Dave Grohl’s Studio 666 Demon Rises Above His Tenacious D Satan

Both Studio 666 and The Pick of Destiny offer a hellish twist on Dave Grohl, but the new film takes the Foo Fighter frontman to the next level.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Studio 666currently in theaters.

The horror-comedy movie Workshop 666 pits the Foo Fighters against the forces of Hell, with leader Dave Grohl enduring a demonic possession that turns him against his friends and bandmates. The film marks Grohl’s second time portraying a character with a hellish side on the big screen, following an appearance as Satan himself in comedy. Tenacious D in Destiny’s Choice. But at the same time The choice of fate and Grohl’s performance in the 2006 film is certainly a memorable part of the cult classic, the musician’s sinister turn in Workshop 666 is much better.

The choice of fate follows comedic rock band Tenacious D in search of the eponymous guitar pick that chipped from the tooth of Satan himself and allowed later users to achieve rock ‘n’ roll greatness. Satan appears disguised as a bartender who manipulates Tenacious D into stealing a museum’s pick, retrieving the tooth to restore himself to full power, and bring hell on Earth. Tenacious D challenges the Devil to a musical showdown to determine their fate, with Satan’s horn being cracked, causing him to be incomplete again and sent back to Hell.

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Studio 666 - owned by Dave Grohl

Workshop 666 Grohl does not represent the literal devil, but rather is possessed by the spirit of the satanic leader and serial killer of the group Dream Widow. Devilishly possessed Grohl is out to craft the perfect rock-n-roll song with obsessive zeal, murdering anyone who gets in his way while developing an unhealthy appetite for destruction and human flesh. This gradually gives way to a complete monstrous transformation for Grohl, complete with darkened eyes, vicious growing fangs, and a pronounced hellish complexion as he succumbs to his demonic possession and embraces his dark side.

While Grohl’s appearance in The choice of fate that’s great, Workshop 666 really gives him the opportunity to show off his acting skills. Grohl’s role in The choice of fate naturally relegated him to the sidelines, with the film a cinematic vehicle for Tenacious D. In Workshop 666, Grohl leans into his comedic timing while inducing genuine scares as he hunts down and murders his bandmates and those unfortunate enough to visit the home studio where the band are recording their next album before proceedings go hellishly off the rails. . As The choice of fate, Workshop 666 brings plenty of campy, self-aware humor, but there’s a surprising amount of Grohl’s grounded acting between all of the film’s bloody kills.

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Studio 666 - Dave Grohl

As modern rock’s greatest frontman, Grohl gleefully channels the supernaturally dark side of rock ‘n’ roll, more eager to pave that road to hell than to build a stairway to heaven with his performance in Workshop 666. Both films allow Grohl to embrace his potential as a demonic antagonist, with both films having Grohl flicking his tongue with devilish menace, but Workshop 666 proves that Grohl deserves more than center stage and takes his monstrous role to a higher level than The choice of fate. Workshop 666 truly evokes decades of classic horror cinema and shows that Grohl himself can be a memorable horror antagonist, blending humor and menace to great effect on the big screen.

To see David Grohl take a darker turn, Studio 666 is in theaters now.

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