Famous tattoo artist Aakash Chandani on building India’s largest studio, “It’s a dream come true”

Akash Chandani is a young but brilliant creative personality who is taking the tattoo world by storm with his brilliance. The Bhopal-based tattoo artist has been in the industry since 2012 and has created waves nationwide for the shocking realism of his sophisticated tattoos.

Aakash has two large studios in Bhopal and he recently caused a stir by building India’s largest studio with an area of ​​over 3800 square feet. It is a 4 story studio and Aakash feels super excited to have it. “It’s a dream come true,” he says. The tattoo artist has been on the market for 10 years and he has seen it evolve. Talking about how everything has changed, Aakash says that while there were 100 artists back then, there are now over 25,000. He adds that people understand custom tattoos, tattoos of good quality and hygiene nowadays.

Aakash says he has learned a lot about tattoo art in his career so far. Talking about his experience and the way he treats clients, Aakash says he learned a lot of good and bad things about his job and always strived to learn new tattoo styles. Being a client-centric artist, Aakash always listens to his clients, understands their requirements, and then does the design part based on their ideas.

Going back to when he started his career, Aakash Chandani recalls, “I always loved drawing things/sketches, live drawing and crafts. It was in me from birth, so a day I was doing a temporary tattoo with a marker on my friend and they liked it a lot. They suggested to continue this work in a professional way. I did the formal training for 3-4 days and then practiced on my own skin.

Aakash shares details of his first job and says it was for a client named Heeru. “I remember that time when I didn’t have a laptop or a printer, so I did it freehand on her skin,” he says.

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