Edgerunners Might Be Studio Trigger’s Best Anime So Far

Studio Trigger is perhaps one of the best known animation studios to date. The studio has earned a solid reputation for its energetic and dynamic animation and visual design. Its shows are easily identifiable by these characteristics, but also by their unique and exciting characters, stories, and actions. With memorable hits like kill her kill her and Little with academiatheir first feature film Promare and their work on Star Wars: Visionsit’s no wonder that Cyberpunk: Edge Runners managed to garner just as much praise, and maybe even more.

Let newcomers to the salon know first-hand the Cyberpunk 2077 game or not, there’s still plenty to keep them hooked. Studio Trigger is known for creating some of the splashiest anime out there, but could Cyberpunk: Edge Runners be his best show to date?

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True to form, Cyberpunk: Edge Runners features the dynamic colors and animation that distinguish many Trigger series. These aspects help firmly ground the anime in the neo-noir sci-fi world of gaming, matching the aesthetic while maintaining the same flair that has defined the studio. The high-octane action that accompanies the edgerunner lifestyle is only aided by the smooth animation and visual effects, and it all helps flesh out Night City and create a uniquely immersive entry into the hardware. anime source. Cyberpunk: Edge Runners enhances the already meticulous world-building skills seen in other Studio Trigger productions to create an anime that manages to seamlessly fit into the game world, while standing out on its own.

Apart from its stunning visuals, the series also stands out for its unique score by Akira Yamaoka, best known for his composition work for the silent Hill franchise of games and feature films. A good score can create a unified experience between story and animation, and the series’ music–insert included songs–creates a distinctly Cyberpunk 2077.

Another standout talent that easily contributes to the quality of this anime is its director, Hiroyuki Imaishi. His directing style is marked by an unmistakable punch that effortlessly drives the frenetic choreography and animation that define some of his iconic works, such as gurren lagann, Panties and stockings with garter belt, kill her kill her and Promare. Cyberpunk: Edge Runners embodies the best qualities of Studio Trigger’s repertoire in its 10-episode series, while perfectly balancing its storytelling elements to create a successful singular experience. However, does any of the studio’s previous projects come close to matching Cyberpunk: Edge Runners ‘call and praise?

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Some of the most iconic works to come out of the studio are certainly those that feature Imaishi’s unique direction. His directorial work on Gainax gurren lagann won him an award at the 12th Animation Kobe Festival, and his skills have continued to evolve into future works like Studio Trigger’s first original anime, kill her kill her. As the studio launched the Little Witch Academy short film in 2013, kill her kill her helped put it on the map with its unique premise, charming absurdity, and fast-paced action.

However, the studio’s first feature film, Promare — also made by Imaishi — is perhaps the closest level to Cyberpunk: Edge Runners. Up to this point, Promare could be seen as a solid culmination of the visual and technical qualities the studio had become known for. The dazzling thrill ride even earned a nomination for Best Animated Feature in the Independent category at the 2020 Annie Awards.

Whether it’s an original work or not, Trigger brings an inimitable flair to everything the studio creates, making its titles instantly identifiable and unforgettable. With every anime project Trigger releases, it continues to perfect its craft, creating a remarkable reputation for excitement, quality, and visual spectacle. The studio’s latest installment is no exception, and Cyberpunk: Edge Runners surely represents the tightest execution of the Studio Trigger formula so far.

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