Craftsmanship and nature inspire the SurfaceSet® 2022 collection from Formica Corporation

“We took a multi-faceted design approach with this collection, drawing on in-depth trend analysis, our own creative inspiration and hours of conversations with designers to understand what commercial designers really need,” said said Renee Hytry Derrington, general manager, North American Design, Formica Corporation. “The result is a collection with sought-after colors and textures and inspiration from unexpected sources like paper and fabric. We can’t wait to see how professionals use these designs to enhance today’s commercial spaces with feelings. of familiarity, harmony and restoration.”

SurfaceSet® 2022 brings four solid colors, six woodgrains, 10 patterns and two textures to Formica® Layered directory. These new introductions reflect three main trend drivers that Formica Corporation discovered through research: New Order, Safe Haven and Fresh Start.

New order

In an increasingly complex world, the New Order palette is built on instantly recognizable unambiguous patterns, rooted in the familiarity of tradition and craftsmanship, and a welcome reminder of the enduring need for simplicity.

Starch paper folding, origami paper folding and washi paper folding: Created by scanning real pieces of crumpled paper, the Paperfold design is a highly usable color medium that is ideal for horizontal surfaces such as tables or work surfaces.

Denim and gold solder: Inspired by hands-on processes, these solid colors explore classic hues of fabric and metal. Denim brings an iconic denim blue while Gold Braze reflects the trend of hot metals through a gray gold.

Pale Brushstroke, Wooden Brushstroke, and Terracotta Brushstroke: A play on materiality, Brushstroke is an abstract wood-inspired look that uses hand brush strokes in light, natural and warm terracotta stain colors. Brushstroke mimics wood tones in a space without being an exact copy of wood.

safe haven

Safe Haven’s aesthetic is not meant to challenge but to reassure. While so many have grown accustomed to the security of home, these designs emulate that feeling, channeling non-threatening shapes and harmonious colors to create an ambience of elegant escape.

Birch bark: A biophilic white option, Birchbark was created through the ultimate creative process: walking in nature. The peeled bark of birch trees has been scanned, styled and printed to create a familiar backdrop perfect for vertical applications on walls and backsplashes.

Jadeite and Violet Dye: Upscale yet soothing, these solid colors were designed to bridge the gap between palettes as sophisticated green-blue and blue-purple options.

Limed gray walnut, cherry walnut and pecan walnut: With a lightly planked veneer layout, the classic walnut is modernized with updated greige, cherry and dark stains.

Luxury Mango: Fast-growing mango wood has quickly become a design favorite for a durable wood option. Luxe Mango creates the perfect look for casual commercial environments.

New start

When the best option is to start from scratch, the Fresh Start palette is a blend of midtones and highlights creating a crisp clean feel. It is a metaphorical clean canvas and a blank slate designed to invigorate and renew.

Cotton fabric, woolen fabric and glass fabric: Cloth designs combine the comfort of fabrics with the easy cleaning of laminate. This subtle chevron is available in crisp white, reassuringly warm beige and cool blue-green.

Scandi Rift Oak and Swede Rift Oak: A straight-grained oak with no visible boards, the Rift Oak series is the perfectly usable design for minimalist hygge interiors, available in a light white and classic medium wood tone.

The SurfaceSet® 2022 collection also introduces two new textures to the brand’s commercial portfolio. Oiled Wood is a modernized, low-luster natural texture for wood grains with a delicate open-pore ticking in a relaxed, non-linear layout. The low gloss Monolith brings a new organic texture to enhance certain solid colors, transforming them with a tonal finish that has a patina, leather and slate feel.

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