Elden Ring’s living pots become adorable 3D printed plant holders

In a more unique take on traditional fan art, an Elden Ring player has turned the game’s living jars into highly detailed working planters.

A talented Ring of Elden fan has managed to create a set of planters based on the many living jars in the game. FromSoftware’s latest version has already become a favorite among gamers, and many are considering Ring of Elden to be better than dark souls, the studio’s most popular franchise. As such, the game has garnered a large following, with much of its iconography instantly recognizable.

Ring of EldenLiving Jars are part of this larger group of distinct icons. As one of the enemy types in the game, they can be found in multiple locations in The Lands Between. These creatures can be large or small, but they tend to hide in the shadows waiting to attack the player. Luckily, these enemies aren’t usually too difficult to defeat and drop valuable crafting materials. There’s even a friendly living jar by the name of Alexander, who is one of Ring of Eldenare a few non-aggressive NPCs. Due to their prevalence in the game, these living pots have become ingrained in the minds of many Ring of Elden Fans.


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A Ring of Elden player passing by Reddit handle finch_worm took this Living Jar affection to the next level by 3D printing a pair of planters taking after iconic NPCs. In the Reddit post, finch_worm states that they forgot to print lids when making these models, which inspired them to turn them into planters. The images provided show that these figures are currently working as planters, as they appear to house some sort of succulent.

Living Potted Planter Elden Ring Reddit Post

See the full post on Reddit here.

The coins are undeniably accurate and sure to earn the respect of many Ring of Elden players. Ring of Elden NPCs tend to be bosses, menacing enemies, or creepy transients, but presenting the living pots in this way makes them look almost cute and harmless rather than antagonistic. The decision to turn the Living Jars into planters is also very interesting, as it adds an obvious, albeit unintended, function to these monsters. The creation of finch_worm may even cause some players to rethink how they view Living Jars in-game.

Ring of Elden is still a fairly young game, not even being released a full month ago, so it doesn’t have the same amount of fan art as other long-running classics or franchises. Previous FromSoftware releases have certainly seen their fair share of player-created tributes, so it’s likely that critical acclaim Ring of Elden will follow this trend. Maybe these Living Jar creations will inspire others Ring of Elden fans to create their own ingenious creations.

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Source: finch_worm/Reddit

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