Dreaming of Wine Tastings and Brampton Wine Studio

Cape Town has a pretty huge wine culture. It’s probably comparable to the way Americans view their football games. Yes, Capetonians love their wine. And if that’s the perfect analogy, then Stellenbosch has to be Cape Town’s (wine) mascot.

While we can’t make it to our favorite haunt for a drink or two thanks to the Level 4 Covid restrictions, we do dream of our favorite places to visit once the alcohol restrictions are lifted.

At the top of our list – Brampton Wine Studio.

Nestled along Stellenbosch’s bustling Church Street, Brampton is a not-so-hidden gem that guarantees you a lekker time to sip wine and munch on their out of this world flatbreads – the holy grail of all flatbread.

A day spent wine tasting at a renowned wine farm sounds idyllic, but if you’re looking for a laid-back vibe that makes you feel like you’re relaxing at your music-loving friend’s house, then this wine studio is the place to be.


Outdoor seating is available for Stellenbosch’s beautifully hot summers, but if you’re looking to escape the cold and warm up inside, then grabbing a glass of red wine in their vibrantly decorated space is perfect. Music is a theme prevalent throughout the space, with cool quotes and lyrics from artists like Pink Floyd splashed across the wall.

“Wine and dinner, it sounds like a dream,” it is written on a wall. Thank you, Pink Floyd – the wine and the dining room was a dream!

Wine and dinner

Brampton has a range of premium wines for you to sample, with two options to choose from on their menu. There’s the classic wine tasting for those days when you’re feeling brave and looking to taste seven delicious glasses of wine. Or opt for their premium tasting, which gives you the chance to sip their finest wines, including Roxton, their Brampton Brut Rosé MCC and the latest, Roxton Black.

All amazing mixes that pair well with their creative and fun tarot cards! These brightly colored cards are filled with fun anecdotes and tips on how to enjoy your wine. For example, did you know that the wreck of the Titanic is home to the oldest wine cellar in the world? Well, neither do we.

But no wine tasting is complete with a signature dish, and Brampton has (in my opinion) the best flatbread on this side of Cape Town. Choose between uneasy chicken and feta flatbread (Elvis) or juicy sirloin and caramelized avocado onions (Lennon). Wraps, fresh salads and craft beers are also featured on this simple but classic menu.

Delicious, fun and friendly. Brampton Wine Studio is the perfect choice for anyone looking to enjoy premium wine tasting and great food without having to visit a Stellies wine farm.

The third wave of South Africa may have hampered our ability to enjoy a good glass of wine; However, Brampton does offer customers the option of ordering their favorite bottle of Brampton wine, which will be delivered once restrictions are relaxed.

To order, visit their website and check out their famous blends: https://brampton.co.za/

Photo: Brampton Wines Facebook

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