Former Dragon Age developer reveals new game at Game Awards

Former BioWare Managing Director Aaryn Flynn announces that Improbable Worlds Limited will unveil its next MMORPG project at the Game Awards.

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Former BioWare CEO Aaryn Flynn left the company in 2017. The 17-year studio veteran left the company a few months after the lackluster launch of Mass Effect: Andromeda, resigning in favor of then-Mass Effect Director Casey Hudson.

However, Flynn’s resignation from BioWare did not mark the end of his career, as he joined Improbable Worlds Limited’s Edmonton studio as Managing Director in 2018. Now Flynn and his team are preparing for show the public of players what they have been working on since. he left BioWare. He announced on Twitter that Improbable intends to unveil his new title during The rewards of the game December 9.


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Again, few people outside of the company know what Flynn and his small team have been working on in recent years. What little public knows is that Improbable’s next game is an online RPG using Unreal Engine 4 and the company’s proprietary SpatialOS technology. Nothing else is publicly confirmed other than the fact that the company itself gave Flynn great creative control. Fortunately, players only have to wait for the Game Awards in a few days to find out.

For those who haven’t heard of it, SpatialOS is cloud-based technology designed to enable extraordinarily large multiplayer environments with huge numbers of players on a single server. Flynn discussed this a bit during an interview with UK publication PC Games Insider in 2019. He explained that scale is a critical factor in game development, as the studio sees it as an opportunity to test the limits of SpatialOS technology. However, Flynn pointed out that Improbable Edmonton isn’t just about numbers. Instead, the team is focusing on how they can use technology to create the ideal RPG experience.

“We’ve talked about this a lot and said our favorite RPGs are the ones that really embrace empowerment,” Flynn said in the 2019 interview, “you can say whatever you wanna say, go where you wanna go, do the choices that you want to make and really get back to role-playing. He went on to explain that he hoped that technology would allow players an immense degree of freedom while still allowing players to interact and form meaningful bonds with each other. In some ways, it seems Flynn is hoping the new game will recapture the spirit of the tabletop role-playing games that inspired the modern RPG genre.

This is further demonstrated by Flynn’s talk about a “rebirth” RPG. He sees the upcoming game as a way to create an RPG that refocuses on the central aspect of role-playing, which he says has been watered down in recent years. Of course, many developers have high hopes for big projects, especially when using new technology. The only question is whether Flynn’s game can achieve these lofty goals.

Again, players know little about Improbable’s new game other than the technology involved. Fortunately, that will change after the reveal at the Game Awards on Thursday. Hopefully, this gives fans a reason to be optimistic about Improbable’s ambitious MMO.

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