Edible marijuana options for vegans, both DIY or at the dispensary


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Vegans are used to asking questions and reading ingredient lists, and now they have to do that at the pottery store, too. Most marijuana dispensaries keep their products behind the counter, and it’s not as if cannabis brands are regulated by the. Food and drug administration, anyway. Still, some edible manufacturers have made a commitment to offering vegan products, and you can still make them yourself at home.

Here are eight vegan options to keep your edible game strong without compromising any value:


While most gummy candies use gelatin (you don’t want to know how it’s made, just know that it comes from animals), there are brands that offer vegan options. One of Colorado’s most popular cannabis gummy candy producers, Wana brands, only makes vegan jelly treats. Highly edible, a division of Cannapunch, also supplies vegan gummy candies to jar stores across Colorado, just like Signature of the coda, which makes a line of vegan fruit gummies.

Making your own candy isn’t as difficult as it sounds, and can be done with relative ease if you live near a dispensary. Simply buy THC distillate or CBD isolate (purified forms of cannabinoids) and replace the gelatin powder with an equal amount of agar powder.


Most hard candy tends to be vegan, as it’s basically a boiled mixture of sugar and water. However, some flavors, especially creamier ones, may contain animal products. Colorado’s Loudest Vegan Lollipop Brand Currently Comes From Culture of canyons, which makes a variety of delicious flavors, including caramel apple.

Mints and pies

While they appear to be quite similar to lollipops, mints and pies typically contain gelatin and other animal products like shellac, carmine, and beeswax. Corn Incredibles, one of Colorado’s biggest edible brands, makes vegan mints and fruit pies, according to the company. Canyon Cultivation’s “Suck It” Fruit Pies are also vegan.

Phyx infused seltzer is available in THC and CBD varieties.DEVELOP

Phyx infused seltzer is available in THC and CBD varieties.

Courtesy of Spherex


Cannabis coffee is both doable at home and available at dispensaries, but if you don’t like the taste of weed-infused vegetable or coconut oil in your coffee, you might want to try the retail version. Hemp-infused coffee is widely available online and in coffee shops, but dispensaries in Colorado also offer Canyon Cultivation’s THC-infused herbal teas (note a trend here, vegans) and Tea with tea, an all-vegan edibles brand that makes brewed coffee, teas, hot chocolate, hot cider, and even lumps of sugar.

seltzer water

Sure, cannabis infused seltzer water is vegan, but who makes it? Several brands in fact. Phyx, keef and Oh hi all of them produce seltzer flavored with 10 milligrams of THC, Oh Hi recently released a new version of 100 milligrams for those of us with higher tolerances. You can also find CBD seltzers pretty much everywhere – even Coors just entered the field – including online.


Made with alcohol or vegetable glycerin, tinctures are just one form of cannabis concentrate consumed orally. Tinctures are usually administered under the tongue for faster entry into the bloodstream, but you can also add tinctures to foods and drinks without fear of mixing with animal products. THC and CBD tinctures are sold in dispensaries, and anyone with patience and enough herbs can do theirs.

Dark chocolate

Obviously, milk chocolate is off-limits to vegans, but dark chocolate, while not always vegan, offers a much better chance of chocolatey edible happiness. Dixie ElixirsThe vegan dark chocolate bar is probably the easiest to find in Colorado dispensaries, but there are a few more, including Northern Standard‘s. BlueKudu, also a popular edibles manufacturer in Colorado, makes a dark chocolate mint bar and dark chocolate covered coffee beans, both of which are vegan.

Coconut oil

The cannabutter of OG edible herbal teas for vegans, THC infused coconut oil is very easy to do at home, and probably the most profitable (just like weed-infused vegetable and olive oils), but you can find cannabis-infused coconut oil for sale in some dispensaries, although it’s not the most easy to find. Alchemy Food Co. is probably the best bet right now, with coconut oil available at jar stores across the state. And if you’re too lazy to cook, Alchemy also has a small line of THC-infused vegan baked goods.

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