARE WHAT YOU WEAR – There are no predefined character classes. Each element gives you a unique set of skills, so combine them to suit you best. Grab heavy armor and a healing staff to support your frontline companions with your tenacity and healing powers. Remember, you are what you wear!
  • GENERATION OF PROCEDURAL WORLDS – Each time, you and your team will face a different, procedurally generated world. This gives you countless opportunities, constant challenges, and no winning patterns! Always stay cautious, adapt your strategy, make quick decisions, face the consequences, because you never know what awaits you around the corner.

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