Deco trends to watch in 2022 – our top 8 looks

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  • It’s always exciting when a new season arrives and it’s time to update your home decor trends. A new year begins and just as you would like to refresh your wardrobe, with new accessories, maybe new shoes or a coat, our interiors can also benefit from a little refresh.

    Our homes are an ever-changing mix of all the things we love – just as they should be. So, as with the new fashion trends of the season, it’s the newly emerging home decor trends that inspire us to update our homes rather than change them entirely.

    Decoration trends 2022

    Unsurprisingly, the predicted trends to watch for in 2022 are all about embracing our new found freedom and re-engaging with the world around us. Colors are bolder, braver and more exciting. Patterns reflect more natural shapes and forms.

    There is no escaping the trends. Whether you live them or feel completely indifferent, from popular paint hues to furniture choices, everything designed for our homes is influenced by a larger trend.

    Of course, you can tap into more specific trends for the room or space you want to update. Take a look at living room trends, wallpaper trends and paint trends. This will ensure you are a step ahead in all aspects of the design. If you want a good overall understanding of what to watch out for in 2022, here are our top eight to watch…

    Trend 1. Lilac

    Image credit: Next

    It’s already huge in the fashion world, so it wasn’t long before this light shade of purple was hitting the interior world as well. To some, it might seem a bit too reminiscent of the 90s era, but never fear, it’s got a facelift. Now it works beautifully with metallic finishes, smart mirrored furniture and plush velvets, to create a glamorous yet pretty and chic style.

    The idea of purple living rooms It might sound a little too “Dressing Room” to some, it’s actually the natural move to the ever-popular millennial pink trend, and should be big for Spring 2022. Color forecasters Pantone have just announced their color of the year for 2022 as Very Peri, a more vibrant shade of purple. If that still seems a bit too bold, then lilac is the stepping stone shade you need to inject a playful new color into your home for spring.

    Trend 2. Fluid shapes

    Modern living room with curved sofa and chair and monochrome rug

    Image credit: Dunelm

    Celebrating the natural curves of the human body, this trend explores the flowing lines and spherical shapes often seen in nature. Lending itself to furniture, lighting and prints in artwork and on rugs, while naturally soothing, it can still present breathtaking pieces.

    If you’re a fan of a monochromatic palette, this trend is for you, as the contrasting black and white create a glamorous feel to this contemporary look. Curly loveseats, quirky rugs, and simple yet striking lighting will give your home a stunning effect.

    ‘The new Curves range from Dunelm reflects the trend towards softening homewares, to provide a more welcoming and cozy feel. With hard lines becoming more fluid and curvaceous to give a sense of movement in a room, our new, more curved sofas and armchairs will envelop you in a soft, textured and sensuous experience. This trend will carry over into other accessories and home textiles to bring an elegant and welcoming feel to your home,” says Debbie Drake, Chief Designer at Dunelm.

    Trend 3. Scalloped shapes

    Blue scalloped edge white bed linen

    Image credit: Rebecca Udall

    A trend inspired by the sea continues to be present most years and 2022 is no exception. Scalloped edges and shapes are a style we particularly love, for its whimsical feel and curved lines, as well as its ode to the humble seashell. Think beautiful piped edges for bedding, lacquered tops with scalloped edges, furniture with curved edges, carpets with scalloped details. Basically, anything that can benefit from a wavy edge, does!

    It is also becoming a big trend in decorating as a swag wall will bring a touch of fun and frivolity to a scheme.

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    Trend 4. 70s Style

    Bedroom with bunk bed and shelf behind dressed with accessories

    Image credit: Habitat

    As always with trends, we see the same ones coming back, prompting endless comments from parents and grandparents about how they “first remembered” (roll their eyes). For 2022, nostalgic ’70s designs will look big, with geometric prints, curvaceous furniture and luxurious accents of velvet, brushed brass and glass.

    We’ll even see the previously mentioned scalloped shapes make an appearance here, in headboards and tub chairs.

    And tinted glass, another nod to bygone times, will return to creep into our homes. Andrew Tanner, Design Manager at Habitat, explains: “The trend for colored glassware continues to grow. What started as a niche dinnerware style has turned into home accessories.

    “Retro and sepia shades play into the popular 70s look typically seen in lighting designs as they create a subdued, inviting glow. We introduced tinted glass designs in lighting, home accessories and tableware to meet increased demand, experimenting with layered transparencies and two-tone styles to keep it fresh and new.

    Trend 5. Houseplants

    Corridor with wooden stairs and lots of green plants

    Image credit: Matalan

    As our connection to nature and the outside world has intensified over the past year, it’s no wonder we want to bring the outdoors in more, and indoor plants will continue to dominate our design plans. decoration next year. So much so that Dulux has launched an entire color palette called Greenhouse, to reflect the boom in houseplant enthusiasts that has emerged across the country.

    But creating a tropical oasis inside our homes is fine for the green fingers, but what about the less knowledgeable, brown-fingered plant parents among us? Well, it’s thanks to the many “faux” options available on the high street and online, which allow us all to benefit from that leafy look. This tip is to mix the two together, so your easier-to-maintain houseplants such as palms and succulents could be real, while the harder and more expensive options might be artificial, but visitors of your house will never know. Just make sure you do it so you don’t end up watering down the fakes and rejecting the real ones!

    Trend 6. Color Blocking

    Pink kitchen with tiled splashback and pink painted wall above

    Image credit: Little Greene

    We’re not just getting more adventurous with color in living rooms and bedrooms for 2022 – bathrooms and kitchens are also getting a bolder treatment. A big new trend for all these spaces is to drench the whole wall in one color, painting and tiling it the same shade, creating a seamless and immersive cocoon.

    Think walls, radiators, ceiling roses, picture rails and baseboards, all in the same shade, and even furniture and accessories if you’re really committed. Where it used to be the fashion to keep ceilings and woodwork a fresh, bright white, we are now seeing more and more homes embrace color blocking and being much braver with their color choices.

    Try this in a small room to start, like the downstairs bathroom, to create a color cave that reflects your personality.

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    Trend 7. Gingham

    hallway with green paneled wall, colorful painted stairs and

    Image credit: George Home

    ‘Gingham is back in full force for SS22. This nostalgic trend works in both modern or traditional decor and is a really fun and playful pattern to introduce into any color scheme. This season we see it in pastel shades for the bathroom – perfect for adults or children – but also in other rooms of the house,” says Katy Traill, Senior Design Manager, George Home

    Yes, that’s right, Gingham is about to get a whole lot more stylish. Another trend from the past that is seeing its popularity return (better find that old-fashioned summer uniform and recycle it), gingham will be seen in rugs, cushions, curtains, tableware, upholstery and more. of the ! A simple two-tone pattern, the quaint checkerboard effect is making its mark on the world of interiors just in time for spring. Our best advice? Head to your local charity shop and see what “quirky” gems can be found in their textile baskets.

    Trend 8. Cottagecore Comfort

    interior design trends 2021 cottagecore bedroom

    Image credit: Nick Pope

    Cottagecore is a trend that first emerged in 2020 but continues to sweep social media and is expected to still be big in 2022. Search #cottagecore on Instagram and Pinterest to see an influx of inspiring images championing this look. This warm look is perfect for places with character, whether it’s a period property or a chalet. The style is enhanced by traditional touches, like wooden floors, exposed beams, and bare brick. Style with a mix of old and new home purchases to add charm.

    “This trend reflects a common need for comfort and coziness with a touch of British elegance and quirkiness,” says Jules Upton of Oval Interiors, for North Sands Developments. “Think quaint patterns, leafy nature-inspired prints, gold accents and pretty embellishments to add a touch of personality to your home.”

    What is the key decoration trend of 2022?

    The key decorating trend is definitely to be more expressive and emotional than ever, as we reconnect with a world that seemed closed to us last year. Make bolder color choices, embrace more patterns, mix up your styles if it makes you happy, and find joy in the unexpected. As sustainability continues to be at the forefront of people’s minds for 2022, make more informed choices when updating your home and don’t be afraid to reuse, recycle and reinvent items that could seem “obsolete”.

    As the interior industry continues to experience shipping and storage issues, try to buy locally and remember that most of the trends are already here, so maybe you have the item perfect for refreshing your home, hidden away in a closet. Otherwise, it’s the perfect excuse to visit family and loot theirs instead!

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