DIY Valentine’s Day decorations for the ultimate celebration of love

If you’re the type to decorate for Valentine’s Day, then you’re probably already preparing for the upcoming special occasion. Even if you’re not the pasty, hearts-everywhere type, it’s hard not to fall for the Heart Day craze. Nowadays, the celebration does not only focus on romantic relationships. You can celebrate family, platonic love, or self-love on Valentine’s Day however you like.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly where and how the February 14th celebration began, but there’s no denying it or escaping it wherever you are in the world. People go on dates, buy gifts for loved ones, or simply decorate their homes with red and pink hearts. If you’re considering doing the latter, read on for ideas on the best Valentine’s Day themed decorations.

Why People Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Some say that the celebration of Valentine’s Day dates back to the Roman festival of Lupercalia. People celebrated the arrival of spring in mid-February by offering animals to the gods, performing fertility rites, and pairing men with women. This celebration was banned in the 5th century, but was eventually Christianized by the Church from its original pagan traditions, much like Christmas and many other originally pagan holidays.

There is also much debate over which Saint Valentine the Church honors, given that several saints share this name. A legend says that the priest Valentine served in Rome in the 3rd century during the reign of Emperor Claudius II. He continued to marry lovers in secret despite the Emperor banning the marriage of soldiers because he believed married knights were weaker.

9 Best Valentine’s Day Decorations on Amazon

9 Best Valentine's Day Decorations on Amazon

When looking for Valentine’s Day decorations, you can be low key or go all out. If you’re really into the festive spirit, you can fill every inch of your home with hearts, love quotes, and romantic decor. If you want something simpler, you can even recruit your kids to make DIY Valentine’s Day decorations like message cards or die-cut banners. But if you’re too busy to make your own, you can always shop from the thousands of products that online merchants sell.

Cushion covers

Price: $8.99

why it’s awesome: For less than ten dollars, you can change your cushion covers on the sofa to celebrate the month of love. Pillows are not included and the print is only on one side, but two pieces for less than ten dollars is a bargain.

It is made with high quality cotton and linen. The stitching is also durable and the patterns are varied, so you can mix and match the blankets you want. It’s a great way to discreetly decorate your living room for Valentine’s Day.


Pink fairy lights

Price: $12.99

why it’s awesome: Want a romantic atmosphere for a movie night? Install these LED string lights covered in red and white roses and lined on a 10 foot long silver plated copper wire. The bulb is warm white and powered by 3 AA batteries (not included) with two light modes, steady and flashing on and off.

This is also easy to install, just like other string lights. You can make it your hanging decorations or wrap it around garden trees, house pillars or bed frames.


Wooden wall decoration

Price: $21.97

why it’s awesome: Looking for something to match your wooden aesthetic interior? Try this understated rustic wall decor that says Happy Valentine’s Day. Hang it in your hallway, living room or kitchen. The greatest thing about it is that the prints are reversible.

You can change the greetings with the five prints included in your purchase. It will be a great addition to that Live, Laugh, Love wooden frame you already have somewhere around the house.


Heart garland banner

Price: $9.99

why it’s awesome: Step up your game by displaying conversational heart candy on the dinner table and go for something a little straighter in your face for your Valentine’s Day decoration. These garland sets are 10 feet long per garland.

A purchase of less than ten dollars will get you four eco-friendly heart-shaped fabric felt garlands. You can reuse them for a long time if you store them properly. Hang the garlands in your doorway, living room or kitchen.


Valentine’s Day Garden Gnomes

Price: $24.99

Why it’s great: Garden flags are more discreet, so why not opt ​​for a full garden gnome? Make several garden gnomes dressed in all the Valentine’s Day costumes. For a bargain price you get four garden gnomes with different designs.

Each ornament is handmade and made of soft and durable materials. Gnomes are said to protect homes and bring good luck to the inner family. Not to mention, they look adorable in their clothes with bright red heart designs.


LED table lights

Price: $19.96

Why is it Great: This LED light up sign is another understated Valentine’s Day decoration that you can display all year round with your home decor. It spells LOVE, so it’s pretty generic even though it’s not February 14th. It works safely with 3 AAA batteries (not included) with low power consumption. It can also be a good Valentine’s Day gift for a friend or family member who loves decorating as much as you do.


Set of balloons

Price: $10.97

why it’s awesome: Brighten up any room with these rose gold Valentine’s Day hearts and LOVE balloons. It’s the best option for a surprise dinner party or any party space in your home. The balloon script is tall at 36 inches, so it’s perfect as a backdrop for parties and group photos for your Valentine’s Day decoration. For just over ten bucks, you get a foil balloon with a letter that spells “LOVE,” 2 large heart-shaped foil balloons, and ten latex balloons, all rose gold in color.


Table Top Wood Blocks

Price: $16.49

why it’s awesome: Not a big fan of big flashing LED lights? Try these wooden blocks that spell “LOVE” instead. You can display it on any table, counter, cabinet or stable surface. The dimension is 3.5 inches (W) x 7 inches (H).

Big enough to be noticeable but nothing too flashy or extravagant. You can also display it throughout the year. It could even take up permanent residence on your work table if you need some pretty decorations to brighten up your space.


Light banners

Price: $15.99

why it’s awesome: It might be too much for some, but if you’re the type to go all out for your Valentine’s Day decorations, get this set of lighted banners that says Happy Valentine’s Day. You will need 2 AA batteries for each banner (not included), but you can choose to turn them off at any time.

Banners are made of anti-wrinkle 600D polyester oxford fabric for durability. You can hang them in your garden, your walls or even near your front doors. It’s perfect for getting you in the heart day mood.


How much should you spend on Valentine’s Day decorations?

If you want to go all out, you could spend a hundred dollars or more on Valentine’s Day decorations. If you are hosting a party, it might cost more than that. However, if you want something simpler and more intimate, a simple wall decoration with balloons and maybe a flower or two won’t cost you more than $20 if you know where to look.

The bottom line

No one is obligated to do anything unless the law says so. Valentine’s Day is not an official holiday, but it is much appreciated and celebrated. Many people go to great lengths to celebrate February 14, but no, you don’t have to.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day can be as simple as a home-cooked meal with family and friends and a movie to end the night. It’s the love you celebrate with each other that matters.

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