Emily and Beau Bridges to be honored at the Burbank International Film Festival

Beau and Emily Bridges

BIFF President’s Innovation Award

BIFF to present President’s Innovation Award at Docudrama, “Acting: The First Six Lessons” with Emily and Beau Bridges, in his directorial debut

BURBANK, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – The Burbank International Film Festival (BIFF) today announced that it will present the President’s Award for Innovation to the film “Acting: The First Six Lessons “directed by Emily Bridges during her directorial debut.

The film is co-written and performed by Emily and her father Beau Bridges. “Acting: The First Six Lessons” brings Richard Boleslavsky’s 1933 novel to the screen as a unique hybrid of documentary storytelling and storytelling and offers an intimate glimpse into the life and profession of a multigenerational acting family.

Together, Beau (The Teacher) and Emily (The Student) explore acting and evolve in their understanding and appreciation of life itself. The story unfolds in six lessons over the course of their relationship, interspersed with interviews from three generations of The Bridges Family. Boleslavsky’s book on the theater was passed on by the Bridges family of famous actor Lloyd Bridges to his children Jeff and Beau and shared with Beau’s children, Emily and Jordan.

“It is such an honor to accept the President’s Innovation Award at the Burbank International Film Festival this year. Actor: The first six lessons were a labor of love, and I can’t wait to share Boleslavsky’s lessons and an intimate glimpse into how this story transformed three (four!) Generations of my family, ”said the director, Emily Bridges. “My father Lloyd gave me Boleslavsky’s book when I was 16 years old. Bringing the stage and the cinema to life with my daughter Emily has been one of the great joys of my life! Beau Bridges said.

Executive producer David Shapiro was instrumental in leading the project through his company, Semkhor Productions. The BIFF will also honor the Bridges family at the festival’s closing dinner and awards gala at the Burbank Marriott Convention Center.

This year, the Burbank International Film will return to Burbank AMC 16 Theaters for live screenings and events, September 9-12, 2021. Festival Director and President Jeff Rector said, “We are delighted to be returning to the events. live and keep everyone coming back. in theaters and other festival venues as we celebrate our 13th anniversary in the “Media Capital of the World”.

Although last year’s festival was held virtually, BIFF created an exciting digital experience, replacing the gala dinner and awards show with an event produced in a state-of-the-art green screen studio. Highlights included a variety of celebrity presenters and festival acceptance speeches recorded by filmmakers from around the world. The 2020 Burbank International Film Festival Awards Show is currently in consideration for 7 Daytime Emmy® Rewards including ‘Outstanding Day Special Event’.

The BIFF offers submissions and awards in over 25 categories including Sci-Fi / Horror, Drama, Comedy, Women’s Movies, Student Movies, Documentaries, Religious Movies, Songwriting movies, animation, foreign films, LGBTQ, screenplays and home movies. May 31st is the deadline for festival registrations. https://filmfreeway.com/BurbankInternationalFilmFestival

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