Danielle Maurer Opens Up About Defeating “Jeopardy!” Champion Mattea Roach

This season of “Jeopardy!” featured three outstanding champions.

First, Matt Amodio kicked off Season 38 by creating a 38-game second-place streak. In January, Amy Schneider brought Matt’s winning streak back to third place by setting a new second-place record of 40 games. Although 23-year-old tutor Mattea Roach is the youngest “Jeopardy!” Hall of Famer, she only managed to reach fifth place before being knocked out by 31-year-old marketing director Danielle Maurer.

Danielle recently sat down with “Jeopardy!” producers to talk about what it was like to defeat a super champion.

Danielle Maurer won “Jeopardy!” By a dollar!

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Last Friday, Danielle beat 23-game winner Mattea Roach with a calculated bet of $4,200, which was enough to beat Mattea by a dollar and give her a one-day total of $15,600. Mattea had bet $3,601 and was unable to find the correct answer and finished second with $15,599.

“I just stood there with my pen and paper thinking that was the most important calculation I would ever do in my life,” Danielle recalled of her Final Jeopardy! bet. “I knew Mattea would bet to defend. She will bet as if I was going to bet everything. So if she succeeds, I lose. There is no winning scenario for me. So I’m going to bet like she’s wrong because that’s the only realistic chance I’ll have.

Mattea Gardon
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“I didn’t expect to win until they revealed his answer and then I could feel my heart racing,” Danielle continued. “I’m from Atlanta, I’ve lived here for almost ten years. Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is the airport I constantly fly from. So, I looked at that clue like it couldn’t be that easy, could it? »

As current host Ken Jennings highlighted during the episode, Final Jeopardy! the clues are written months in advance and selected at random, so while it was an easy clue for Danielle, it wasn’t easy for the rest of the contestants. Likewise, earlier in her race, the Canadian super champion obtained a Final Jeopardy! answer where the question asked for the national anthem of Canada.

Danielle Maurer reveals what she plans to do with her winnings

Danielle Maurer

Danielle only stayed on the show for two days, but it was enough money to help her reach her financial goals.

“I have a basement that needs to be finished,” Danielle said when asked what she plans to spend her winnings on. “I cosplay and the basement is supposed to be my craft room. So that’s a pretty good payout to complete it.

Danielle also revealed that she was a “Jeopardy!” fan who has been trying to participate in the series since he was 13 years old. “I’ve been trying to get on the show for over 15 years,” Danielle said. “It’s something I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life. It means more to me than I can say.

Amy Schneider
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Danielle, who had watched Season 38, knew there was a “strong possibility” that she would meet a Super Champion during her run. “I had followed the season. I knew about Matt. I knew about Amy,” Danielle explained. “Actually, Amy’s episodes were airing when I got the call. So we kind of practiced like I was playing Amy.

Danielle, her husband and her best friend were performing “Jeopardy!” using clues from previous games to help prepare him for his time on the show. “We were checking my results against Amy’s, like, ‘Well, Amy missed the final, but you got it,'” Danielle recalled. “‘So you might have been lucky enough to take her there.'”

Matt Amodio 2

Although Mattea’s run seemed to shock everyone in the studio, Danielle said her training left her unfazed. “When I walked into the studio, and they said to me, ‘Our current 19-day champion, Mattea Roach,’ I could just see the color flowing down the faces of everyone around me,” said said Danielle. “For me, I’m sitting there like – yeah, that’s pretty much what I expected.”

Danielle also had one last tip for “Jeopardy!” hopes: “It doesn’t matter how successful you are the day you are on the show. Just getting there is such an achievement in itself.

Matt, Amy and Mattea, along with this season’s other champions, will return to compete in the 2022 Tournament of Champions, which airs later this year.

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