Clever snow globe generates its own snow

As climate change continues to affect weather patternsthe chances of having snow for the holidays in some parts of the world have decreased significantly. Sean Hodgins found a solution to the lack of snow with a snow globe that generates its own. Bbut unfortunately, the craft is problematically power hungry.

If you’ve spent your life avoiding gift shops and tourist traps, snow globes are usually sticky keepsakes that trap a small 3D vignette or character inside a water-filled glass sphere. and tiny white particles that swirl when shaken, creating an artificial beading effect. It’s a quaint way to remember past trips or a time when the holidays came with piles of snow: two things that are hard to come by these days.

Pinterest is full of craft project ideas for making your own snow globe, but Hodgins wanted something more authentic. So he salvaged a power supply, cooling fan, heatsinks, and PC CPU cooler for the core of this build.

A small snowman has been milled from aluminum to give the snow a place to grow, while a pair of two-watt resistors have been added to create vaporized water particles: the key ingredient in white matter. But Hodgins still had a problem: heHeatsinks and fans can help keep a CPU from overheating, they don’t pull away enough heat to create freezing temperatures which are another key ingredient in making snow.

To recreate winter in a globe, Hodgins added a series of stacked thermoelectric coolers which are simple devices that use the Peltier effect to create a temperature difference between two dissimilar materials when an electric current is applied. One side heats up while the other cools, and by stacking several of the coolers together, a temperature difference of 60 degrees Celsius was created, which was more than enough for the water vapor in the globe to condense and freezes on the aluminum snowman. , covering it with snow.

Watch the aluminum snowman bloom is a neat effect, but creating the necessary temperature differences using thermoelectric coolers consumes a lot of energy. So, as clever as this build is, let’s hope nobody tries to put this idea into mass production, because the world doesn’t need another energy-hungry party tchotchke that’s increasing the demands on our power grids .

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