Expert Tips For Capturing An Engagement Photoshoot In Winter Wonderland Commitment

Photo by Erica Robnett Photography

There are snow a lot to love at a winter wedding or engagement photoshoot – the blistering snow, the whirlwind of fun (friendly snowball fight, anyone?) and the ability to bundle up with your boo . Whatever your reason for hoping for a winter wonderland photoshoot, St. Louis photographers are happy to share tips and tricks for a successful photoshoot.

“Winter sessions can be very unique and stand out from the hot weather sessions that most people opt for,” says Erica Robnett, owner and photographer of Erica Robnett Photography. “You’ll also usually have locations to yourself and you won’t have to wait and work with other people trying to use the space as well. Plus, winter photos can capture an atmosphere. pleasant, with the possibility of snow or mist or soft light.

This unpredictability is the reason Robnett recommends wearing diapers.

“Dress in warm layers with base layers / long underwear under regular clothing,” adds Robnett. “Toe warmers and hand warmers are great for keeping extremities warm. Warm hats, gloves, scarves, and cute blankets can be a fun and functional addition to couple sessions. For brides on their wedding day, stoles and scarves are a nice option to stay warm.

Are you wondering what can be the best way to schedule such a session? According to Adara Reeves, owner and photographer of Adara Jade Photography, it can be tricky with unpredictable weather in St. Louis, but it is possible.

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