DIY garden photo backdrop ideas for taking the best party shots

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  • Who doesn’t like a good photo background to strike a pose in front of? Photo walls are fast becoming the norm for all snaps – from Instagram selfies to weddings and birthdays, photo backdrop ideas are THE big thing right now.

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    Here at Ideal Home, we love a trendy backdrop – that’s exactly what it takes to make your shots stand out. When capturing images, a poor-quality background can distract from focus – an innocent passer-by being filmed or a clothesline can ruin a shot.

    Whether you’re throwing a party or just looking to brighten up your photos, here are some fun backdrop ideas to get you started.

    1. DIY painted balloon photo backdrop

    Image credit: Tamara Kelly

    This Banksy-esque number was inspired by a painted wall seen at a trendy rooftop bar. The mural had people lining up to capture their candid shots – naturally I wanted one too! It got me thinking I might try to recreate a similar look for a garden party.

    All my DIY balloon wall took was a simple sheet of drywall (£ 6 from B&Q), spray painted in Rust-Oleum Neon Pink, with balloons painted in various poster paints. Oh, and a drill to secure it to the fence for added security…. And There you go – camera ready!

    Wall of balloons on a grid frame for the holidays

    Image credit: Ginger Ray

    This real balloon wall arrangement is amazing. With pops of pink and white interwoven with large sheets of paper, it’s perfect for any summer garden party.

    This reporting context is essentially easy to achieve. You will need lots of balloons and string to tie them all together. Tie the yarn from the balloons onto a form of frame or garden canes to make the arch larger. Ginger Ray’s Balloon Frame makes it even easier, keeping the balloons in place.

    2. Balloon arch

    balloon arch

    Image credit: Ginger Ray

    Without a doubt, the must-have for any celebrity gathering is the balloon arch. But fear not if you don’t have a celebrity party planner on hand to style your own, you can do it yourself on a budget and get exactly the same results. The experts at Ginger Ray show us how to make a balloon arch to make this party prop in no time.

    A captivating arch is a great garden party idea for this summer – just be sure to place your arch in the shade, as balloons tend to burst in the heat.

    3. Flower photo backdrop

    giant paper flower pom pom photo backdrop

    Image Credit:, Custom Giant Paper Peony Backdrop by Pom Pom Blossom

    These flowers with delicately frayed edges are simply stunning – ideal for a wedding party backdrop, but just as good for any summer party. The subdued colors will produce a soft background to enhance any shot. Pom-pom flowers are beautiful enough to be kept as a home decor accessory all year round.

    Photo backgrounds

    Image Credit: Talking Tables

    Much like the famous Kim & Kayne wedding flower wall, but more creative – and much cheaper. This flower wall was created using Talking Tables paper flower decorations. These simple pom poms are super easy to make. The trick is to attach them to a bare wall or a large sheet of MDF to create the wall. (Always make sure stud walls are securely attached to a surface, so they don’t tip halfway up.)

    There are about 40 flowers on the top wall, but you can make them go deeper and save costs by spacing them out.

    Alternatively, if you are a DIYer, you can make your own flowers using tissue paper. Just tune in a few leaves and tie the middle with string. Separate them delicately starting from the middle to create your own pom poms with floral effect.

    4. Beach photo prop

    Photo backgrounds

    Who doesn’t love a seaside cutting stand? The equivalent of face swapping for a whole generation before Snapchat. Create your own hilarious shots using this accessory from Flying Tiger. Alternatively, you can get artistic instead and use fabric pens to draw on an old sheet of paper to create your own DIY backdrop.

    The illustrated cotton wall hanging couldn’t be easier to hang with ties on either side, top and bottom. Seen here attached to an overturned goal post, firmly anchored in the ground.

    5. Fringed curtain photo backdrop

    pastel streamer backdrop

    Image credit:

    Simple but effective. Get snaps against a colorful fringed curtain. Ice cream colored tassels create a stylish and effortless backdrop perfect for any party. Simply hang the fringe curtain on the walls and doors to create a unique selfie wall.

    golden and white fringe photo backdrop

    Image credit:

    For a more glitzy party vibe, you can opt for a gold leaf fringed background, which will sparkle and shine to create a disco ball effect for your shots.

    Buy Now: Gold & White Pom Pom Backdrop Decoration, £ 7.99, Not High Street

    6. Living wall backdrop

    Living wall planter

    Image credit: Dobbies

    Elevate your planting to create the ultimate feature wall for your garden – a place to stand up and against which your garden party snaps. We ask the experts to explain how to make a living green wall, to tackle this gardening task.

    Flower Wall Foliage Tile Backdrop

    Image credit: Ginger Ray

    If you want the look but without the gardening element, you can purchase faux foliage tiles that can be clipped together to cover a wall to create a background of green foliage.

    Buy Now: Foliage Tile for Flower Wall Decor, £ 12.99, Ginger Ray at Not on the High Street

    Good shot! We would love to see your photo wall designs, be sure to tag us in your posts @idealhomeuk #photobackdrop #selfiewall


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