Dead Rising 5’s Canceled Game Explained

the dead risen the franchise has been a bit of a mixed bag since its debut in 2006. Even the show’s most die-hard fans will agree that not all entries are created equal, and some may even go so far as to say that the show has never been better this very first game. The first dead risen hit at the right time, bringing an impressive zombie hack-and-slash game to Xbox 360 just before the zombie market became oversaturated.

With each new sequel and spin-off, dead risen lost more and more fans, with many believing the series had strayed too far from its tongue-in-cheek creative roots, becoming instead an overblown exaggeration of the genre, being so overt it lost all self-awareness in the process. With Dead Rising 4 failing to meet Capcom’s expectations, it’s only natural that a fifth main installment was cancelled, but not before the project received a draft and began development. Players will probably never see this version of Dead Rising 5which is a shame, as this was a return to form for the franchise.


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Premise of Dead Rising 5

Development on Dead Rising 5 started almost immediately after the release of Dead Rising 4 in 2016, although the game wasn’t officially announced until the spring of 2018. During that time, some pretty infamous leaks appeared on 4chan. These leaks suggested that Dead Rising 5 would be set 25 years after the first game and bring back the psycho boss fights and limited time mode of the original.

This leak turned out to be completely false. Instead, Dead Rising 5 was actually going to take place between Dead Rising 2 and 3, set in a fictional Mexican town. But Dead Rising 5 was going to play much the same as the later versions, there were a few key mechanical differences that set it apart from its predecessors and would hopefully give the outdated franchise a fresh start.

One of the main mechanics was the addition of two playable protagonists, each with their own unique set of skills. Players could play as both Chuck Greene and his daughter Katey Greene, two central characters from Dead Rising 2. Chuck would act as the main combatant of the duo, being able to create the dead risen iconic combo weapons from the series. Katey would be able to telepathically control the horde of zombies, a side effect of her exposure to the virus in the second game.

Another key mechanic was going to allow players to create combo weapons out of any regular item or weapon. Unlike previous games in the series, where specific ingredients are required to create a combo weapon, Dead Rising 5 would allow players to shuffle anything using procedural generation.

Dead Rising 5 was also first envisioned as a full-scale open-world game, but that idea was quickly scrapped as the new Unreal Engine 4 proved to be a bit more difficult to develop than Capcom Vancouver had originally anticipated. . Apart from this setback, the development on Dead Rising 5 was going pretty well until the director of the project left the studio.

Cancellation of Dead Rising 5

With the arrival of a new project manager, a few key ideas were dropped. Procedurally generated combo weapons have been removed in favor of the more traditional system present in previous entries. The open world has once again become a priority for the developer, with the new director expressing interest in making it larger and introducing new traversal mechanics.

In early 2018, much of the Capcom Vancouver studio was laid off. Despite incredibly high tensions in the studio, development on Dead Rising 5 continued until September 2018, when Capcom Vancouver was ordered to halt all projects. The promoter then discovered that it was being closed and that Dead Rising 5 would go down beside him.

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