Eclipse Exploring the Unknown Regions is a double-edged sword

The revelation of star wars eclipse excited fans everywhere as it promised an engaging, choice-based title in a franchise so dear to many. Developed by Quantic Dream, the mind behind the likes of Fahrenheit, Heavy rainand Detroit: Become Humanthe project is the studio’s first since EA’s exclusive on star wars ended. Branching stories are something the Paris-based company has become known for, as its releases have always provided players with choices – big and small – that can affect the outcome of the story. The game promises new characters and unique environments to explore. The latter is something worth further consideration because star wars is already densely packed with impressive locations.


From the Dagobah system to the bustling settlements of Coruscant, the Disney-owned franchise boasts a litany of iconic locations, and while star wars eclipse may visit some, it also has the potential to venture further into the unknown than the franchise has done before. This gives the project infinite potential for expansion star wars‘ horizons to create a memorable story, but could also significantly tone down the atmosphere of the world in which it is set. Exploring new locations could rob the game of its identity, and extending the license is something a new developer perhaps shouldn’t do so soon.

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The unknown regions are shrouded in mystery

Appearance of Jedi Master Yoda in Star Wars Eclipse

There are many places explored in star wars, but a setting as vast as space was always going to have a limit on how far the series could go. While it may be a geographic restriction, places with so much mystery often do well to make a fictional world more appealing. Having a huge, unexplored place in lore can do wonders for range, considering even the most remote locations, but seeing and experiencing them is a slippery slope that, if mishandled, can go horribly wrong. star wars eclipse might find success heading into the Unknown Regions, but in doing so he straddles a difficult line that could do more harm than good.

Providing clarity to a previously unknown area would also come at the cost of more familiar places not getting the attention they need. Kashyyyk, for example, is fascinating, but largely unknown to casual IP fans. The Wookies house has been featured in a handful of games, but with the genre shift it could see a whole new audience. star wars eclipse could do well to give more clarity to places that are still ripe for more stories to be told in their atmosphere.

Star Wars is a galaxy of endless possibilities

star wars jedi fallen order planets

star wars is bigger than ever in 2022, which means many new projects are being created to give every corner of the galaxy, far and wide, the chance to shine. star wars eclipse can fit well with franchise events, being a new format for star wars but serving to bring more personality to the decor in the same way as Andor and The Mandalorian have been. With the ever growing list of star wars projects, exploring the Unknown Regions could be a great way for Quantic Dream’s next game to instantly feel like it belongs in the movies, shows, and games that came before it.

star wars eclipse has the makings of something memorable, and bringing a new story, characters, and locations to such dedicated fans is a valiant task to undertake. There’s a chance it will fall at the first hurdle, but it could pull off with flying colors. and exploring the unknown Regions could be the catalyst for either outcome. Whether star wars eclipse can learn everything from his rival star trek franchise is that going boldly where no man has gone before can bring huge upsides to go with the big downsides.

star wars eclipse is currently in early development.

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