D2C Startup Announces Funding – Perfect Ending for 10th Month of the Year


Funding is the process of putting money into a business or startup. Investors have a keen eye on how various startups work, through which they decide which startup to invest in and which to not.

There are several funding rounds that a startup goes through.

They are explained below-

Pre-seed funding This is the first step in the funding cycle. It is this phase where the founders of a company start their operations. The backers of this round of funding are usually the founders of the startup, close friends, family.

Start-up funding– This is the first official funding step for the startup. It’s like a “seed” that has been planted and helps a business grow. Usually this funding is for market research and product development. Usually, angel investors participate in this round of funding.

Series A Funding Round- Seed funding ensures that the business is on the right track, has developed a user base, and is generating revenue. Therefore, the Series A funding cycle contributes to the expansion of the user base and the expansion of products. This funding cycle ensures that opportunities are seized in larger and different markets.

Series B Funding Round– This cycle takes the company to a higher stage beyond development. The companies that have come here have proven to have a strong user base and are ready to be successful in the long term. This round usually has investors who were in the Series A funding round.

The list goes on and on. The company can continue the rounds of financing indefinitely. With each round of funding, more capital is raised, which ultimately leads to more expansion in the future.

Announcement of the financing of a startup

Startup Wallmantra raised an undisclosed amount, as announced on October 30, 2021. This fundraiser was led by Velocity, which is a revenue-based financial fintech. According to the sources, the startup raised three rounds of Velocity, raising 5 times the amount raised in the initial round.

The startup plans to use the funds raised for growth and development. wall mural in arroba logo design |  wallmantra

About the newly funded startup

The startup, Wallmantra, was launched in 2013. It offers a comprehensive and stylish line of wall decals, murals and other home decorations. The New Delhi-based startup started its operations with wall stickers and has continuously expanded to other vinyl products with the best quality promise. It has a fully dedicated team of designers, manufacturing workers, and sales and marketing. They work with the utmost inspiration to bring customers the most innovative and premium home decor items.

The startup ensures 100% quality in the products offered. He proudly says he is MAKE IN INDIA and has a ZERO Chinese import policy. Each product sold goes through an essential quality control process. It is committed to bringing the latest interior design trends to the world and ensuring that the prices charged are reasonable to serve a broad base of its customers.

Why choose this newly funded startup

The startup offers trendy modern and traditional wall decorations, which helps complete a site’s grace. It prioritizes recommendations and requests from our customers to meet them beyond their expectations. They have the following characteristics because of which we should choose it-

Designer product range

Moderate pricing policy

Variegated variety

Ethical business practices and transparent transactions

Standardized packaging

Fast and safe delivery

She has over 1000 products in her portfolio to offer to her customers. The online interior design and furniture industries are showing tremendous growth, increasing the startup’s sales.

What was said about the deal?shop all products on wallmantra |  wallmantra

Startup co-founder Wallmantra Shivam Agarwal said the startup is planning the next phase of growth with this round of funding. He said that even when we raised the capital of Velocity, the startup could double its revenue in ten months. He even said the startup has raised bigger rounds on better terms due to the long-standing association with the venture capital fund.

Velocity co-founder and CEO said the startup, Wallmantra, is made for exponential growth. He praised the startup, saying it derives most of its revenue from the website and has excellent margins, impressed investors. He added that over time they had invested in the startup several times. He even said that Velocity’s ability to expand its capital on better terms is one of the reasons its retention rate is 78%, which is above the industry average.

The startup has something new to offer on its plate. It is doing well and we only wish the startup the best of luck and a prosperous and bright future ahead.

Article reviewed and edited by Shreedatri Banerjee


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