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Rattlesnake Venom Trip has released their “Dead Empire” video. The song and debut album were recorded by Micah Carli of Hawthorne Heights and mixed by Adam Dutkiewicz of Killswitch Engage.

Kevin Schindel, vocalist and guitarist of RVT shares “Dead Empire is about growing old and seeing that life has passed you by. Putting all your time and effort into your work and realizing you have nothing to show for it in the end. video captures you looking at yourself with heavy judgment and wanting to change your outcome.If only you could warn yourself somehow.

Based in Dayton, Ohio, the band formed in September 2019. Rattlesnake Venom Trip is a rock/heavy metal band with plenty of variety, hailing classic bands like early Metallica, Black Sabbath, Alice in Chains, to more modern groups. like Queens of the Stone Age, Mastodon and Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats. RVT’s collective love for classic rock, heavy metal and psychedelic music helped create a compilation of songs with a wide range of musical dynamics. With each track, the band ventures into new territory, creating a unique landscape for listeners to explore.

Although Rattlesnake Venom Trip is a new band, its members are certainly no strangers to the road, the stage, or the recording studio. They each have a long history of playing in bands and releasing music over the years. With members from metalcore band Twelve Tribes, post-metal band Mouth of the Architect and stoner rock band Neon Warship, the band plans to continue where their previous projects left off and make their own mark in the time. “We can’t wait to see where this new music takes us,” RVT shares.

Dead Empire hits streaming services on October 19.

The rattlesnake venom journey is:
Kevin Schindel – vocals and guitar
Evan Davell – Guitar
Shane Shook – Drums
Matt Tackett – Bass

(Photo – Matt Leaves)

Kostas Manolas goes viral as he is unveiled by new club Sharjah next to a LION Wed, 28 Sep 2022 15:13:40 +0000

“The white shorts weren’t the best idea!” : Former Roma star Kostas Manolas goes viral as he is unveiled by new club Sharjah next to a LION – before fleeing to safety after the predator dropped a huge roar inches away from him.

  • Kostas Manolas was asked to pose alongside an actual lion for his unveiling
  • He was taking his unveiling photo after signing a two-year contract with Sharjah FC
  • Sharjah wanted to unveil Manolas as their “Greek warrior” and use a real lion
  • Manolas jumped out of his skin after the restrained lion rushed towards him

Kostas Manolas showed roaring emotion when asked to pose alongside a real lion during a photoshoot for his new club Sharjah FC.

The United Arab Emirates club signed Manolas on a two-year deal just days after also securing the services of Pjanic following the termination of his contract at Barcelona.

Sharjah wanted to unveil Manolas as their “Greek Warrior” and decided to incorporate an actual lion into their photo shoot. However, it didn’t go as planned.

Manolas almost jumped out of his skin after the lion - who was tied - rushed towards him

Former Napoli and Roma defender Kostas Manolas has been asked to pose alongside a real lion

Fans couldn’t help but laugh at the behind-the-scenes footage as Manolas nearly jumped out of his skin as the lion lunged towards him.

Manolas saw the lion come out of the corner of his eye and jumped to his feet before trying to run away.

Luckily, the lion was attached to a metal chain, but that didn’t stop Manolas from climbing onto the “warning” tape that was placed next to him as a prop.

Fans flocked to social media to poke fun at Manolas.

One Twitter user wrote: ‘The white shorts weren’t the best idea!’, while another added: ‘Can someone get her some clean shorts please…’.

One fan wrote: “At least safety measures were considered. Caution tapes were used.”

Another said: “Love the way he puts the tape between him and the lion. Because it will deter him.

Another Twitter user said: ‘Lion be like, “I know what ap***y looks like when I saw one”.’

Another joked Manolas was ‘desperately trying to make it out alive for his debut’.

Others took to social media to say Manolas had every right to be scared. They said, ‘My guy is right to be terrified. It’s mufasa right there’.

Manolas’ new contract with Sharjah FC officially closes the door to his short-lived reunion with Olympiacos.

Manolas returned to his boyhood club in January after spending the last eight years in the Italian top flight with Roma and Napoli.

The 31-year-old has become Sharjah’s third top signing this summer. He joined the club alongside Pjanic and Paco Alcacer.

The nephew of Greek footballer Stelios Manolas will be looking to make his mark at the United Arab Emirates club – who will pay him £4m over two years.

Edgerunners Might Be Studio Trigger’s Best Anime So Far Mon, 26 Sep 2022 19:30:32 +0000

Studio Trigger is perhaps one of the best known animation studios to date. The studio has earned a solid reputation for its energetic and dynamic animation and visual design. Its shows are easily identifiable by these characteristics, but also by their unique and exciting characters, stories, and actions. With memorable hits like kill her kill her and Little with academiatheir first feature film Promare and their work on Star Wars: Visionsit’s no wonder that Cyberpunk: Edge Runners managed to garner just as much praise, and maybe even more.

Let newcomers to the salon know first-hand the Cyberpunk 2077 game or not, there’s still plenty to keep them hooked. Studio Trigger is known for creating some of the splashiest anime out there, but could Cyberpunk: Edge Runners be his best show to date?

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True to form, Cyberpunk: Edge Runners features the dynamic colors and animation that distinguish many Trigger series. These aspects help firmly ground the anime in the neo-noir sci-fi world of gaming, matching the aesthetic while maintaining the same flair that has defined the studio. The high-octane action that accompanies the edgerunner lifestyle is only aided by the smooth animation and visual effects, and it all helps flesh out Night City and create a uniquely immersive entry into the hardware. anime source. Cyberpunk: Edge Runners enhances the already meticulous world-building skills seen in other Studio Trigger productions to create an anime that manages to seamlessly fit into the game world, while standing out on its own.

Apart from its stunning visuals, the series also stands out for its unique score by Akira Yamaoka, best known for his composition work for the silent Hill franchise of games and feature films. A good score can create a unified experience between story and animation, and the series’ music–insert included songs–creates a distinctly Cyberpunk 2077.

Another standout talent that easily contributes to the quality of this anime is its director, Hiroyuki Imaishi. His directing style is marked by an unmistakable punch that effortlessly drives the frenetic choreography and animation that define some of his iconic works, such as gurren lagann, Panties and stockings with garter belt, kill her kill her and Promare. Cyberpunk: Edge Runners embodies the best qualities of Studio Trigger’s repertoire in its 10-episode series, while perfectly balancing its storytelling elements to create a successful singular experience. However, does any of the studio’s previous projects come close to matching Cyberpunk: Edge Runners ‘call and praise?

RELATED: Cyberpunk: Edgerunners Shares Many Parallels To Its Cyberpunk 2077 Parent Game

Some of the most iconic works to come out of the studio are certainly those that feature Imaishi’s unique direction. His directorial work on Gainax gurren lagann won him an award at the 12th Animation Kobe Festival, and his skills have continued to evolve into future works like Studio Trigger’s first original anime, kill her kill her. As the studio launched the Little Witch Academy short film in 2013, kill her kill her helped put it on the map with its unique premise, charming absurdity, and fast-paced action.

However, the studio’s first feature film, Promare — also made by Imaishi — is perhaps the closest level to Cyberpunk: Edge Runners. Up to this point, Promare could be seen as a solid culmination of the visual and technical qualities the studio had become known for. The dazzling thrill ride even earned a nomination for Best Animated Feature in the Independent category at the 2020 Annie Awards.

Whether it’s an original work or not, Trigger brings an inimitable flair to everything the studio creates, making its titles instantly identifiable and unforgettable. With every anime project Trigger releases, it continues to perfect its craft, creating a remarkable reputation for excitement, quality, and visual spectacle. The studio’s latest installment is no exception, and Cyberpunk: Edge Runners surely represents the tightest execution of the Studio Trigger formula so far.

]]> Diane Arbus was accused of exploiting “monsters”. We misunderstood his art. Mon, 26 Sep 2022 12:16:10 +0000

NEW YORK — People have been wrong about Diane Arbus for so long and in so many ways that you could spend a lifetime analyzing what all the false projections reveal — not about Arbus, but about her detractors.

It has now been 50 years since the Museum of Modern Art organized the posthumous retrospective that founded the legend of Arbus. By recreating the retrospective in his West 20th Street gallery in Chelsea, New York, David Zwirner (in collaboration with the Fraenkel Gallery) has this fall’s cultural event in his hands.

Before Arbus committed suicide in 1971, she made photographic portraits of society women, crying babies, nudists, people with intellectual disabilities and people wearing masks, as well as sex workers, twins, people with dwarfism, teenage couples and transvestites. Or, as his brother, the poet Howard Nemerov put it, “freaks, professional transvestites, strong men, tattooed men, the children of the very rich.” (The show’s promotional image fits the latter category: it’s journalist Anderson Cooper’s brilliant photograph of Arbus as a baby, his sleeping face eerily resembling a death mask.)

The Arbus exhibition of 1972-73, then the most attended solo exhibition in MoMA’s history, functioned as a depth charge – first in the rarefied world of fine art photography (a category contested at the time), and then in culture at large. Few people had heard of Arbus during his lifetime. Then suddenly, less than a year after her death at 48, everyone knew her, everyone had a strong opinion and, perhaps most importantly, no one doubted that photography could be art. “People walked through this exhibit as if they were in line for Communion,” John Szarkowski, a MoMA photography curator who has defended his work, once commented.

The Zwirner screen is ingenious. This stages the problem (an overabundance of commentary, a firehose of controversy) and then magically throws it away. As you enter the gallery, you see a wall covered with excerpts from writings on Arbus:

“Arbus’s work shows people who are pathetic, pitiful, but also horrible, repulsive, but it does not evoke any feeling of compassion.”

“His subjects are all flesh, they have very few resources – they don’t have much spirit.”

“[Arbus] shows us people, so locked in their physical and mental limits, that their movements are meaningless charades. They are almost losers for a man.

“When photographing dwarfs, you get neither majesty nor beauty. You get dwarfs.

Etc. The show coincides with the release of a nearly 500-page book, “Diane Arbus: Documents,” which reprints more than 50 years of criticism of Arbus by everyone from Hilton Kramer, Hilton Als and Robert Hughes to Susan Sontag, Germaine Greer and Janet Malcolm. .

But the wall of the text is like a curtain, or the meniscus on a body of water. You cross the threshold of the show like a masked diver on a windy day who puts his head under his nose. Suddenly you are in a new element, a different universe. It’s quiet. You are alone. There is no text in sight, not even a title. It’s just you and Arbus’ photographs, his character gallery – the same 113 photos that made up his retrospective at MoMA 50 years ago.

Seeing the exhibition in 2022 highlights the extravagance of many reactions to Arbus. It also offers a great chance to dispense with nonsense.

The debate that Arbus has been raising for 50 years still revolves around the question of “freaks”. The problem usually comes in the form of two questions: Why was she drawn to these topics? And did she somehow betray them or slander them, despise them or unjustly exploit them?

That’s all, it seems, that one wants to ask of one’s work.

Arbus’ subjects were not as varied as those of, say, Walker Evans or Robert Frank. Her work is focused in a way that clearly shows she is trying to tell you something. But his images of the institutionalized, the physically abnormal, the social irregular and the marginalized are only part of his work. It is crucial to any understanding of his work that they are seen alongside all his other photos.

The other images, which show men and women of high or mundane social status, babies and children (who were too young to have significant status), are just as important as his photographs of so-called monsters. They all relate. And as the feelings evoked by each image are inevitably displaced onto the others, they add up to an idea that deepens as his photographs accumulate.

The idea is simple. It is, in short, that we are like monkeys at a tea party. All of us. Moreover, we are in denial. We tweak and accessorize our self-image, but those same accessories (in the world of Arbus, these can be leopard-skin hats, beaded necklaces, Halloween masks, tight jeans, tattoos , neat bourgeois interiors, boater, bow ties or even cheeky, dare you-object nudity) continually give the game.

Bob Dylan once sang mockingly that a leopard-skin pillbox hat “dangles on your head like a mattress dangles on a bottle of wine.” But for Arbus, who started out as a fashion photographer, the various forms our denial takes were nothing to despise. They were strange, captivating, poignant.

Arbus was as hostile to sentimentality as it was free from disgust or contempt. His insight was not in itself original. Nevertheless, it deepened in his hands in a unique way. The fact that she was a photographer and not a painter or a sculptor was crucial to her expression of the idea “we are all tea monkeys”.

For decades we’ve been drilled into all the ways the camera sits. But the cameras also reveal a lot of facts. You can direct them to topics that interest you, but they remain disinterested. The reason we dislike about nine out of ten photographs we see of ourselves is not because those nine are fake, but because they reveal things we don’t like to acknowledge.

Precisely because the camera, with its particular power of proof, can make us look ridiculous, we say it is cruel. We distrust the power of the professional photographer, which we imagine as a sort of tacit negative balance (“you don’t realize how ridiculous you look”). We only hope that, out of mercy, the photographer will conspire with us to reverse the camera’s negative bias (as we see it).

But Arbus accepted the camera’s tendency to reveal what’s really there. She found the phenomenon interesting. She didn’t try to turn it into a rhetoric of cruelty, or try to turn it into an orgy of self-gratification of empathy, much less a “celebration” of people’s “identities.” She saw too many internal divisions, in herself and others, to believe in “identity”.

Susan Sontag, who set the agenda for all the wrong ways to think about Arbus in a 1973 essay for the New York Review of Books, didn’t like this advertised lack of empathy. Arbus used his camera, wrote Sontag, as a “sort of passport that annihilates moral boundaries and social inhibitions, freeing the photographer from any responsibility towards the people photographed”.

But it is tendentious. Passports do not “annihilate” borders; they just let you walk through them. You can say Arbus operated a “passport” for amorality if you like. But what artist isn’t interested in the gaps between our instincts and our inhibitions, between our private self and the one we present in public? Arbus was simply one of the first to recognize the unique way the camera reveals them.

According to Sontag, Arbus has created “a world where everyone is an outsider, hopelessly alienated”. But that too is irrelevant. Look at the photographs. Arbus captured expressions of exuberance, pleasure in company, parental tenderness, self-love, keen intelligence, ironic fatigue, suaveness, bathos, aggression, bewilderment, and various expressions of curiosity about (or boredom) the shooting process.

For Arbus, it was all captivating. And what made it poignant was the impossibility, finally, of being the people she photographed, to get into their minds, which she clearly aspired to do. Arbus was a complicated person. Depressed, restless and sexually adventurous, she craved intense experiences. But it was his complexity that allowed him to see and grasp the complexity and unknowability of his subjects.

His success had its moral effect, which is obvious to anyone who sees his pictures today. Arbus’ transvestites and nudists, its people with Down’s syndrome and Halloween celebrants, no longer look like “monsters”. They look like what they are: human beings. We can look at subjects with as much honesty as we can muster when we look at each other. And we have no more to pity them than ourselves.

Cataclysm: the 1972 Diane Arbus retrospective revisited Until October 22 at 537 West 20th St. Gallery by David Zwirner, New York.

]]> Hualien Hot Spring Festival in Eastern Taiwan to Provide Bus and Sightseeing Services | Taiwan News Mon, 26 Sep 2022 09:05:00 +0000

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The 2022 Hualien Pacific Hot Spring Season, lasting for one month from Oct. 15 to Nov. 14, will provide tourists with guided tours and bus services to the two hot spring destinations. the most popular in Hualien County – Ruisui and Antong hot spring areas.

A special light exhibition area will be built in each hot spring area to create a romantic corridor of light along the street, according to a Press release issued by Hualien Tourism Department on September 1.

During hot spring season, “Special Hot Spring Chartered Bus” services will be provided for one-day guided hot spring tours. It departs from Hualien Bus Station and goes to the two hot spring destinations. Departure is guaranteed for a group of eight people, and there are four routes tourists can choose from, according to the statement.

Professional tour guides, special lunches, craft activities, souvenirs and insurance are provided for tourists participating in hot spring tours in South Hualien, according to the statement.

The participation fee for the visit is NT$750 (US$23.25) per person. Advance booking is available from Wednesday (September 28). Attendants must bring their own water, bathing suits and caps.

For more information, refer to this to place.

Hualien Hot Spring Festival in eastern Taiwan will provide bus and tour services

Hualien Hot Spring Festival in eastern Taiwan will provide bus and tour services

(Images from Hualien Tourism Department)

HFPA Prez Talks Golden Globes Redesign Challenge, Teases Big Name MC – Deadline Sat, 24 Sep 2022 15:16:00 +0000

The beleaguered Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) had good news this week with the announcement that its historic 80th annual Golden Globe Awards will return to primetime television after a year-long hiatus.

Under a one-year deal with NBC and Peacock, the show will air and stream across the United States on January 10, 2023.

Speaking on a panel at the Zurich Summit on Saturday, HFPA President Helen Hoehne welcomed the deal but said boosting viewership figures for the Golden Globes show remained difficult. .

“How do you get people to reconnect and engage?” she says. “The truth is, since we don’t really celebrate blockbuster movies and award shows, why are people tuning in? What do they want to watch?” she said.

“People look at things differently,” she continued, noting that the most popular live TV event in the United States was NFL football. “He is our greatest enemy. This is what we struggle with. I think you all know, next year the Golden Globes airs on a Tuesday. And that’s because Sunday is reserved for NFL football.

Hoehne said having the show airing on Peacock, as well as NBC, was exciting, but suggested more work needs to be done to connect with people on social media.

“People don’t watch broadcast TV anymore. They are on Tik-Tok, Instagram, Twitter. People’s habits have changed.

She said that despite challenges with viewing figures, award shows like the Golden Globes remain a big part of the conversation about film, talent and awards season.

“The beauty of our awards shows is that they always bring the world together. We still talk about them, at school and at work,” she said.

“We’re happy to know who won it, and honestly, even in this room, who doesn’t like to win, you always like to win, don’t you? Filmmakers like to win; actors like to win. They are still relevant. We just need to make them more exciting again, and I think more fun.

Hoehne didn’t give details on any changes that could happen at the 2023 Golden Globes, but said a big name has been signed to MC the event and will be announced shortly.

“We are thinking of ways to reinvent ourselves, to make the show more exciting. We bring an exciting host and make it a fun party. But I can’t tell you who this host is yet.

The HFPA is rebuilding after 18 tumultuous months following a Los Angeles Times report alleging corruption and criticizing lack of ethnic diversity among members.

Speaking about ongoing reforms in light of these accusations, Hoehne said the HFPA has put in place rules prohibiting members from accepting gifts and offers of travel or hospitality.

The association has also sought to overhaul its membership and boost diversity, noting that a recent influx of 103 new members has changed the gender and diversity mix.

“With the additional members we just took on, we now represent 62 countries, which I really love and really is the cornerstone of our organization. Diversity, equity and inclusion is also an extremely important cause and we have been working on it all year.

Hoehne was joined on the panel by European Film Academy CEO Matthijs Wouter Knol, as well as Le Grisbi Production President John Lesher and Kingsgate Films producer Greg Shapiro, both regulars on the awards circuit and winners of an Oscar with birdman and The Hurt Locker, respectively

Shapiro joked that the Globes Awards were the “most fun” of movie nights. But he said the influence of awards season goes beyond their ceremonies, noting that the victory for The Hurt Locker had significantly boosted the film’s international travel after an initially lackluster US box office performance.

“It was incredibly important to the success of this movie. It was a tough movie that didn’t do very well at the box office. [in the U.S]but it has reached a global audience because of the benefit of the ongoing awards season as well,” he said.

“I haven’t studied it in depth, but I understand that studio heads built the early awards shows as a marketing tool, right? It’s now become a celebration of the self – in a positive, positive way — for the community, for the filmmakers to celebrate themselves. And that’s an important element that never goes away.

Speaking bluntly, Lesher said the reason audiences aren’t watching the shows in the same numbers as they once were is simply that they’re “really boring.”

But like Shapiro, he acknowledged that awards season, if not the ceremonies themselves, played their part in connecting viewers to the movies.

“When you’re making a movie, all you can try to do is make a movie that can connect with people, getting to that place is really long and difficult and very subjective,” he said.

“Then when you sit down and try to figure out how to sell the movie, you think ‘does this movie have any awards potential and how are we going to build a campaign to do that’.”

Wondering what could be done to liven up the awards shows, Shapiro suggested dropping some technical categories might make the shows more palatable to a wider audience, but wondered if that was the right one. way forward.

“I know there are a lot of categories that audiences don’t necessarily understand, but they’re really important to the art of filmmaking, and they deserve recognition,” he said.

“The show would be more popular, more people would watch it if it was shorter, and it focused on the awards that people actually enjoy: the best actors, the best picture, etc. are perceived as glamorous. But personally, I I’d be disappointed if tech rewards weren’t part of it anymore.

When seashells say a lot about us – Manila Bulletin Sat, 24 Sep 2022 06:30:00 +0000

Seashell piles, dumping grounds for discarded seashells, have a lot to say about our people in the past

WORKING WITH HISTORY From left to right: UP-ASP lecturer Kate Lim, graduate students Jay Rone Acasio, Rocky Vincent Victoria, Angelo Guirgio and Jacquiline Chua

Rain rain go away! By Rain, I mean Jung Ji-hoon of K-pop fame! While it was raining, I was plagued by footage of Rain riding across Korea on a motorbike with his “hairy” co-host Hoh Hong Chul on Netflix’s travel cooking show. The hungry and the hairy.

I’m on a mission to try the dishes featured on the show. A dish has intrigued me since I saw it in several K series during the pandemic: marinated crabs. When I Googled “pickled crabs in Manila” recently, KP2 restaurant came up. After a 40 minute drive on a rainy weeknight, I reached the hole in the wall along Roxas Boulevard.

From the outside, it was remarkable only because of the group of young Koreans smoking at the entrance. The place is small but clean. A Filipina, who looked like cook, waiter and housekeeper at the same time, took care of the cooking. A Korean lady took care of the cash register and the bar while a young man in a coat, quietly overseeing everything, seemed to be the CEO.

THE HISTORY OF SHELLS The decor of shells is reborn as teaching tools for generations to come

What are pickled crabs? These are very fresh crabs marinated either in soy sauce or in a sauce made with chilli powder. I didn’t know that until I was at the restaurant. I didn’t know there were two kinds of pickled crabs so I decided to order both. The crabs were so fresh I could taste the sea. The sauces, whether soy sauce or chili sauce, only enhanced the fresh flavor. It’s like eating a cold ceviche but with the meat still encased in the shell. You suck up the meat and, according to Rain’s travel food show, you can also pry it out of the shell with your hands. The marinated crabs presented in the Hungry and the hairy were soy sauce based. As demonstrated, you can add the pressed meat and fat to noodles, then drizzle sesame oil, chop Korean green chili, and torn or Nava seaweed squares. Unlike the one on the show, the restaurant in Manila didn’t provide gloves, so I just sucked the meat off the crab. It was a unique experience. You have to try it at least once!

In the same episode, Rain and Hong Chul spent time on the mudflats of Gochang in Jeju Island, harvesting clams or clams (Mercenaria mercenaria). I discovered later that, along the mudflats, the Manila clam (Philippinarum bands) is also grown and harvested.

The physical area of ​​his research and the number of shells studied bring tears to his eyes.

Although the Manila clam or Venus clam, belonging to the family Veneridae, was first recorded in Japan, it earned its name via the galleon trade. The shores of Luzon were full of clams, which were transported from our islands to Mexico, where they were called Manila clams. The name stuck. Clams became popular due to their higher meat ration and relatively thin shell.

DISCOVERING THE SECRETS OF SHELLFISH Shellfish have been classified and identified by family, then genus and species

Another popular clam in the past of our country is the freshwater bivalve Children of Batissa, otherwise known as kabibi. I remember meeting a Japanese archaeologist with the email “luha ng kabibe”. I only realized how appropriate his email address was after visiting the location of his study area in the La-Lo seashell midden sites along the Cagayan River. The physical area of ​​his research and the number of shells studied bring tears to your eyes!

Along the banks of the country’s longest and largest river, the Cagayan River, 21 shell midden sites, some reaching six meters high, encompass two municipalities. A seashell pile is a dumping ground for discarded seashells. The site is important because it shows how clams were eaten in the past and possibly produced for trade. Within the shells were bones of animals like pigs and deer (indicating that people in the past simply didn’t eat clams), pottery, and other datable but discarded cultural materials that may give us clues. clues to how people lived in the past. After all, there had been people harvesting, producing, eating, and discarding these shells for a very long time, given the breath and number of shells in this prehistoric dump.

SHELL CRAFT Christmas trees made from shells are dismantled and prepared for sorting

Based on the layers of shells and organic (animal and human remains) and cultural (stone tools, beads and pottery) materials recovered, the researchers were able to date each layer. The different shell layers have been determined to be between 7,000 and 1,000 years old. The dates show a period in our past when the inhabitants of these islands we now call the Philippines were becoming more sedentary, compared to the semi-nomadic lifestyle of the hunter-gatherer stage. They must have been in one place for some time to be able to accumulate so much “trash” of shells.

Speaking of trash, our family matriarch, Imelda Marcos, was quoted as saying, “People say I’m extravagant because I want to be surrounded by beauty. But tell me, who wants to be surrounded by garbage? But my aunt is very pragmatic and practical. She always advised us to learn how to turn waste into beauty. She loves everything that is recycled. When she was new to Manila, fresh off the boat from Tacloban, she was invited to so many parties not only because she was a member of the Romualdez clan but because she was beautiful.

The problem was that there were so many parties and only a few dresses to wear. Instead of feeling depressed and refusing to go, she started accessorizing. “One party I would have a flower at the waist and for the next party I would use that flower as a brooch. I would just move it around and add ribbons to make it different,” she explained.

ACCESSORIZE IMELDA Fresh off the boat from Tacloban, my aunt was unprepared for a whirlwind of social gatherings and with only a few dresses she needed to get innovative with accessories

My aunt also liked seashells. Growing up visiting her homes, whether in Manila, Leyte or Ilocos Norte, I always saw seashells made into flower bouquets or centerpieces.

Decades later, I discovered these mostly broken and soot-covered recycled seashell decors in the bodega of the former home of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos in San Juan. I was tasked with putting my uncle and aunt’s forgotten memories and belongings in order, so I spent six months in their old home doing just that.

Recently, I was made a beneficiary of these shells by my cousins. In keeping with the spirit of recycling and lifelong learning, I enlisted University of the Philippines Archaeological Studies Program professor Kate Lim and her graduate students to collect, sort and classify seashells at me, so that they may be arranged in specimen boxes, labeled with their scientific and local Bisaya names, and distributed one day to schools in Leyte.



AFL Grand Final 2022: Tom Hawkins’ daughter Primrose advises Sydney Swans to beat Geelong Cats Sat, 24 Sep 2022 05:21:38 +0000

Cats star Tom Hawkins has once again been betrayed by his middle child on one of the biggest days of his football career.

The two-time premiership winner of 2009 and 2011 won his third with three goals and four behind in Swans’ total beating – and at 34 he may not have many more opportunities left.

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But Hawkins’ three-year-old daughter Primrose once again told it like it was, scorching her father on the morning of the Premiership decider.

Posting a video to Instagram during a pre-game walk, Primrose destroyed his dad, tipping the Swans to win the Cats.

Upon coming across a copy of The Saturday Age with Jeremy Cameron and Buddy Franklin on the cover, Hawkins asked his daughter who was on the cover.

“Emu and…uh…Buddy,” she said.

When asked who she thought she would win, she finally answered, “The Swans”, instantly breaking her father’s heart.

“Okay mate, this is where we part ways, see you at home,” he told her, while she had a confused look on her face.

One fan tweeted: “Yesterday during the parade, Hawkins’ daughter was trying to climb on top of the car (while she was moving). No wonder Tom let her, his favorite player is good and now she just said the Swans are going to win today”.


Luckily for Hawkins, his three-year-old didn’t have a crystal ball when the Cats ended the 11-year drought.

He may be a middle child though, as it’s not the first time she’s shown her dad that he’s not the center of the AFL world, despite having been named captain of the Australian team last year.

In 2021, Hawkins posted a photo of Primrose holding a stuffed animal featuring his favorite player, Western Bulldogs superstar Marcus Bontempelli.

“Getting your hair done can wait. As long as Mim has her three Bs in the morning,” he wrote at the time. “rabbit. blue. Bont.

It would have hurt even more had the Cats been able to beat Melbourne in the preliminary final, as Geelong would have faced the Bulldogs for the Cup.

This eco-friendly, sustainable resort doesn’t compromise on luxury Fri, 23 Sep 2022 18:38:47 +0000

Hotels around the world are taking a step towards sustainability and taking into account the environmental impact of their actions. Iberostar, a Spanish family hotel chain, is leading the way in ecotourism without compromising on luxury. They launched wave of change in 2017, a movement to protect the oceans and improve the health of the coasts, and continue to evolve towards a more responsible tourism model centered on people and the environment.

Iberostar Selection Bavaro has created a five star Coral Level luxury experience that is a hotel within a hotel. Located on Bávaro Beach in Punta Cana, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea, you’ll never be far from the palm trees, sea, and amenities that come with an upscale all-inclusive experience. When you’re not busy with fun daily activities, feasting on food from around the world, or swimming in the relaxing infinity pool, check out their on-site Coral Lab and see for yourself what Iberostar is up to. to take care of our land.

Sleep in luxurious villas

Coral Level allows guests to experience a higher level of exclusivity in a 5 star resort. Settle into your sumptuous suite via a private reception area and sip your refreshing welcome drink as your cares drift away. The colorful villas are spacious, and you can choose from peaceful garden views, beachfront views, suites with pool access, and a junior suite ideal for families with two large bedrooms.

The low-rise buildings camouflaged by towering palm trees consist of 162 rooms with a wide variety of features, including a balcony, smart TV, minibar, coffee maker, comfy bathrobe and slippers, free WIFI and even a choice of amenities. pillows. There is 24-hour concierge service and the friendly staff are kind and helpful. The luxurious villas are bright, modern and beautifully designed. The illustration of sea turtles on your luxury bed reminds you that Iberostar cares about the oceans.

Dive, swim, play and be active

At the coral level, you are a short walk from two freshwater swimming pools, Balinese beds, lounge chairs, endless cabanas and umbrellas for shade. There’s reef-safe sunscreen at the towel desk, and that attention to detail extends throughout the resort. The infinity pool offers spectacular sea views and we spent hours soaking up the warm Punta Cana sun and chatting with guests from all over the world. After a swim, have a drink at the snack bar (or have a drink delivered to your cabana). We sipped decadent freshly made pineapple juice and strolled along the beach admiring brave people parasailing. Coral Level guests have access to other swimming pools in the Bávaro complex, sports facilities, an outdoor gym, a fully equipped indoor gym, tennis courts and many other facilities fun, including their innovative Fit & Fun program. And is it really a vacation without ping-pong and a game of chess with massive pieces?

Feast on delicious healthy foods

Coral Level guests can access restaurants and bars at Iberostar Selection Bavaro Suites, Iberostar Punta Cana and Iberostar Dominican hotels. As vegans we were delighted with the plant based options covering the resort and never went hungry. The Star Café offers soy and almond milk for your daily latte – go ahead and sit in the impressive Bávaro Lobby admiring decor from around the world and local artists such as the beautiful horses in wood and the Cayuco boat. Or sit in the peaceful Orchid Greenhouse among native Caribbean flowers.

We like Il Forno Italian Restaurant for delicious pizza and pasta dishes; La Dorada Greek Restaurant for vegan versions of typical Greek dishes; and Kabuki Japanese Restaurant was outstanding and featured a teppanyaki and sushi bar. Eat outdoors to the sound of the ocean waves when you dine at El Tapatio Mexican Restaurant and whip up guacamole right at your table with fresh fries and salsa. The vegan fajitas and breaded mushroom tacos with cashew sauce were delicious. We fell in love with Faro at coral level and went everyday. We got to know the friendly staff and chatted about life in Punta Cana while dining on fresh fruit, delicious plant-based crepes and pancakes, oatmeal, all kinds of juices, and there’s a huge selection of buffets. El Faro offers both international and local dishes with a completely different buffet for lunch, and for dinner you can savor market cuisine à la carte.

After dinner, stroll down Caribbean Street and shop for handcrafted souvenirs while supporting the locals.

Enjoy activities, programs and entertainment

Activities include golf, beachside workouts, running, yoga, spinning, darts, volleyball, aquafitness, salsa dance lessons, bingo, and a gym mat. water for teenagers. Iberostar houses liveliness, a program offering clients a special opportunity to reconnect body and mind while engaging in movement. Melt away the stress on a nature walk, learn new recipes in cooking classes, or discover a new hobby with one of their unique and creative craft workshops like art or singing. When the sun goes down, put on your dancing shoes for exciting live and interactive entertainment, themed shows and international galas.

If you’re traveling with young children, Star Camp is packed with activities and teaches children to respect the environment, value diversity and encourage healthy habits. Aqua Fun is a place where youngsters slide and slide in the sun and mingle with others their own age. For older kids like my son, there’s a teen disco in the evenings where they hang out and play video games, basketball, foosball, and fishing. Despite the language barrier (Google Translate was helpful!), my son made friends from Colombia, Chile and Argentina.

Find out how Iberostar cares about sustainability

Sustainability is the driving force of Iberostar and the heart and soul of what they believe in. With a strong commitment to caring for the environment, especially our beautiful oceans, the wave of change movement has taken place. In 2020, all of their hotels became single-use plastic free, including straws, coffee lids, swapping pens for pencils in rooms, using eco-friendly laundry bags, replacing plastic mini-bar products, using recyclable multi-use products in rooms to replace single-use toiletries (Products are cruelty-free), and using compostable coffee capsules. You definitely won’t find single-use plastic water bottles here. Guests have access to unlimited purified water with refill stations throughout the resort.

In line with their circular economy model, not only everything Iberostar hotels will be zero waste by 2025, but will be carbon neutral by 2030. Iberostar has its own composting plant and turns organic waste from the resort into garden compost. Visit the Terrestrial Coral Reef Lab to learn more about the importance of coral reefs. Scientists here study the impacts of coral bleaching in the ocean and try to save damaged corals and learn more about restoring climate-resilient reefs. Wave of Change also protects mangroves and seagrass beds and is currently restoring mangroves in the resort town of Bávaro with the launch of their National Mangrove Restoration Program. Just another reason to take a nature walk at the resort – just look for the mangrove signs to see the wonderful work Iberostar is doing to help our earth.

Best Restaurants in Little Havana and Calle Ocho: Your Ultimate Guide to Good Food and Drink Thu, 22 Sep 2022 21:22:30 +0000

Miami is known for its Cuban origin and culture, and Little Havana is one of those places where you can immerse yourself in the area and discover art, restaurants, entertainment and so much that will keep you busy for a day. whole or more. The captivating areas possess a colorful charm that has attracted legions of tourists and locals seeking to explore Miami’s epicenter of Cuban culture.

The heart and soul of Little Havana is Calle Ocho, dotted with restaurants and entertainment that will have even South Florida’s most seasoned residents finding something new to get excited about. The region has grown considerably in recent years, and while it has never slept, there is something to be said for all of the current combinations of new and classic businesses.

So if you’re looking to spend a day exploring the best things to do on Calle Ocho and Little Havana, this is the ultimate guide to the area’s top restaurants, bars, and other attractions.

Moreover, in light of the continuing catastrophic damage inflicted by Hurricane Fiona in Puerto Rico, consider donating to the country in this time of need and widespread power outages. Ways to help include supporting local organizations, including Neighbors 4 neighborsand national non-profit organizations, such as Hispanic Federationor consider donating at checkout at your local Publix shop.

Cubaocho Museum and Performing Arts Center
Cubaocho Museum and Performing Arts Center

Take an art walk down Calle Ocho

Once you’ve found a solid parking spot (there are plenty of spaces on the street and a few public parking lots), it’s time to walk around and check out some of the sights.

Start with the tower theater, an iconic landmark and one of Miami’s most classic buildings. Run by Miami-Dade College and beautifully preserved, the institution opened in December 1926, and it was the first theater of its kind to open in Miami. It still plays independent films and other entertainment offerings, making it a must stop on Calle Ocho.

And how about those colorful roosters? Take a moment to take a look at these sculptures, which began appearing in 2002 as part of a Rooster Walk installation, to represent Miami’s local community and culture. These roosters are a popular addition and you’ll notice many visitors stopping by to take photos and selfies. Make sure you do the same (because you were actually there if not on the ‘gram?).

There is also a selection of art galleries, each with a distinct personality, around Calle Ocho. Highlights include the Cubaocho Museum & Performing Arts Center, where art installations and rotating artists take center stage, along with musical guests and a selection of rum (rum is art, isn’t- right?), And then there is Arts District Cigarsoffering art and cigars you can take home.

The Calle Ocho Walk of Fame is a group of murals celebrating Cuban culture, musicians and personalities from the Latin world. The most famous is that of Celia Cruz, “Queen of Salsa”.

Want to play dominoes or hang out with a bunch of abuelitos? Check dominoes park, which is kind of an art in itself, as you watch players challenge each other with the classic tile game. The bustling place is definitely an interesting stop, and you might even get the chance to go up against one of those friendly grandfathers (however, there’s a good chance you’ll lose).

Cafe La Trova
Cafe La Trova

Taste the Caribbean

Satisfy your craving for Cuban and Latin cuisine while sipping on classic cocktails.

Ball & Chain has become a neighborhood staple. Expect crowds day and night as revelers make their way through the door to learn traditional Latin dances, listen to live music, munch on food (congri donuts are a favorite) and throw good drinks. We recommend their classic mojito, the Ketel One Mule and the popular Guava martini.

Another hot spot is Café La Trova, an upscale restaurant and bar perfect for date nights and dinners with friends. With perfectly mixed drinks, an ethereal ambiance, as well as great food, you’d be hard pressed not to have a great time. The skirt steak and arroz con pollo are killer, and as for the drinks, don’t leave without trying the Papa Doble Hemingway cocktail, the Daiquiri Clasico and the Periodista.

A hidden gem, however, is a wonderful Puerto Rican restaurant with extremely authentic cuisine and local beers such as Medalla and Magna. Known as Restaurant Mofongo’s Calle Ocho, it serves delicious mofongo, stuffed with pork and chicken as well as other proteins, and classic Puerto Rican holiday dishes like arroz con gandules and pasteles. Be sure to try the local Puerto Rican beer and get there early – the place fills up fast.

Albisa candles
Albisa candles

Calle Ocho but make it fashionable

Expect some serious trendy spots on Calle Ocho, as there are plenty of great stores to stock up on stylish Latin and Cuban staples.

Calle Ocho Plaza has a diverse selection of clothing and souvenir shops. At Little Havana Gift Shop, you can find unique items, many of which were made by local artisans. Feel Cubano sells men’s and women’s guayaberas, art and classic Cuban-inspired gifts. These stores offer more than the mundane souvenirs if you’re someone who wants to take home something unique.

Little Havana is also home to brands inspired by the neighborhood. Lacquer Lights is a nail polish company that offers a polish called Cubana, a rich burnt red inspired by Miami’s Cuban community. And Albisa candles offers a Cuban bread scented candle that you’ve probably smelled all over town. You should probably buy both.

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