Culinary gifts from Philadelphia shipped nationwide, from Philly cheesesteaks and pretzels to baked goods

With the pandemic, many of us will not be traveling to visit friends and family during the holiday season. But that doesn’t mean you can’t send a piece of Philly to your loved ones’ doorstep.

From cheesesteaks and whoopies to do-it-yourself Philly pretzel kits, the city is full of delicious treats you can ship nationwide. Here are a few options to check out.

Note: Due to COVID-19, many places are experiencing delays in packaging and shipping times. Order fast for a quick arrival.

Price: Varies depending on the roaster and the product

Whether you’re a die-hard drinker of La Colombe or a fan of the little Philly cafes, you can share a cup of your favorite coffee with friends across the country. Give a month Ultimate subscription, one Resuscitator holiday gift box, a Rival brothers. mixed for the benefit of associations of the city, or a The Dove pack of coffee latte varieties. Green Street and BEEF ship beans too. Our choices ? Vietnamese coffee brewing kit Càphê rotisseries and the coffee and chilled beans from newcomer from Philly Nilaa.

Order at: Ultimate:; Resuscitator:; Rival brothers:; Green Street:; The Dove :; Beef:; Càphê rotisseries:; Nilaa:

Price: $ 99- $ 109 for a pack of four

We’ll let you choose the winner of the best cheesesteak debate to offer. There are plenty of options. Online market Golden belly ship cheesesteaks from Pat’s, Jim’s, The place of donkeys, Campo’s, John’s Roast Pork, Joe’s Steaks, and beyond. There is even a vegetarian option, Questlove’s Impossible Meat signature cheese steak.

Cheesesteaks come as do-it-yourself kits or sandwiches fully assembled, frozen, and shipped with ice packs. Storage and reheating instructions are provided. Most options will keep for a few days in the refrigerator or up to two months in the freezer.

Order at:

Price: Varies by product

Philadelphia has a rich history with sweets, producing candy since the early 1800s. Today the city is teeming with artisanal chocolatiers and confectioners, most of which deliver nationwide. For some extra-Philly options, check out Aurora Grace’s Gritty Bar ($ 8), LOVE of Lore sculpture Chocolates ($ 3.95 – $ 7.95), or Mueller Liberty Bell Truffles ($ 25.95).

There is also a lot to browse online from Shane Confectionery, the oldest confectionery in the country in continuous operation. Or, for treats from one of Philly’s newest artisan chocolatiers, check out Fiore Fine Foods Holiday Menu ($ 6 – $ 24). All items in the “Specialty Chocolate” section are available to ship, including the Hand Painted Chocolate Candies ($ 24), Peppermint Mallomars ($ 9), and Sweet Chocolate Torrone ( $ 6). (Specify your delivery address in the courier section. Service charges of 20% and shipping charges will be added).

Order at: Aurore Grace:; Lore’s chocolate:; Mueller Chocolate Co.:; Shane Confectionery:; Fiore Fine Foods:

Price: Varies by product

2020 has been a tough year and we all deserve a cookie. Or a boiled pie. Or a whole box of goodies. Here are some popular places in Philly that make it easy to send baked goods to loved ones. Consider offering yourself while you’re at it.

Well known for its Argentinian cookies, Jezabel’s offers two varieties of its buttery alfajores. The first features classic shortbread cookies sandwiched with dulce de leche and finished with grated coconut. The second has dulce de leche between two chocolate cookies dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with rose petals. A combo box has three of each. The cookies are individually wrapped in a box with a bow.

This reading terminal market stall has earned a reputation for its signature butter cakes and whoopie pies in flavors such as FlufferNutter and Honey Lavender. You can order items individually or combine them in a gift box. Call the bakery at 215-928-0340 to place your order. Boxes are shipped on Wednesday for early delivery on Friday or Saturday.

Metropolitan organizes all kinds of gift boxes, including those for chocolate lovers, the health conscious, and snack lovers. His Holiday breakfast box includes a gingerbread pound cake, local honey, metro coffee, and orange and cranberry jams. To consult Metropolitan shipping times before purchase.

Four-time James Beard Award semi-finalist, Essen owner Tova du Plessis has attracted many followers for her Jewish specialties, such as chocolate babka, challah and chocolate rugelach. She’s packed some of her most popular items in gift boxes, including one Jewish bakery sampler ($ 89) and one Choose your own two-pack ($ 59).

Order at: Jezebel:; Flying monkey:; Metropolitan bakery:; Essen:

Price: $ 8.50-$ 14

We had to say goodbye to Poi Dog’s beloved ahi poke bowls when the financial blow from the pandemic shut the restaurant down. But you can still enjoy its Hawaiian flavors. Starting December 15, Poi Dog will be offering two sauces online. The ponzu ($ 14) is made with Maui lavender blossoms, infused with dried bonito in Japanese yuzu juice, soy sauce, and rice vinegar. It’s a fun, floral soy sauce substitute for dipping fried dumplings and sushi or for seasoning a pan of noodles.

Chili Peppah Water ($ 8.50), a staple Hawaii condiment, lends a slightly spicy, vinegar flavor to all kinds of dishes. It’s made with local hot and sweet peppers brewed in vinegar, with hints of ginger and a salty taste of Hawaiian sea salt. “We say, ‘Peppah chili water on everything’ and ‘everything’ refers to rice, meats, macaroni salad and vegetables,” says former co-chef and owner of Poi Dog, Kiki Aranita.

Order at: Where (from December 15)

Price: Varies by product

A staple of the Italian market for 80 years, Di Bruno Bros. makes it easy to offer cheese, cold cuts and other specialties. For gourmet madness, consult the Italian market checkout ($ 150), filled with a variety of signature items, from smoked meats and olives to cask-aged balsamic vinegar and a piece of Parmigiano-Reggiano. The Taste of Di Bruno shopping cart is a smaller and cheaper alternative ($ 65). Or to provide a Philly DIY experience, consider the Philly Soft Bretzel Kit ($ 80), which includes ingredients and instructions for making pretzels, as well as mustard, cheese spread, and pepperoni.

Order at:

Price: $ 11.69- $ 22.49

Shopping for gluten-free friends? Reading Terminal Market’s fancy corn dog stand has you covered. Fox & Son offers a variety of 100% gluten-free kits and blends online, including one do-it-yourself corn dog kit ($ 11.69) as well as their bestseller mini funnel cake kit ($ 22.49).

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