Distribution statement “Stoned enough to gather in the night”

Famous Roots Rock Band Sending have released another track from their highly anticipated 8th studio album, Break Our Fall (released May 28 on Bomber Records / AWAL Recordings). TAP HERE to listen to the dreamy song “Stoned Enough To Gather In The Night”, a song that finds transcendence in human connection.

The songs in Break Our Fall are not only about the personal evolution of Chadwick Stokes and Brad Corrigan, but also about human nature itself, which charts the path from denial and resistance to growth and acceptance. through deep introspection and empathetic character studies. For Stokes and Corrigan, the only constant in recent years has been change: marriage, birth, death, departure. Add to that an extremely tense political climate, long-awaited accounts of racial justice / gender equality and a galloping global pandemic, and you have Break Our Fall, an album that enriches Dispatch’s distinguished legacy, on which the depth and breadth of the band’s amazing writing is displayed in full force.

Break Our Fall is available for pre-order now – CLICK HERE. Fans who pre-order the album by Friday, May 14 at 5:00 p.m. ET will receive automatic entry into the “Break Our Fall Sessions” where they can enjoy a behind-the-scenes conversation about the making of the album, have the chance to engage with Chad & Brad directly, and be the first fans to hear some of the new songs performed live. Sessions will begin on June 1 and more details will follow for anyone pre-ordering the album.

The group has been teasing the details of the album’s launch in recent months, after releasing eight singles, including fan-favorite “Born On Earth.” The music in Break Our Fall is purely Dispatch – mixing contagious roots rock with notes of reggae, folk and blues. The production is equally light and energetic, leaving plenty of space for some of the band’s sharpest political lyrics to date. Working with frequent collaborators Mike Sawitzke (Eels) and John Dragonetti (The Submarines) to create a vast collection of cathartic songs, the result is a timely and essential album from a group that has been innovating for two and a half decades. in his rich career, an ode to resilience and survival that manages to find hope and joy even on the darkest days.

For updates and information, please visit www.dispatchmusic.com.

Break our fall list:

1. May we all

2. All this time

3. One by one

4. As old as me

5. The Legend of Connie Hawkins

6. Silent type

7. Break our fall

8. Private Second Class

9. Promise Land

10. Born on Earth

11. Greta

12. Elevator operator

13. Stoned enough to gather in the night

14. The nurse poet and the identical queen

15. Pour into yourself

16. Connie Hawkins Coda (CD / vinyl only)

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