Eclipse could take quantum dreaming to the next level

Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, countless classic adventures took place that delighted audiences of all ages. Theater Star wars saga to the expanded universe in comics and TV shows and even video games, Star wars has entertained generations since it first appeared in 1977. Star Wars: Eclipse is the last in a list of upcoming Star wars multimedia projects, officially unveiled during the Game Awards 2021 showcase last night.


The trailer featured an epic scale, showing off multiple planets, species, and elements of the Star wars universe. The tone of the trailer was dark, teasing a potentially more mature adventure in this universe. This seems particularly fitting since the project is being developed by Quantic Dream, the same studio behind many interactive dramas like Heavy rain and Detroit: become human, stories that had many complex themes. While well received, these titles were more specialized in popularity than other PlayStation exclusives. Now working on an established property with Star Wars: Eclipse, Quantic Dream has a chance to really be in the spotlight.

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An emphasis on character

Heavy rain

While some have argued that writing Quantic Dream hasn’t always been the most accessible, there’s no denying that its projects all focus on character-driven storylines. Heavy rain made waves in 2010 for its ambitious reach, telling a story that revolves around four main protagonists, with plot threads that connect and have lasting consequences for the remainder of the journey. This trend continued in both Beyond two souls and Detroit: become human. Quantic Dream has always put its characters at the forefront of the plot, letting their actions and emotions drive the action forward.

It’s a refreshing take on so many other tales in video game medium where the characters are mostly empty containers the player can place themselves in. There is, of course, nothing wrong with that, but for a story to truly resonate there needs to be some depth required for audiences to find something to connect with and hang onto. Based on the Game Awards trailer, Star Wars: Eclipse looks like it will have a much darker tone than recent games set in the universe, such as Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. If this is really the approach taken, Quantic Dream has a proven track record of figuring out how to hold that tone and carefully pace the characters’ moments to support a more mature storyline.

The binary sunset on Tattooine in Star Wars

Star wars itself, is easily among the most popular and successful franchises in pop culture history. Whether it’s die-hard fans who are obsessed with every last bit of lore, or more casual fans who just saw the last movie, Star wars has a reach and accessibility that few other series can match. This represents a huge opportunity and a huge responsibility for Quantic Dream to deliver, because now there are more eyes than ever on their studio to deliver a top quality product.

As mentioned, past titles like Heavy rain certainly did well all things considered, but it was not a blockbuster hit like Unexplored Where God of the war. This is not a negative commentary on the games themselves, but the topic was more restricted to particular interests, such as film noir or psychological thrillers. Star wars has drawn on multiple genres and interests over the years, from action to romance, comedy and even horror, so it can be bent and shaped in a number of ways to reach an even wider audience. . In addition, the name Star wars is recognized around the world, so the brand alone will grab someone’s attention.

Quantic Dream has been celebrated for its efforts in the past, but now with Star Wars: Eclipse, he has a chance to really make it big. Having all of that attention, plus the added pressure to now deliver a respected brand, could be the perfect storm to create resounding success for the business. In some ways, this sounds like the same position Insomniac found himself in just a few years ago with Marvel’s Spider-Man. The studio had many beloved games until that point, with Resistance and Ratchet and Clank, but nothing that really took the entire industry by storm. Taking on arguably the most popular Marvel superhero, Spider-Man, the team suddenly found themselves emerging as one of the biggest developers in the business.

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Star Wars: Eclipse – An Opportunity for Something Unique


That being said, it still begs the question of what shape Star Wars: Eclipse will eventually take. Based on the studio’s previous titles, it’s safe to assume that an interactive, narrative adventure game is the path that will be taken here. It will be a good alternative to more action-based headlines like the ones mentioned above. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Star Wars: Squadrons.

Additionally, the trailer may provide more information than it looks, although it does not contain any actual gameplay footage. The mood of the trailer is dark, brooding, and has a palpable layer of terror underneath. It’s also worth noting the variety of locations and characters featured, ranging from elements of the classic trilogy to prequels and everything in between. It shows an understanding and a concern to explore the vast expanses of every corner of the Star wars galaxy, and I hope Quantic Dream has the right story in mind for such a grand scale journey.

Star Wars: Eclipse is currently in development.

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