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The similarities of Rune Factory 5 did not escape me while writing this Deadcraft exam. Being a Marvelous studio effort, many of the qualities shared between these titles were no accident. Deadcraft has the advantage of having no baggage on the go and strives for a flavor not often seen.

As the rune factory Games, Deadcraft is an action RPG emphasizing a farming simulation module to complement the hack and slash gameplay. If you ever felt this harvest moon should be like the road warrior but with zombies, it’s for you. Made up of a bit of old west flair, Deadcraft manages to make a statement very early on.

While it is apparent that the promoters were unable to secure AAA funding for Deadcraft; the ingenuity of the game design shines through and creates a highly addictive and challenging gameplay loop. How did they do it? Find out in this Deadcraft exam!

Developer: Marvelous Inc.
Publisher: XSEED Games, Marvelous USA
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S (revised)
Release date: May 19, 2022
Players: 1
Price: $24.99

Reid has a problem: he’s a half-infected zombie man and finds himself straddling two worlds; the living and the living dead. He is also on a quest for revenge and completely failed his revenge early in the story and must survive his way through the desert while learning to cope with his newfound semi-unlife.

Being a half-man, half-zombie hybrid turns out to be full of upsides and very few downsides. Reid is still hungry and thirsty like any man, but now he can cannibalize the flesh and blood of the undead to support himself. He can even use leftovers as fertilizer to grow hybrid zombie fruits and vegetables.

Eating undead food and drinking zombie blood has a cost. Excessive consumption of infected food increases Reid’s zombie level and going too high makes him more zombie than human, while also increasing his attack power. To reduce his infection, one must eat and drink normal food and water, or unleash one of his special zombie attacks that consumes a certain infection.

Managing Reid’s survival stats is just one module of the Deadcraft live. Along with managing his resources to stay alive, Reid must also scavenge materials to expand his ever-growing farm. Progress is very smooth and fast, especially when workdays are compounded by easy-to-do bulletin board requests.

From building storage sheds to Iron Maiden filtration systems to purifying sludge into water, there’s no shortage of different types of facilities Reid can build or retrofit. The only problem with the game’s design is how the developers prevent the player from making too much progress by tying story progression to Reid’s skill tree.

Deadcraft is the kind of game that allows players to set their own goals and explore possibilities. It can be disappointing to know you’ve hit an arbitrary wall because you need to meet certain story requirements before you can craft a more advanced zombie turret or a devastating new electric guitar.

The other module to Deadcraft is crafting that comes in two varieties: traditional crafting for crafting basic day-to-day items, and zombie crafting for deserters who know the dead. Functionally, it’s no different from ordinary craftsmanship, but the imaginative and humorous presentation helps sell it.

Brief animations of Reid doing his farming usually have him doing the most ridiculous actions to accomplish his crafting. Whether he’s burying bodies in the ground like a serial killer or putting a corpse on a jigsaw, the gruesome imagery is played for laughs and punctuated by a dismembered zombie hand giving an approving thumbs up.

Aesthetically, Deadcraft definitely looks like an Unreal Engine 4 indie game made for Nintendo Switch hardware. The artistic direction of Deadcraft helps elevate the visuals and infuse it with a deliciously rebellious ’90s punk-manga flavor you don’t often see anymore.

There’s abundant use of stippled textures to further accentuate the manga influences, with plenty of deep black shading to bring out the harsh edges. If you squint, it looks like a more heroes Game.

To further emphasize the punk theme of Deadcraft, the music borrows a lot from punk music. The various sound cues and leitmotifs are often performed with a very heavy and crisp sounding electric guitar. Sometimes it feels like the game is growling at the player, challenging them to play.

The voice acting is only used for major scenes and sounds like the kind of performances heard in mid-gen games on the PlayStation 2. That’s no downside against Deadcraft and perfectly matches the style and splatter sensibilities of the game’s tone.

Unfortunately, the only aspect of DeadcraftThe gameplay of not meeting its vibe, is in its difficulty. It’s very easy to get dirty and filthy and buy all the town’s stock for the week due to the abundance of certain resources.

Slime is one of the most common resources in the game. It can be found everywhere and players can get tons of it for free in their own base. Merchants in towns have no funds limit and players can effectively sell this muddy water to them endlessly and then buy the entire store resources through the mud trade.

Slime is just one of the plentiful and easily found resources that players can easily dump at Merchant Shops. Combined with easy to pick up quests for side missions, there’s no way for players to struggle. The atmosphere of Deadcraft really need a more punishing or harsher game difficulty to best capture the post-apocalypse feeling.

Being able to amass massive amounts of resources also makes most battles with hordes of the undead or wasteland thugs much easier, as Reid will be able to create an unbeatable army of zombies. As if an army of armed undead wasn’t enough, the ridiculous amount of options that Deadcraft offers means a craftable item for almost any situation.

Fences, several varieties of different mines and even guns or explosives are on the table. That’s not even counting the special zombie attacks that sweep huge swaths across the screen; all of which can be upgraded to make Reid an undead god of death.

Even if it leans a little too easily on the difficulty, Deadcraft is a total joy to play and keeps on giving thanks to the challenging farming and harvesting gameplay. On Xbox Series S, the game ran as well as it could; locked at 60 frames per second regardless of the number of enemies on screen. Load times were quick and after over 30 hours not a single crash or bug occurred.

Deadcraft is a game for those who feel rune factory is too sweet with its pastel visuals and female character designs and needed a lot more punk nihilism. It may not have the dazzling plating of a AAA production, but Deadcraft will attract gamers with its creativity and style.

Our Deadcraft review was conducted on Xbox Series S using a copy provided by XSEED Games. You can find additional information on Niche Gamer’s Review/Ethics Policy here. Deadcraft is now available for Windows PC (via Steam), Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Tips for keeping your cool with wildlife Wed, 22 Jun 2022 18:02:02 +0000
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Wildlife attacks are rare, but dangerous encounters do occur, especially when humans are unaware of — or unaware of — wildlife viewing rules and etiquette. Over Memorial Day weekend, a bison in Yellowstone gored an Ohio woman who had stood within 10 feet of the animal, well within the park’s guideline of staying at least 25 meters (or 75 feet). The burly beast threw the visitor 10 feet into the air and inflicted a puncture wound, among other injuries.

“Pets account for most animal attacks in the United States, but if we’re just talking about wildlife, snakes and rodents (rats, squirrels, etc.) make up the vast majority,” Mark Hofberg said. , Head of Campaigns for the International Fund for Development. Animal Welfare, a DC-based nonprofit, wrote in an email. “The high-profile attacks by bears, cougars and other large mammals that you hear on the news are much rarer but more likely to be dangerous, so it’s best to be prepared.”

How I got my kids to love – or at least not hate – outdoor travel

With the summer outdoor season approaching, we will no doubt come across animals in their natural habitats, a prospect that delights one group more than the other. “Wild animals want to be left on their own,” said Cameron Harsh, director of programs in the US office of World Animal Protection, an international nonprofit group. “They don’t want to interact with humanity.”

To ensure a peaceful kingdom, we’ve asked wildlife experts from government agencies and non-profit organizations for advice on how to keep all creatures – two-legged, four-legged and legless, with or without tail, most with teeth – safe in nature. Here are their guidelines:

Familiarize yourself with the wildlife of the park or area you plan to visit. “The rule of thumb whether you go to Shenandoah, Yellowstone or Denali [national parks], is knowing what wildlife calls home,” said Bart Melton, director of the wildlife program at the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA), a DC-based nonprofit. Learn to identify local residents (grizzly bears have pronounced bumps on their shoulders, unlike black bears) and note their schedules. For example, ungulates, such as bison, and coyotes are generally crepuscular, or more active at dusk and dawn, while alligators are diurnal and nocturnal. (They basically keep the same hours as a 24-hour restaurant.)

You can find this information on park websites (for national parks, search under ‘Nature’ or ‘Safety’) and at visitor centers and tourist offices. Trailheads typically feature signage that highlights wildlife and shares hiking best practices. State wildlife management agencies are also valuable resources. For example, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s website has a page called “Living with Wildlife and Preventing Wildlife Conflicts” which includes tips on food safety and links to short biographies of nearly 400 species, including black bear, bull shark and cottonmouth/water moccasin. The Arizona Game and Fish Department’s “Living with Wildlife” section offers an introduction to the state’s 13 species of rattlesnakes, as well as tips on how to handle a collision with a cougar, bobcat, a bear or a javelina, among other creatures.

Be extra vigilant during major annual events. During calving and mating seasons, for example, animals may behave more aggressively. In the spring, the bears go in search of food after a long winter fast. Around the same time, cubs will venture out of their dens for the first time, with their protective mothers nearby. “Make sure if you see cubs that you are aware of the mother bear’s location,” Melton said. “It is extremely important to avoid getting between a bear and her cubs.” Elk, bison, and moose also calve during this time, so avoid parents and their offspring. In the fall, bears overeat before hibernation, a period called binge eating, and elk, caribou, moose and other hoofed animals compete for mates during the week-long rut. “Bull elk are pretty feisty,” Melton said. For this reason, never come between swaggering males and their objects of affection.

Give the animals plenty of space. Although there is no official distance figure, experts, including those at many national parks, recommend staying at least 75 feet from non-predatory creatures and 300 feet from predators. David Lamfrom, vice president of regional programs at the NPCA, recommends a buffer zone of 50 feet around elephant seals and sea lions, whose males are territorial, and at least six feet between you and a poisonous snake. . “If you’re close enough to take a selfie,” said Sarah Gaines Barmeyer, senior executive director of NPCA conservation programs, “you’re too close.” Speaking of photography: Invest in a telephoto lens.

Guide to Outdoor Volunteering

Always respect designated trails and viewing platforms. Avoid startling wildlife. “Be predictable,” Lamfrom said, adding that animals such as bears and moose are generally well-behaved on heavily populated roads. At Shark Valley in Florida’s Everglades National Park, home to more than 200,000 alligators, visitors can view the large reptiles from a tram or along a boardwalk. “They’re not going to climb up and grab you,” Barmeyer said. However, Meredith Budd, director of regional policy for the Florida Wildlife Federation, cautions against lingering at the water’s edge, especially in retention ponds and especially if you have a small dog in tow. “If there’s a body of water in Florida,” she said, “there’s probably an alligator in it.”

Alligators take center stage in Florida’s Everglades National Park

Leave no traces of food behind. Clean up all your trash and sweep up the crumbs. If you’re camping, seal your food in a bear-proof container. “In most cases wildlife wants to avoid you, but if you left the foil with the burger drips from your barbecue last night, you make it hard for them to ignore you,” Hofberg said. Never leave a backpack with food lying around, even long enough to take a picture of a view or tie up your shoes. Watch out for smells that might sound like a medicine cabinet to you, but a Las Vegas buffet to a wild animal. For example, Melton recommends that campers don’t bring toothpaste inside their tent or put on deodorant before lights out. Also, don’t sleep in your hiking gear, especially if you’re grilling burgers there.

Take preventive measures. On hiking trails in bear country, announce your presence vocally. “Let the bears know you’re there,” Melton said. “Continuous renditions of great songs to sing or take turns every two minutes with a ‘Hey, Bear!’ yelling loudly is a good approach If you spot a carcass, don’t headline it: get past it as quickly as possible In tall marsh grass or wet areas, wear knee-high boots to protect your legs from the snakes. Before stepping over a log, check on the other side for any snakes waiting for unsuspecting prey. In stingray territory, such as the Gulf Coast of Florida, shuffle your feet in the sand as a warning signal. In waters populated by sharks or barracudas, ditch the shiny clothes and glittery, dangling accessories for the disco. “Don’t look like a fish,” Barmeyer advised. want to swim in a school of fish, which is essentially a must for aquatic predators.

In a dangerously close encounter, follow the appropriate course of action. This may vary by species. For example, with black bears, directly confront the threatening animal and retaliate if the situation becomes serious. With grizzlies, avoid eye contact and play dead if attacked. However, some prevailing rules apply. “Generally, for animals that are predators, you don’t want to act like prey,” Hofberg said. “So don’t turn your back and run away. Make yourself big, and if you’re with others, get together. In its “Stay Safe Around Bears” section, the National Park Service suggests speaking to the bear calmly, as if trying to comfort a child, and slowly waving your arms. Pack bear spray, but only use it in an emergency. The Be Bear Aware campaign offers free deterrence handling instructions. Melton reminds hikers that bear spray isn’t just a stronger version of mosquito repellent: “Don’t spray it on your tent.” To defend yourself against a moose, bison or elk, try inserting an object, such as a tree or rock, between you and the animal. For a comprehensive guide to de-escalating wildlife conflicts, see outdoor retailer REI’s “Wildlife Safety Tips.”

Show respect. It goes without saying: never feed, taunt or harass animals.

Prospective travelers should consider local and national public health guidelines regarding the pandemic before planning any travel. Information on travel health advisories can be found on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s interactive map showing travel recommendations by destination and on the CDC’s travel health advisories webpage.

]]> Wall decoration ideas for living room in India Tue, 21 Jun 2022 22:27:37 +0000

No matter where you live, you need to remember your roots. Traditional designs have the allure and essence of regional cultures that grab everyone’s attention. It is alive, diverse and stable. You will not be able to turn your house into a Haveli. So we have to be practical. However, we can incorporate Indian decorating ideas with some appeal to make it more inviting. It will be affordable and stylish. Small items like vibrant colors on the walls, wallpapers, a acrylic wall clocka gallery or rustic furniture adds depth to the room.

The walls are neglected, resulting in a room that looks dull and faded. Today we cover realistic Indian wall decor ideas that will go perfectly with your furniture. It will enhance the overall look of the house and create a personality. So, let us do some affordable DIYs:

Sparkling colors:

Bright color can change the look of the room. Even if you don’t have statement pieces in your home, the piece pops instantly if you choose the right colors. You can add beautiful landscapes or a mirror as a statement piece for glamour.

A landscape image:

Bedrooms should be relaxing. It should give you a soothing vibe when you enter after a busy schedule. For this, you can establish wallpaper decorations to calm the mood. It can be installed in the living room or the dining room.

A gallery of memories:

A dull passageway and stairwell wall can be transformed into an intriguing memory wall. It is perfect for adding beautiful family pictures in simple frames. Images from your wedding, vacation or any special occasion can be installed to share sweet memories.

Wallpapers :

Wallpapers are the most common wall decoration product. They are available in different designs, patterns, colors and textures. Regardless of the size of the house, it can be integrated into any wall. It is easy to install and remove. You can change the wallpapers according to the interior of the rooms.

A tapestry :

An unused rug or tapestry can also be an element of wall decoration. It is used to enhance the beauty of walls. It is a cheap idea to decorate your walls. Also, if you mount it with the frame, it looks polished. So if you have an old rug in your closet, it’s time to take it out.

Inspirational and motivational quotes:

Creating a statement wall is the idea behind inspirational quotes. You can stick or paint your favorite slogans to inspire everyone.

Add blackboard:

Your blank kitchen wall can be versatile with chalkboards. You can draw your favorite dishes, recipes and cooking quotes to personalize them. You can erase and redraw according to your mood and your day.

Wooden or metal frames:

Last on our list is frames. Many frames are so artistic that they don’t need any images for embellishment. It comes in different colors and shapes. Mirror frames are a popular idea for wall decorations. If your bathroom is small, this will create the illusion of a large area.

Hand painting:

What about hand-printed designs or images? For the children’s room, this is the best way to paint cartoons or animals on the walls. You can use a stencil to make it easier. It’s best to add a personal touch by involving your children.


These days, textures are really in fashion. It looks like 3D printing. It is ideal for a contemporary living room. You can get a lot of inspiration from the internet.


Mirrors mirrors on the wall, tell me who is beautiful among all? Here, the mirror is a beautiful piece that will reflect light and expand your living space.

Lights on the walls:

Going off the beaten track allows you to discover new things. Colorful artistic lamps in the living room make the room more bright and original. It highlights the house and you can skip statement pieces.

Stone wall:

It is ideal for covering stones on the wall of the dining room or living room. Usually you will notice a stone facing on the fireplace. It looks charming and gives a natural look to the space.


Why not add some greenery to your living room. Sometimes we lack space or don’t want to keep planters in the living room, but we need some greenery. A green wall saves space and fulfills your wish to have a green corner.


Displays add depth and make boring walls look fabulous. You can display books and decorative accessories for personality.

Wall stickers:

It’s a do it yourself the solution. It’s cheap and convenient. Just choose wall stickers you like and stick them on the walls. It looks decorative and adds an element.

These are just a few ideas for decorating the walls of your living room. There are hundreds of clever ideas depending on your budget. The easiest way is to navigate through storage and almirahs. Check decoration images on Google and create your own space. If you’re on a budget and don’t have time for DIY, go for professional interior decorators.

Wall decoration ideas for living room in India

‘The Great Giveback’: Fans ‘hate’ design choices Melissa and Jenna made, call it ‘ugly’ Tue, 21 Jun 2022 04:25:00 +0000

Melissa and Jenna, a duo of cousins ​​from Illinois, assist a social worker this time after a successful season premiere. However, some of the design choices of new HGTV presenters are being questioned by viewers.

Kadee and Mynor are this lovely couple who are surprised by the hosts because they thought they were signing up for a random house renovation project. Kadee, Mynor’s wife, nominated him for a house renovation. Kadee thinks her husband, who works tirelessly for at-risk youth in Hollywood, deserves it. She wants to honor and appreciate her wife with the help of Melissa and her cousin, Jenna.


‘The Great Giveback with Melissa McCarthy and Jenna Perusich’ on HGTV: Here’s how Melissa McCarthy joined the ‘SNL’ Five Timers Club

“The Great Giveback with Melissa McCarthy and Jenna Perusich”: 5 things you need to know about the HGTV show

Mynor comes from a large family of ten siblings. In the midst of this, they had to grow up in a lot of poverty. Mynor had to go from place to place as a child. His parents were both alcoholics, which resulted in him and his siblings being placed in foster care. His wife argues that he could have easily given up and thrown in the towel, leaving him aimless in life, but he didn’t. When things got tough, he didn’t give up and kept going, persevering. Kadee thinks that’s why he deserves recognition and appreciation so others can understand how hard he worked and what he overcame.

Mynor is Program Director at Oasis of Hollywood, a non-profit organization in Los Angeles, California that enjoys inspiring hope, faith, and promise to marginalized children and teens. He was one of the children who was brought up in the program and received a lot of help. They were like an anchor for his family, guiding them through the storyline. Growing up, Mynor felt a lot of rage and resentment, which led him down the wrong path for a while. He tries to live by his mother’s last words, “just trying to do good”, and that’s where his heart rests.

Their property needs a makeover as it has become a second home for the people they deal with, such as teenagers and children who feel like a family away from their real family. Both Melissa and Jenna think their apartment has a tough vibe to it, which contrasts with the couple, who are just nice and friendly. Mynor reveals his wish to own a bathtub in which he can bathe his body and relax while talking with the creative actors. The duo also admit to loving warm hues like moody green and even brass. Mynor says her favorite bedroom style is “mid-century modern.” Melissa told the couple that she would warm up the property and make it a comfortable place to land.

Jenna wanted a better closet layout for the pair and improved lighting for the space when discussing ideas for the renovation. Because the couple collects memorabilia, the hosts decide to incorporate them as well, but with something a little more unique. They also planned to give the couple a bathtub as a surprise. They summon Brandon from the construction crew to demolish the “many” showers and begin work on a brand new bathroom. The purpose was to keep the toilets. They also plan to remove the shelves to make way for a large shower and tub.

Melissa and Jenna sit down with their design team member, Nicole, in a design studio in Los Angeles, with cocktails in hand, to explore ideas for the adorable young couple. As the layout of the bathroom is unusual, they plan to demolish it and replace it with a single large powder room. They work on the tiles to achieve the mid-century look they desire, which ultimately doesn’t sit well with viewers. They took to social media to express their displeasure with the tile design. One fan wrote, “What’s that wall behind the tub? Besides ugly I mean! #TheGreatGiveback Also the floor by the toilet is bad too. WTF?”

Another fan tweeted, “Love tile but hate wall tile! Too busy. #TheGreatGiveback #livetweetcrew #onhgtv”

They also offer to build a black double sink so they can both work there. The bedroom in the craftsman’s former Hollywood home seems to be running out of storage space, so they plan to move the bed to build a system with drawers. Closet doors, with their attractive hardware, would create the impression of built-in storage. They are considering installing a bespoke credenza as there is no longer room for a traditional chest of drawers. However, the end result wasn’t well received by viewers, as one tweeted, “This DIY splashback is literal… #TheGreatGiveback #livetweetcrew #onhgtv”

They decide to add texture to the walls to make the place stand out. The cousin duo end up looking for a tub and have fun trying them out by stepping in and experiencing the real feel. Melissa also decides to sew the newlyweds a large lumbar pillow as a personal touch. She takes out the sewing machine from her school and sews the pillowcase herself. Fans are in awe of the gesture, which they recount to Melissa working on her sewing machine while wearing her Adidas. One fan tweeted: “The fact that Melissa McCarthy uses a sewing machine she got in middle school/high school while wearing Adidas makes me love her more. Don’t spoil this on me with some info, I don’t want to know. We are all problematic.”

Tune in to HGTV next Monday at 9 p.m. to watch another family’s home renovated by the celebrity team.

This article contains comments made on the Internet by individuals and organizations. MEAWW cannot independently confirm these and does not support any claims or opinions expressed online.

PALACE shares lyric video for “Fifteen Minutes” Mon, 20 Jun 2022 23:29:59 +0000

Frontiers Music Srl recently announced that the next new studio album, One 4 The Road, by Swedish melodic rockers Palace will be released on July 15th. A 4 La Route here.

Palace, the brainchild of Swedish singer and multi-instrumentalist of Lithuanian origin Michael Palace, returns with a fourth album, One 4 The Road. Once again, Michael Palace handles all of the instrumentation, writing and production for the effort, which showcases his love for the sights and sounds of the glorious 80s. One 4 The Road is an unapologetically massive AOR/melodic rock album, as you’d expect from the production of this gifted Swede under the name Palace. Palace’s sound can best be described as a carefully curated mix of all the greatest arena rock, AOR and 80s hard rock, delivered in a tight package. Unforgettable choruses, virtuoso guitars, intelligent lyricism and a real passion for retro aesthetics… Palace tickles the nerve with nostalgia, while keeping a firm foot in the present.

Michael Palace began collaborating with Frontiers as songwriter and guitarist for First Signal, which of course features legendary Harem Scarem singer Harry Hess, Cry of Dawn with Goran Edman, Kryptonite with Poodles singer Jakob Samuel and Pride Of Lions singer Toby Hitchcock. These successful (and musically delightful) collaborations led to a deal with Frontiers where Michael could deliver songs in his own vision without other musicians in mind under the Palace name. One 4 The Road is the fourth release from Michael’s solo vehicle, with which he has been releasing albums every two years since 2016.

Michael Palace is best known for his namesake project, where he is responsible for every part of the production. Michael does this, not out of necessity, but rather out of a deep love for the craft as a whole, and frequently collaborates with a large number of artists and musicians around the world. Michael Palace has honed his skills as a musician, songwriter and studio expert with several different acts over the years, including but not limited to Kent Hilli (Perfect Plan), Fans Of The Dark, The Murder Of My Sweet, Houston, Find Me (with Robbie Lablanc), First Signal (with Harry Hess), and more.

Fans of Palace’s three previous releases, Master Of The Universe, Binary Music and Rock and Roll Radio, will be delighted to hear the band’s latest entry in Michael Palace’s impressive and growing catalog.

One 4 The Road track list:

“Fifteen minutes”
“To the west”
“Too old for that”
“Money Can Kill”
“The driver”
“Time Crisis”
“Facing the Music”
“The world has gone mad”
“Live life”
“Cancel Flight”
“The Loneliest Night”

“Fifteen Minutes” Lyric Video:

“Westward” video:

Minimalist Home Decor: Is Less Really More? Mon, 20 Jun 2022 07:35:06 +0000

The eras of modernism and art over the years have passed down classic decorating trends that have given traditional and historical elements in home design and decorating.

However, post-modern times have brought about a shift towards contemporary and minimalist designs. Geometric patterns, contrasting themes, and chic furniture are important features among many that are considered to be on par with current decorating trends.

It is important to delve into the theory of “less is more” and use it strategically when designing your home.

In most contemporary projects, minimalist interior design is portrayed in the wrong light. This is why it is important to rethink the concept of minimalism when creating an ultra-modern space.

Simplified color themes

Setting up your dream space can revolve around different color combinations, however, how you use them for interior design is all that makes an impression.

The trick is to opt for a contrasting theme between a light color and a dark color, especially those that complement each other. Tones like gray go well with dark shades of black, purple, and even blue.

Once you’ve decided on the colors, it’s time to figure out the different shades and tones you can use to find furniture and decor to match.

Here it is crucial to avoid multiple colors in the same place, especially strong and dark tones that do not complement each other. Try to opt for matching themes and contrasts, for example a gray and blue theme. If you’ve added decorative elements in yellow, green, and red to a soft theme, it might look out of place.

This simple gesture can elevate your home’s decor and give it that minimalist, contemporary finish you’re looking for.

For example, there are several houses for sale in Clifton, Karachi which are perfect for people who are looking for contemporary homes with minimal decor.

Rationalization of furniture and decorative elements

The clean aesthetic plays a winning role in illustrating simplicity in your home decor. Incorporating too many seats, large pieces of furniture into small spaces, and too many picture frames – all of these can reduce the opulence of your home.

Home decor doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to be smart. The minimalism blends perfectly with all the functionality required to give your home a clean, cutting-edge feel.

You can start by cleaning extra furniture in the rooms, for example, cleaning chairs that no one sits on or a coffee table that is not in use. You can even change your furniture to a smaller size to make your room look wider and taller.

Every piece of furniture you remove or reduce will open up the space. There are plenty of furnished houses for rent in DHA Phase 8, Karachi, perfect for people who don’t want to spend on new furniture.

The art of decluttering for an elegant finish

A very important part of minimalist home decor is decluttering.

Taking a closer look at the theory of minimalism, we see how the theory emphasizes valuing the elements by using the maximum of them.

This, instead of buying and installing others, saves you from cluttering your home.

Many people confuse minimalist home decor with small items, but forget to keep a balance when keeping too many things on the mantel, on the wall, or on the table. The fewer things to display, the more elegant your home.

Why Minimalism Wins the Decorating Game

Apart from its impeccable hand in making your home look luxurious, minimalism has many additional benefits for decorating. Minimalism is not limited to homes, but is incorporated into almost every aspect of life, be it technology, fashion or cooking.

Uncluttered and clean spaces are a great energizer, contributing to brain health and happiness while decreasing stress.

Less furniture leaves more free space in the rooms and at the same time creates a good impression.

In these modern and stressful times, coming home to a neat and modern space is necessary for your mental health, no matter the size of the house.

Cluttered spaces create subconscious stress on your brain that can hinder your relaxation.

Is it less really more in interior design?

Clean, reductive, clean lines, monochromatic, simplicity and “less is more” – an ideology that is instantly linked to minimalism.

These aspects, under the general theme of minimalism, are then applied in different areas giving brilliant results. The serene aura of minimalism and the impression it makes in homes and interiors proves why it has worked for so long and is still going strong.

All luxury homes follow the minimalist interior design regime, with open, less cluttered spaces and subtle color tones. Compared to bright colors and furnishings, minimalist decor comes out on top.

Thanks to modernism and art dating back to centuries past, vintage and classic design trends have gradually morphed into more modern, minimalist choices.

This has revamped the fashion and interior design industry, resulting in more sustainable designs and interior designs that last a long time.

]]> Conserving a work of art involves careful detail work Sun, 19 Jun 2022 07:03:42 +0000

Jennifer O’Brien’s downtown apartment in Little Rock is filled with art. There are paintings, pen-and-ink works, and collages, many by Arkansas artists like Donald Roller Wilson and Byron Werner.

A life-size oil painting of a young boy hangs at the end of a hallway. The child is William O’Brien Jr., a distant relative of Jennifer. He is seated in a green semi-circular chair and looks directly at the viewer, as if we have just interrupted his reading of the open book beside him. There is no date on the work, which was painted by Louis Betts, but may date to around 1900.

The painting inspired O’Brien, a Chicago-area native, to learn more about his family’s roots. There is also a connection to Little Rock and now, after a meticulous restoration, little William is very different from what it was just a few months ago.

■ ■ ■

It’s December 27 and O’Brien’s Christmas tree stands in the living room of his bright and airy apartment. Next to this space is her studio, where she creates vibrant digital collages.

In 2009, O’Brien was working in health care administration when she moved to Little Rock to become the general manager of an orthopedic surgery practice. She hadn’t planned to stay long – two or three years, tops – but she fell in love with Dr. Robert Lehmberg, a palliative care and hospice doctor. They married in 2012 and O’Brien moved to Little Rock with him, although they kept his condo in Chicago.

In 2015, Lehmberg was diagnosed with stage four metastatic cancer and died in 2017. O’Brien related this time through notes, collages and superimposed images in her award-winning 2020 book “The Hospice Doctor’s Widow: A Journal”, which was published by Little Et Alia Press based on the rock.

After Lehmberg’s death, O’Brien decided to stay here and sold his place in Chicago. Much of the art on its walls was part of Lehmberg’s collection, she says, and some are pieces they purchased together. The portrait of young William, however, has been in the O’Brien family for generations.

She knew the painting was done by Betts, an accomplished portrait painter, but didn’t know Betts was from Arkansas. It was during a conversation with Brian J. Lang, Chief Curator and Curator of Contemporary Crafts for the Windgate Foundation at the Art Museum of Arkansas, that she learned that Betts was originally from Little Rock.

“I told him I was bringing it from Chicago and he said, ‘You know, Louis Betts was from Little Rock.’ He told me there were three paintings [by Betts] in the museum’s collection. It was really exciting to know that the painting was coming to Betts.”

Betts was born on October 5, 1873 in Little Rock. His father, Edwin, a landscape designer, was Louis’ first teacher, according to the Arkansas Encyclopedia. The “Professor Armellini” portrait, one of three in the National Gallery’s collection, was said to have been painted when Betts was just 16 in exchange for violin lessons.

The family did not stay long in Little Rock. Betts’ mother died shortly after he was born and his father married one of his sisters. According to the encyclopedia, Betts’ three siblings, who also became artists, were born in St. Louis, Chicago and New York.

Betts studied with William Merritt Chase, the influential American impressionist and teacher, at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (Chase even painted an expressive portrait of the handsome young Betts), and also studied in Europe. He became a highly regarded artist whose portraits have been placed in the United States Capitol and are part of the collections of the Historic Arkansas Museum, the Smithsonian Institution, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Corcoran Gallery in Washington and others.

He was related to the O’Brien family in Chicago, and that’s where the portrayal of William Jr. comes in.

William O’Brien Jr. is portrayed in this oil painting by Little Rock native Louis Betts. The work is undated, but it is believed to have been made around 1900. This photo was taken in December, before the painting was cleaned by Norton Arts. (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette/Cary Jenkins)
Martin O’Brien was Jennifer’s maternal great-great-grandfather. (There are O’Briens on both sides of her family tree. “I’m very, very Irish,” she says.) Martin was born around 1830 in County Galway, Ireland. He immigrated to the United States and, in 1855, opened a picture frame store in Chicago, according to the Smithsonian Institution’s online virtual archives.

“He was a bit unusual at the time because instead of ornate frames, he made relatively simple frames,” says O’Brien. “He felt the frame should complement the art, not compete with it.”

After framing artwork bought by Chicagoans in New York and Europe, he saw a business opportunity and opened his own gallery, a first in Chicago, according to the Smithsonian. It has operated under a number of names over the years, including O’Brien’s Art Emporium, O’Brien Art Galleries, O’Brien Galleries, House of O’Brien and Mr. O’Brien & Sons, and has remained at Chicago until 1941. It was closed during World War II and moved to Scottsdale, Arizona in the 1950s. (Fun fact: William Jr., grandson of Martin, took over the gallery from William Sr . and moved her to Scottsdale.)

The gallery was mentioned in the book that accompanied the 2018 exhibition “John Singer Sargent & Chicago’s Gilded Age” at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Several artists worked in residence at the Chicago gallery, O’Brien says, and Betts was the best known and most accomplished.

“There are Betts paintings all over Chicago,” she says. “I think my great-great-grandfather and Betts did a really good job making these portraits, artistically documenting the history of the town, and making money in the process.”

Betts, who was living in Bronxville, NY, when he died on August 13, 1961, made four portraits of members of the O’Brien family. Besides William Jr., he painted Martin, Florence Honoria O’Brien, and William Sr. Jennifer inherited William Jr.’s painting from his grandmother, Mary Jane “Babe” Rich.

“I guess he’s 4 or 5, maybe 6,” she said, standing in front of the painting. “He has blonde hair and blue eyes, which is definitely a different branch of the family. That’s what my grandmother looked like. … I see the people I come from, the generations I come from. I lost many of my family members at a relatively young age, and I see my loved ones still with me – those I lost recently and those before me.”

When Lang came to see the painting, he suggested O’Brien have it cleaned. She enlisted Norton Arts, the Little Rock-based art restorers, to restore the painting to its original luster.

Photo Liz Norton, owner of Norton Fine Arts in Little Rock, speaks as Ravie Derge carefully removes decades-old varnish from a Louis Betts painting, owned by Jennifer O’Brien, in the business in April. (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette/Cary Jenkins)
On a beautiful morning in early April, the painting is on a table at Norton Arts in the historic Mills-Davis house, a few blocks from its place on O’Brien’s wall. Ravie Derge, conservator at Norton Arts, uses a cotton swab to carefully remove the decades-old varnish, originally applied to protect the paint, from the surface of the work.

“It was a really well maintained room,” she says.

The difference between the areas she worked on and those where the polish remains is dramatic. Young William’s cheeks are rosy and shiny now that they’ve been freed from the amber-tinted coating. The paint under the varnish looks as it might have looked the day Betts dipped his brush in it and placed it on the canvas.

“The varnish was actually applied very well and very thick, so the paint underneath was kept in pristine condition,” says Derge. “If they hadn’t properly varnished this painting, over time you would see smudges and discoloration of the paint.”

Had it not been preserved, the varnish would eventually have faded, leaving the pigments underneath unprotected.

This is not a job for the impatient.

“It’s a slow process,” says company owner Liz Norton. “It’s a constant observation of what you’re doing. If you see something wrong, you have to stop and reevaluate. You can’t go there without thinking.”

There was a small chip on William’s forehead – a gap, in the parlance of the restorer – which Derge says she will repair by carefully matching the paint and using as little as possible.

Norton Arts’ work is also done with future restorers in mind.

“Everything we do should be reversible. It’s an American Institute for Conservation standard,” Norton says. “That’s command number one.”

Derge will eventually re-varnish the painting and it will be ready to go back on the wall.

Well, after a trip to the Cantrell gallery for a new frame. His old “really shitty” frame certainly didn’t come from his great-great-grandfather’s frame shop, O’Brien says.

Photo The colors of William O’Brien Jr.’s face become more vibrant as Norton Fine Arts’ Ravie Derge removes varnish from the canvas. (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette/Cary Jenkins)
Conserving a work of art – having it cleaned and repaired – brings it back to life and allows the owner to see it as it was when it was new.

“You lived with [a painting] for so long that you don’t understand what you don’t see,” says Norton. “Once that polish is removed, a lot of detail usually comes out that you didn’t even know was there.

Jennifer Carman – owner of J. Carman Inc., a fine art consulting and appraisal service in Little Rock – says she “never had a [client] do a conservation treatment and say at the end that it was not worth it.”

“As soon as they see it, they see it again,” adds Carman. “They fall in love with this object in a whole new way because they didn’t know what was under that dark veneer.”

O’Brien got his painting back, all cleaned up and cropped, at the end of May. It hangs in its familiar spot at the end of its hallway.

“It’s really like having a new painting,” she says. “It’s more of a revival, though. I had taken it a bit for granted. I always thought it was beautiful, but re-acquainting myself with the story and then having the chance to have it restored, it’s reconnecting with my family history.

“There’s a kind of completeness to what I do now, both artistically and with end-of-life and legacy work. Martin O’Brien and Louis Betts, that was a legacy and that’s much of it.”

Royal Ascot RECAP results and photos today as Naval Crown win Platinum Jubilee Sat, 18 Jun 2022 17:24:00 +0000

Ryan Moore on his Friday runners

Ryan Moore’s only win so far on Friday was over Broome in the Hardwicke Stakes (Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images)

Moore appears to have finished the race for first jockey and with three runners left today he spoke to Betfair about his chances for the rest of the day’s race.

17:00 – Rohan

I’ve won over him several times and he comes here with a high mark if he gets back to his best. He ran under par at York on his return, but it was a strange race to run, and I would be inclined to ignore it. He’s 3 pounds lighter than when he won this race last season and he handles fast ground, so there’s a lot to like about his luck.

17:35 – Sun King

We thought he would run a little better last time, but at least he lost 3 pounds for it, and I think he’s handicapped to be okay if he gets back to his first form. The first time language link is also enabled.

18:10 – Motsworth

If the rain comes and Trueshan runs here, then we’re all in trouble I guess, but Wordsworth still has a lot going for him. He finished second in the Queen’s Vase here last season, is versatile on the ground and comes here after running very well on shorter runs. I think the increased endurance test will improve it too.

Thank you dad! – County Pulse Gate Fri, 17 Jun 2022 15:23:37 +0000

Celebrate dad with gifts and local experiences

Father’s Day is this Sunday, and if you’re still trying to figure out what to get the guy who has everything, the answer might be closer than you think.

Many distinctive gifts are available from small businesses on the peninsula. From humorous trinkets to practical tokens of affection to unforgettable experiences, you can find the perfect gift to honor the dad or dad figure in your life.

For the Snacker

Unwinding to unwind is best accompanied by snacks. Pick up a personalized charcuterie board at Renard’s Cheese, 2189 Cty DK in Sturgeon Bay, which features an array of artisan cheeses, sliced ​​meats, nuts, fruits, crackers and other artisan bites. Renard’s new deli cones – where flavor meets convenience – add an inventive and practical touch for the dad on the go.

If you want to take a DIY approach to this gift idea, put together an Ultimate Snack Gift Basket with produce from Fish Creek Market, 4164 Main St., where you can select dad’s favorites from a wide assortment of food staples. crafts and a vast selection. local wines and craft beers.

For the dad with a sweet tooth

Like adult snacks and beverages, candies and other sweets are another surefire way to show your appreciation. Pecan Bear Claw Turtles at Door County Candy, 12 N. 3rd Ave. at Sturgeon Bay—as well as the rest of its wide assortment of fudge, caramels, and saltwater taffy—are great options.

For those who prefer a buttery, flaky dessert, Sweetie Pies, 9106 Hwy 42 in Fish Creek, offers dozens of flavors. Choose from Packer Pie, Chocolate Chess or Blackberry Crumble and more, plus gluten-free options.

Add a little saltiness to the sweetness with pistachio brittle from Uncle Tom’s Candy Store, 703 Europe Bay Road in Ellison Bay. Made from pasteurized cream, shelled pistachios and sea salt, the treat offers the perfect crunch.

For the adventurer

See the sights and be entertained by the stories on one of Door County Trolley’s narrated scenic tours, or hit the water on an eco-tour of the estuary through Door County Kayak Tours. For history buffs, Door County Adventure Rafting offers the Death’s Door Tour. Get a close view of the Plum Island marker lights, Pilot Island Lighthouse, Grapeshot shipwreck and native american pictographs.

Out of the water, Dad can hike in one of five state parks or the many Door County Land Trust trails, or he can enjoy a docent-guided hike at The Ridges Sanctuary, 8166 Hwy 57 in Baileys Harbor, or Crossroads in Big Creek, 2041 Michigan St. in Sturgeon Bay.

For the landscaper

Find all kinds of garden decorations such as wind chimes, hanging baskets and outdoor wringers at local garden centers. For the dad with a green thumb, you’ll find a variety of bulbs, seeds and plants from Sunnypoint Gardens, 6939 Hwy 42 in Egg Harbor, or Jerry’s Flowers, 2468 S. Bay Shore Dr. in Sister Bay. For bird enthusiasts, check out handmade birdhouses, feeders and seed bells at Havegärd Farm Bird Feed Outlet, 6757 Hwy 42 in Sturgeon Bay.

For the drinker

Door County has no shortage of options for coffee connoisseurs. From freshly roasted coffee to mugs and thermoses to gift cards, you’ll have no problem keeping dad caffeinated with unusual finds from the county’s independent coffeehouses.

For the tech-savvy dad, check out the Rover Cooler from Drink Wisconsinbly Gift Shop, 7784 Egg Harbor Road in Egg Harbor. The remote-controlled three-speed cooler holds 30 liters and features Bluetooth-enabled speakers and a 10-amp rechargeable battery.

For the foodie

Impress any kitchen lover with an end grain cutting board from Cutting Boards & More, 368 Jefferson St. in Sturgeon Bay. This beautifully handcrafted kitchen prep accessory is available in Ash, Cherry, Maple and Walnut finishes.

The 6-pack of balsamic and oil from Fat Louie’s Olive Oil Company, 7812 Hwy 42 in Egg Harbor, can add a splash of flavor to any dish. Create a custom pack with varieties such as Fig Balsamic, Chili Balsamic, Tuscan Herb Olive Oil, and Parmesan Pesto Olive Oil.

For a more hands-on experience, surprise Dad with a private cooking class with Door County Underground and complete the experience with an exploration of local wild crafts or a wine pairing.

For the creative

Stroll through the beautiful outdoor sculpture garden at Edgewood Orchard Galleries, 4140 Peninsula Players Road in Fish Creek. The gallery hosts performances and exhibitions that feature works by more than 150 artists.

To enjoy a family art project together, head to Hands On Art Studio, 3655 Peninsula Players Road in Fish Creek, to create your own unique pieces including ceramics, metalwork and fused glass.

For the tough

Sometimes finding the right gift can be difficult. In that case, gift cards to dad’s favorite store, restaurant, or experience may be the one option that makes everyone happy. Gift cards may seem impersonal, but not only do they provide choice and flexibility, they also support the local economy.

The best gifts to spoil your super dads Fri, 17 Jun 2022 07:43:55 +0000

Father’s Day is fast approaching! Surely you should think of something that will put a smile on your old man’s face. Whether simple or grand, the thought of celebrating with the important men in your life will mean the world to them. Surprise your daddy, daddy, daddy, tatayWhere it’s true this Father’s Day and give him the best gift that will blow his socks off with these clever gift ideas from Wilcon Depot:

Power tools

No one appreciates tools as gifts more than men. They find satisfaction in repairing and building home projects using the tools they own. Complete your grandpa’s or dad’s tool collection with these high-quality power tools from Hills. These tools cut work time in half, offer quality precision and efficiency, and guarantee better safety thanks to their modern features and ergonomic handles for a better grip.

Tool storage and organizers

Regardless of age, profession or hobby, tools are one of a man’s best friends. They like to collect essential tools that can be used to repair the house, appliances or even the car. Give them something to keep their tools organized with Truper tool boxes. These are available in different sizes and are constructed with compartments and dividers to be more efficient to use. Of course, convenient storage is also a must to keep things in one place. Ezweep carries a foldable cart and wheels with built-in handles for convenient storage and portability.


If your dad loves backyard barbecues more than anyone at home, get the right grill for him. sun crust offers a variety of gas and charcoal burners ranging from 3 to 6 burners that will allow it to cook simultaneously. He can also enjoy his premium grill outdoors hassle-free since it comes with storage and wheels for easy transportation.

Office chairs

Apart from being a builder dad, men also love having their own office or private space. This allows them to relax and take time for themselves. Give your busy dad a nice comfortable office chair from Heim. These chairs are designed with ergonomic shapes to adapt perfectly to the backrest.

Office tables

Office tables are another perfect gift for busy, working dads. It is a practical piece of furniture that can be greatly used in daily life. Find the perfect office table with built-in cabinets from Heim. These are designed with a sleek wood finish that can suit the visual of one’s home office.

Wall decorations

Wall hangings are one of the most universal gifts that anyone can truly appreciate, even your strong, manly fathers! Bring your dad’s personal space to life with Heim sets. You can opt for stylish clocks, chic paintings, murals and much more!


These shelves of Heim can help keep your dad’s workspace clutter-free and organized. He can also use it to display some of his favorite books or prized collections and let him enjoy his space even more.

Shower with heater

Give your busy dad the relaxation he deserves with Ariston water heater with integrated shower head. This will provide him with the warm, soothing shower he needs after a long, tiring day at work.

portable air purifier

If your dad travels a lot, this gift is made for him! This portable air purifier will help keep their personal space fresh and clean. This air purifier emits negative ions which can protect it from airborne viruses, pollutants and bacteria.

coffee makers

Coffee is always a must, especially if your dad is going to have a busy day. Serve him freshly brewed coffee from a portable coffee maker. This pressure device is sure to give her a good head start in the morning while allowing her to get to work on time!


If there’s one thing every dad wants, no matter the day or time, it’s a nice, comfy couch where he can sit back, relax, and even watch his favorite TV shows. Find the perfect sofa for your father among Nobizzi. They offer a wide variety of sofas in different sizes, designs, and comfort levels, perfect for your dad’s downtime.

Automotive accessorys and car care

When it comes to styling and maintaining the car, dads are definitely a trustworthy person. They know from the most basic information like the right cleaning cloths to the more technical ones like keeping cars looking good and in good condition. Give your dad some premium handy tools and cleaners from Elite Car Care. They offer a great selection of automotive accessories and tools, ideal for the car maintenance it deserves.

Celebrate Father’s Day with your awesome dads and get the perfect gift for him, exclusively at Wilcon Depot.

Wilcon E-GC

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